Suicide notes: #2 UK – Police, Islam & Rule of Law

I recently finished reading ‘Who’d be a Copper?’ by Jonathan Nicholas. If you enjoy insider police accounts in a similar vein to Inspector Gadget and Nightjack (god rest his blog), you may well enjoy this book as much as I did. The kindle version is a bargain at 99p.

Given recent events I was particularly interested to read about Jon’s experiences with police training on, and attitudes towards Islam in the UK. He only spends a few pages on this, yet it was quite an eye-opener. Before reading the excerpts below, remember that Jon is mostly detailing events that occurred in 2006-2007. This is well before the toxic and authoritarian ‘social justice’ phenomenon really hit people’s radars and certainly before it slithered its tentacles into multiple industries and establishments. That makes it all the more remarkable that the police had apparently already decided to go down a route of cultural relativism, regressive virtue-signalling and complete double standards where the rule of law was concerned.

The instructor for his course, Jon informs us, arrived in full traditional Muslim garb. He was apparently a serving police officer at the time, although Jon states he had never encountered him. After being taught about the basic tenets of Islam, the Q & A began. One of the delegates asked:

“What do you think about the use of alcohol in this country, as you said in Islam it is forbidden?”

In response, the instructor said:

“We will never be reconciled to the way you drink alcohol, never. We will never accept the way your women dress either, and get drunk the way they do. We will never accept your way of life. We will never accept this as true Muslims.” [Original emphasis]

This was sometime in 2006-7, from an allegedly full time serving police officer. A member of Her Majesty’s constabulary who would have sworn an oath to “fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people.” How in any way are the above attitudes compatible with impartial policing?

It gets better, though.

Jon shares his thoughts at the time:

The room was stunned into silence. No-one dared ask another question. I found it curious that he used the words ‘your’ women and ‘your’ way of life, when he’d already said he was born in the UK. I immediately pondered the thought: What hope was there for integration?

What hope, indeed. He decided to express his disquiet in an email to the training school. He wrote:

‘I am surprised to see Notts Police is still sending people on the above course. I myself have attended such a day and found it interesting as I realised how rigid, intractable and intolerant the Muslim faith is, and it went some way to reinforcing my own stereotypes of Islam. To that end it was an interesting day. However, now that the government has officially discredited ‘multiculturalism’ and deemed it to be a failure, I would have thought such a course would now cease?’

Such an email would have seemed all the more reasonable 9+ years ago, before the speech police truly began to exercise their inordinate power. 9/11 was still in many people’s thoughts and 7/7 had only happened two years previously. There was apparently no response for weeks until out of the blue a superior officer contacted him to discuss the email. The interaction as Jon describes it went as follows:

I explained what had happened on the Islam course and exactly what had been said. Almost immediately he dismissed my opinions, telling me I was wrong to send the email and the content was also incorrect. It was not up for debate. He then said to me: “It’s not for Muslims to change their way of life it’s for us to adapt to theirs. We have to be sensitive as to where we drink alcohol and how we dress.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “What? Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. In fact you are lucky I’m not taking this matter down the discipline route. Don’t send any such emails like that again.”

Musing in response to this, Jon writes:

This gaffer reminded me the police and other public bodies in Britain were now under a legal obligation to promote diversity. When did this happen? I don’t remember signing up to become a political evangelist. The job was hard enough without having to actively promote a hare-brained government idea. I thought the police were supposed to be independent of politics anyway?

This issue did not impact again directly on Jon’s career until years later when the government finally realised integration & extremism were serious issues. They launched the ‘Prevent Strategy’, and Jon decided to read the policy document:

I studied the Prevent policy document and as I turned the pages I wondered when the really useful strategies would start, but they didn’t. It was 90% waffle and politically correct tiptoeing. I thought then how the whole thing was doomed to failure,

I’m sure you’re being held back in surprise right now after reading that. Despite the waffle and fluff, Jon decided to apply to work on the Prevent programme. Unlike most police officers, he had significant relevant experience, having lived in Israel in the past, knowing the region and picking up some Arabic and Hebrew. He was invited to interview and then made to wait for an inordinate amount of time:

What was the delay? I was then told by a person in plain clothes that I was no longer suitable to apply for the post. I asked why.
“Oh, well, it’s connected to some comments you made about Islam a few years ago. We can’t have you on the team because of it, sorry.” That was it. No recourse to appeal. Clearly someone had made a phone call. My ‘unofficial’ file had been consulted and the email discovered from four years before. [Original Emphasis]

That’s right. They kept his WrongSpeak email on record for all that time and as a result he – a better qualified candidate than most – was blackballed.

What he has to say about this is worth quoting almost in its entirety, and certainly deserves a wider reading than just the people like me who purchased his book out of general interest. If you’re short on time, just skip to the last paragraph where he makes an extremely powerful point:

The appeasement of Islam in 2006 was typical of the dangerous politically correct nonsense in existence at the time. The situation grew progressively worse and in the last few years Islam has been deliberately singled out by many authorities in Britain for preferential treatment. ‘Equality under the law’ is the saying, but clearly some are more equal than others. I don’t care who you are, no-one should be favoured by a country’s law enforcement officers.

