Maybe The Constant Dripping Is Wearing Away The Granite After All..?

The ‘granite’ in question being the left’s insistence on taxes as a problem solver for everything:

One of Britain’s leading leftwing thinktanks has proposed the scrapping of inheritance tax after concluding that vehement opposition to the levy from across the political spectrum made it too toxic to save.

And the reason why is because it’s not seen as ‘fair’:

The report added that the strong opposition to inheritance tax was held irrespective of political inclination, age or job. It quoted one female voter from Watford who had expressed radical opinions throughout the focus group as saying: “Everything else I can see the reasons for paying tax – this is the one thing I don’t see it.”

Voters tended to see inheritance tax as uniquely insensitive because it was levied at a time of distress or when “people are suffering most”.

The most cited reason for opposition to inheritance tax was that inherited wealth was subject to “double taxation” : people had worked, saved and paid taxes, but were then subjected to more taxation when the estate was handed over. The government’s intervention was seen as wholly illegitimate and intrusive. A male Conservative voter in Watford is quoted as saying: “It’s nothing to do with the government any more – they’ve had their slice of the pie, it’s now my grandparents’, 100%”.

Excellent! But don’t think that means they plan to lose their access to your money, oh, dear me, no…

The thinktank said the tax, seen as illegitimate and unfair by voters, should be replaced by the levying of income tax on gifts and bequests.

If this ever gets to be policy, cue ‘nation of Scrooges!’ accusations from the SJWs as gifts & bequests dry up to nothing…

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    If they don’t get it one way …

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