The violation of the journalistic prime directive

obama and holder

The clip below opens with the report that Obama personally acted to suppress documents, under executive privilege, that Eric Holder was to have given to congressional oversight.

It was the Fast and Furious scandal which the MSM has still not acted on, even now.

The reason this was different to all the other Washington tricky-dicky business is because hundreds of people were murdered as a result of direct action by Holder.  That is not rhetoric.

Holder pushed a scheme whereby thousands of weapons were inserted into the Mexican cartel wars – directly inserted, in order to create a conflagration, on which Obama would rest his gun control policy.

Let’s repeat that – it was a deliberate action by Holder, with Obama’s approval.  Obama, of course, was acting to disarm and render defenceless the American people.

Holder was quoted verbatim, from the 1990s, as saying: The job of the government should be “to really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

This was what Fast and Furious was all about.  Insert guns into the Mexican situation, watch the deaths, film them and use that for political control of guns within the United States.  On March 30th, 2011, Obama added to one of his gun control advocates, Sarah Brady, that it would be done “under the radar”.

George Bush’s Justice Department had earlier had a programme called Wide Receiver in which guns which had been previously marked were sold to gun traffickers in order to catch and prosecute them. This is controlled delivery and you can be for or agin that – that’s another debate. But in that, the drugs and or the guns were marked and therefore identifiable, as the process was continually documented in order to stand up in court.

The WR guns had GPS tracers inside them, it was done with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican government. However, it wasn’t viable and was dropped.  Sheet that home to Bush – fine.

Fast and Furious was not like that. The guns were not marked, not tracked, just delivered, without the knowledge nor the cooperation of Mexican law enforcement. Under Mexican law, that was a straight crime.

Hundreds died and Mexican law enforcement gains against the cartels were set back, to their horror.

Did Obama or Holder care?  Ladies and gentlemen, we have here a clear war crime, a crime against humanity.  300 people died, mainly civilians, statistically comparable to Paris ’15. World outcry?

300 dead

Now we get down to my key interest in it.  The compliant MSM referred to it as “a botched law enforcement programme”. Think about that misrepresentation for one moment. Why it was done, the journalistic oath it violated, the consequences of playing Fast and Furious down.

It was not “a botched job” in the least, it was a highly effective job, it was designed to require Mexican casualties,  it needed those casualties in order to support gun control in the US.

It was deliberate murder of people, not one’s own, in order to achieve an ideological political end.  It illustrates how Them, whom I’ve blogged on since 2006, operate.

But more to the point – it shows just what ideology will lead men and women of loose moral frameworks to consider acceptable to do in the name of their cause.

It is not going away, it shall come back over and over as a bad smell around those two men.

Why have these two men not been charged and tried?  Why has Obama not been impeached over this cockamaimy and murderous scheme?

We’ve heard the word impeachment bandied about before – when grounds for impeachment include Lewinsky’s sexual service, then it cheapens the word impeachment.

Fast and Furious was a deliberate attempt to create casualties. I’ll not broaden this in an already overlong post to include 7/7, Paris ’15 and a host of other similar jobs – let’s stick to Fast and Furious for now.

This was murder perpetrated by two senior office holders of government, on government business. What does it take to get that through to people?

And they got clean away with it.  In this, the MSM was in collusion and singularly failed to uphold the principles of investigative journalism, a job now passed down to the blogger to try to achieve.

With far fewer tools at his disposal.

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  1. John in cheshire
    November 27, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    James, at the risk of repeating myself, I think there is sufficient evidence to conclude that for collectivists, the end justifies the means. The muslim in the White House and Mr Holder demonstrate that character defect, and by extension, because of their inaction, so do the supposed journalists in the MSM.

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