The climate scam

The porkies they tell:

Beeb kiddies were tasked with producing a graphic to show all about that nasty warble gloaming.  No comments thread of course for readers to debunk it en masse. This is out-and-out dishonesty.

France has arbitrarily imposed Soviet style movement restrictions on a number of climate activists. French Authorities claim this measure is necessary, to reduce the risk of public disorder during the COP21 conference.

A former CIA director says concerns about environmental impact have prevented the White House from bombing oil wells that finance the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“We didn’t go after oil wells, actually hitting oil wells that ISIS controls, because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure,” Michael Morell said Tuesday on PBS’s “Charlie Rose.”

On eve of Paris Climate Conference, Spain’s Abengoa Solar goes bankrupt

And in a move guaranteed to stop warble gloaming:

Charlotte Church performs new song about climate change

Who are the goodies and who are the baddies in this argument?  Decide for yourself:

Over 300 climate change activists, left-wing extremists and fellow travelers were arrested yesterday as violence broke out in the Place de la Republique, the square that has become the focal point for locals intent on expressing their unity and solidarity with the Paris attacks victims.

At the square’s centre stands a statue of Marianne — a national symbol of the French Republic — which has become a makeshift shrine.

Bouquets, candles and other objects have been left there by those paying their respects to the memory of the dead of both the recent Paris attacks, and of January’s Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket killings.

Yesterday, however, those objects became ammunition for rioting activists defying a ban on public protests imposed as a result of the recent Paris attacks. Activists were intent on attacking the police, reports The Local.


NOV 30, 2015

Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’

At the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales, Northumbria University professor Valentina Zharkova said fluctuations an 11-year cycle of solar activity the sun goes through would be responsible for a freeze, the like of which has not been experienced since the 1600s.

From 1645 to 1715 global temperatures dropped due to low solar activity so much that the planet experienced a 70-year ice age known as Maunder Minimum which saw the River Thames in London completely frozen. 

The researchers have now developed a “double dynamo “model that can better predict when the next freeze will be.

Based on current cycles, they predict solar activity dwindling for ten years from 2030.

Professor Zharkova said two magnetic waves will cancel each other out in about 2030, leading to a drop in sun spots and solar flares of about 60 per cent.

And lastly:

An expedition to study the effects of global warming was put on hold Wednesday. The reason? Too much ice.

The CCGS Amundsen, a Medium Arctic icebreaker and Arctic research vessel operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, was to travel throughout Hudson Bay, a body of water in northeastern Canada, but was rerouted to help ships who were stuck in the icy water.

A Coast Guard officer said the conditions were the “worst he’s seen in 20 years,” reports CBC news.

I’m without further words. H/T Chuckles.

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  1. john in cheshire
    December 1, 2015 at 11:17 am

    And when the Climate Change scam has finally crashed all of the liars and violent agitators/ trouble-makers and most significantly the beneficiaries from the billions of wasted taxpayer money, will walk away completely unscathed. Is it wrong of me to want some kind of retribution for what they’ve done?

    • December 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      Karma. It comes back on them eventually. Maybe not in our lifetime.

    • December 1, 2015 at 3:27 pm


      Retribution in the style of ‘Cat of Nine Tails; or something similar?

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