Pay scales in the UK

Average salary

Saw an ad saying the average salary in the UK is £33,157.  Shan’t link, might be a scam. The Mirror says differently:

Britain’s £26,500 average salary

Teacher’s have traditionally been on the average wage or just below – this is how they stack up now:

All figures for teachers outside London for 2015/16:

27,927  Middling on main scale
32,831  Top of main scale
36,523  Upper band, middle
38,598  Lowest leadership salary
107,210 Top leadership salary

This excludes independent schools.

Other jobs,_IT/Salary


£18,187 Median

£38,000 Median

Retail Store Assistant Salary. The average wage for a Retail Store Assistant is £6.60 per hour. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this career.

It puts it at £11,022 – £17,533 p.a.

Median salary

In early April 2005 there was considerable debate in the UK media about whether ‘average’ incomes had gone up or down. The Institute for Fiscal Studies produced a report in which they stated that the mean ‘real household income’ fell by 0.2% over 2003/04 against the previous year. This sounds very authoritative, but it is worth pausing to consider if the mean is really the most appropriate measure.

The government does its best to obfuscate on this, this is the latest I could find:

… but it looks somewhere around £25,000 to me.

So, where does this leave all those managers on £120,000 plus?  What do they do, in terms of week to week work, four times or more more than a higher teacher or double a Project Manager?  and the top educator in the land – is he more or less skilful than an NHS manager on £240,000?

2 comments for “Pay scales in the UK

  1. Twenty Rothmans
    January 2, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    “Teacher’s ” – Oi!!!!!!
    I was perturbed to find that Mrs 20 has been a very naughty girl – she has been understating her salary to me for years (she’s a nurse).

    Since 2007. my income has decreased even though I’m now in a more senior position, and I know that I’m far more proficient now than I was then.

    Evidently. they are discriminating against me for being lesbian-curious and transaboriginal.

    Back in Oz I worked the following schedule:
    Monday-Friday 0000-0800 @ 7AUD p/h
    Saturday 0000-0800 @ 8 AUD p/h
    Sunday 0000-0800: 1400-2200 @ $9 p/h

    This was my rota for my first and second years at University.

  2. Pils
    January 2, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    FFs average salary.

    wot do thart mean???

    Median, mode, Pythagoririan mean, geometric, harmonic, not to mention quadratic, cubic, generalized, weighted etc etc

    And that supposes that the data is reasonable

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