Secret jihadi centres in the UK

Wonder how widespread this is?

Yesterday, I had a shock when told about a new jihadi centre not ten doors from mine. Now that’s bringing the problem to the doorstep.

Locally, there are three building projects going on, one of them massive. We are told in the local rag that this is for “accommodation”, which everyone assumes is for more British homes.  One of them seems for a higher demographic, so a regular housing area.

All that may be so but I found out yesterday that this old government building just up the road and set, by the way, in among one of the higher income bands in the area, a listed building too, is set to be converted to a jihadi centre.

From the purely selfish level of those youths climbing over the high fence of the yard where my boat is, to roaming our corridors at night, seeing which flat to break into – we’ve had this issue with travellers in the recent past, plus one or two chavs – I’m not particularly enamoured of the idea.

Nor I think are the residents living next door up there.  There is an independent councillor who runs for office at GEs and we thought, yesterday, first stop might be to phone him today.

Second might be for me to knock on the door of one of those residents, show ID as to my address and then ask if he or she is aware of the project.

There’s also a lady I know who runs a haberdashery not far from here and it might be worth seeing her too.  That would cover local business and local residences, plus the political avenues.

Naturally, the local government has remained totally silent on it, plus the local media, although plans are up in the council office in a Hitchhikers Guide way, far from roving eyes.