The uselessness of the New Woman

Men and women are two parts of humanity. As such, there are the highly competent and compassionate at the top, down to klutzes and finally wastes of space. With both genders.

However, now that women are in the public sphere far more and government is forcing it to be so, irrespective of talent, it really does appear as if only the wastes of space are getting heard. Where on earth are the types of women we once saw – canny operators who care for both sides of humanity?

Here are three examples of the New Woman:


Amid charges that she is blatantly tipping the presidential primary scales in favor of Hillary Clinton, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is coming under fresh fire from progressives who want her removed from her post immediately.

The progressive advocacy group RootsAction said Tuesday that a 4-day-old petition calling for Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s ouster had received 23,000 signatures. Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s detractors argue that she has wounded the Democratic Party’s credibility by essentially rigging the presidential primary process in favor of Mrs. Clinton.

She’s not clever enough to go about it in an ethical way, nor does she have the ethics for it, plus the DNC are idiots for appointing her in the first place.  Thus night follows day.

clinton crime family

This one’s not a klutz in one way – she’s part of a dysfunctional crime family and she’s successfully avoided jail so far, plus she can get simple people believing her spin.  The last person on earth you’d want in charge of your country.


I’ve saved the best to last:

The outspoken food blogger, complained to c2c trains on social media after her carriage was plunged into darkness – an incident she said caused a “full on panic attack”.

In a message posted just before 11pm last night, the outraged activist wrote: “Hey @c2c-Rail that thing where you stop your empty train and turn all the f*****g lights off when its pitch black, that’s not okay.”

But C2C, which runs rail services from London’s Fenchurch Street to the south-east, sparked fury among Monroe’s 70,000 followers when it replied to enquire where the incident had occurred, before adding “please refrain from using bad language”.

Monroe, who has appeared on BBC’s Question Time, swiftly replied: “Are you joking? I had a full on panic attack and you want to lecture me about my reaction instead of apologise? Wow.”

I’ve hardly the words to describe this total waste of space.  Is she on benefits by the way? Would you employ the foul-mouthed harpy?  This is Amanda Marcotte all over again.  Empty can, spewing bile, useless in any sort of a situation she finds herself in, dangerously litigious, easily offended, self-entitled, the eternal victim.

These three, in varying degrees, are the enemy of the progress of women in the public sphere because they are types and those types you’d not want anywhere near any public role nor near any microphone.  As for men, proper men [as distinct from the left-liberal metros] have zero respect for them.

Hence the new campaign against the type and a call for at least a few useful, intelligent and ethical women to rise and push these harpies out. First thought was to call it the Society of Proper and Ethical Women [SPEW] but that doesn’t look too good.

Hmmmm, it’s a curly one. It needs a useful, intelligent and ethical woman to help us out here.

2 comments for “The uselessness of the New Woman

  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 7, 2016 at 10:34 am

    I know this in slightly O/T but it is maybe pertinent to the drift of the article – imho.

    There’s a wider play going on here and much as I like Donald Trump’s attitude, the Republican party are being carefully finessed.

    Billary is a nutter, anyone who would put up with a husband who puts Arkansas hicks to shame, needs to see a head doctor. With the sexual antics of that predatory, slimy arch manipulator whose rescinded the Glass-Steagal Act which destroyed a perfectly sensible and restrained banking model and whose policies led directly to the world crash of 2008 and who is in the pocket of the Goldman Sachs mafia……….Billary, are you fucking joking?

    In order for billary “the Internationalist’s dupe” to be elected….what did ole slick ‘oral bill’ Clinton need to do?

    To encourage Donald Trump and split the Republican vote. A Machiavellian move by Bill Clinton? He did just that, though I can’t help feeling it wasn’t all Bill’s own work, Soros and GS knew that Hillary had no chance therefore, a figure like Trump was needed.

    If, Clinton Mk II is elected then God help the western world, we will need God because no one else can rescue us.

    • Rossa
      January 7, 2016 at 12:41 pm

      Unless, just like Trump, she’s yet another stooge who will oversee the final dismantling of the US. In which case, it doesn’t matter if Billary or Trump gets into the White House. The puppet masters will continue to bring America down as our current Unipolar world transitions into a Bipolar world.

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