How long will it take?

Notice all the women and children lining up to register?

jihadi men

Why does it take so, so long, for a leftist to wake up?  I mean, what has to happen?  129 dead not enough?  How many do the left require before they’ll agree it’s enough violence and raping of kids?


“The violence follows a weekend of clashes in asylum centres across the country. In one asylum centre in the former airport of Tempelhof in Berlin, police had to intervene after a fight started as migrants queued for food.”

Let’s see. You are going to separate THE PEOPLE YOU LET INTO YOUR COUNTRY by country of origin TO MINIMISE THE RISK OF INTER-ETHNIC TENSION.

That’s not minimizing the risk of inter-ethnic tension. Minimizing the risk of inter-ethnic tension would involve kicking all the non-German ethnics out and keeping them out.

Immigration is rape culture. Immigration is culture rape.

The number one enemy after the SJWs insisted the invaders come in are the invaders. The number one enemy before they came in, the ones who opened the gates, were the SJWs.

This is written by a Gen Y [sometimes called a millennial]:

Some on the left argue that the recent college squabble was caused, not by crazy demands for ever newer forms of “political correctness,” but by a conservative — reactionary — crackdown on the rights and livelihood of young people.

As a millennial myself, I find it ironic that it is not conservative policies holding young people back from the middle class, but the liberalism these student promote.

From raising the minimum wage, to Obamacare, to the negative emotional and intellectual effects of “political correctness” on college campuses, liberalism is harming the young and decreasing their chances of rising in the world.

According to Salon’s Amanda Marcotte, “Young people are under assault from reactionary forces and most of their grievances are not about imagined slights, but about very serious problems they are facing, on and off campus.” Ironically, Marcotte is right — but the “reactionary forces” truly at fault are those of the left, not of the right.

Marcotte turns to recent events at the University of Missouri, recounting the school’s brief attempt to take away health insurance subsidies for graduate students, and short scuffles with Planned Parenthood following the Center for Medical Progress videos. In these events, the Salonauthor sees a looming threat by right-wing nut-jobs. “The school was listening to and willing to interfere with the health care and educational access the students had, to pander to the whims of a bunch of delusional culture warriors,” Marcotte declares.

Marcotte connects this “attack on the young” to the culture war — with a clear message as to which side is in the wrong. But could she not have missed something fundamental in all of this? Young people are under attack from the left — arguably more than any phantom attack from conservatives.


Marcotte, by the way, is a foul-mouthed harpy who helped wreck Edwards’s campaign.  She is one of these know-nothing Penny Reds, the Charlotte Churches and Russell Brands.  Nincompoops with no grasp of either realpolitik nor history.

We are certainly in a war for civilization and those running Marcotte and Co know they have the upper hand and ear of the kids just now.  It’s line ball whether they complete their destruction, e.g. in Germany or whether the websites of the sane – OoL, Raedwald, Bishop Hill, Bill Whittle and thousands of others, will be read more as the kids grow up.

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  1. December 3, 2015 at 2:56 am

    Oh for a chap or three to step up and take one for the team; with Marcotte, Church, Valenti and the long line of mouth-twerkers.

  2. Johnnydub
    December 3, 2015 at 7:19 am

    Marcotte has Arnold Schwarzeneggers jawline. Your first Amfortas.

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