I suspect the main reason for this is simply fear of upsetting Muslims, and fear of being accused of racism. It’s not the first time the police, and no doubt other public bodies, have been lenient in their dealings with a minority. I was even guilty of it myself at times. An accusation of racism can result in immediate dismissal from any job in the public sector today, and even imprisonment. In the latter half of my service I became reluctant to stop a motorist if the driver was from a visible minority, particularly if I was on my own. “You’ve only stopped me because…” was a common comment. The job was hard enough, so why would you want to create extra problems and scrutiny from the PSD? I’d heard a rumour that someone high up in the IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, had been heard saying about police complaints “There’s no smoke without fire”, which is outrageous if true. It would mean there is now a clear presumption of guilt on the part of police officers.

….Militant Islam is a fearful entity, and so almost anything is sacrificed in order to keep it securely in the box. It is easier for everyone to let something go rather than pursue it and cause trouble. The ultimate manifestation of this attitude is of course what’s happened in Rochdale, Rotherham, Luton, Derby, and other British cities where Pakistani men have been apparently deliberately permitted to abuse young girls. The unintended legacy of such leniency has now caused increased fear and distrust of Muslims, thereby causing further community tension.

But the problem continues to worsen. Every year British police are given particular lengthy instructions regarding Ramadan, and how they should be careful when dealing with Muslims.

The tone, if not the actual words, mean that cops should avoid them for a month every year. No other group in society is in receipt of such blatant favouritism. We were told not to eat in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan fasting, in case it upset them. There were around forty people in the last department I worked in and a single Muslim who wasn’t the least bit religious and didn’t care at all, but still we were given these orders. Why?

…..People have a tendency to fear things they don’t understand. There are areas of Britain that no longer resemble this country. Minorities have been allowed to ghettoise themselves and have failed to integrate. This is a disaster for Britain. My suggestion for a solution to these British ghettos is a radical one, but it’s been done before. Every city in the country has undergone re-housing of huge numbers of people during the slum clearances. We have poverty in concentrated areas now, but it’s not financial. These areas need to be cleared and the people moved, welcomed and integrated into the rest of society, now, before it’s too late.

We are all equal under the law, and preferential treatment should not be given to anyone, whoever they are. Neglect of duty should be feared more than upsetting any potentially vociferous minority. The current Home Secretary stated recently that ‘institutionalised political correctness’ was to blame for the Rotherham child abuse scandal. Only a few years ago the police were described as ‘institutionally racist’. You can’t have both, so make up your mind what you want, but do it quickly. The government created this mess; it’s their job to sort it out. [Emphases mine]

Shocked? Disgusted? Afraid for the future with such pathetically craven entities charged with our protection?

You should be.

Our grandparents’ great struggle was against National Socialism in Europe. Our generation’s great struggle is against National Suicide in Europe.



5 comments for “Suicide notes: #2 UK – Police, Islam & Rule of Law

  1. Ed P
    January 17, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    The really sad thing about all this is that I’m not surprised. The possibility of preserving our culture slips further – it may already be too late to prevent Britain losing its identity to intolerance and misogyny.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 18, 2016 at 12:04 am

    The room was stunned into silence. No-one dared ask another question. I found it curious that he used the words ‘your’ women and ‘your’ way of life, when he’d already said he was born in the UK. I immediately pondered the thought: What hope was there for integration?

    I had to laugh, “What hope was there for integration?” why none, none at all, we’re expected and will be coerced against our will to abide to the tenets of their filthy creed – haven’t you got it yet?

    The Peelian principles lie battered, beaten up, spat out and from a great height sh*t upon.

    Treason? Yes – a people betrayed.

    On the nod from on high, the political elite and their betters in the UN-EU. This purposefully designed but maleficent transmogrification of ‘our’ police service is more than half way to an EUropean gendarmerie.
    It is, a uniformed set of diversity officers, where the shitehawks of the administration are protected by a quasi military force and contrary to the wishes of the British people and to the original idea.
    The Peelian principles; of our British police ie, a force dedicated to, part of and sworn to: the protection of the British people.

    This is just the end of the certain road but it was not the beginning – that goes all the way back to Britain’s entry into the den of the federal monster whose lair is in Brussels. I am not sure if we can halt, even deflect the direction of travel………………………

    You will obey, Wahhabist Sharia……………….something darkly evil cometh this way.

  3. January 18, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Time for the deportations to start. I believe Germany has already started.

  4. January 19, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    And we wonder why the police aren’t trusted anymore. If you want to know the time, ask a policeman. You will get to really experience 6 months .

  5. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 23, 2016 at 7:30 am

    Ahem……….It is very naughty, I really shouldn’t (but because the comment section has been shut off over ‘there’) and By GOD it deserves retort……. put this comment here but FFS, how can anyone who purports to have his ‘finger on the pulse’; as the DT blurb goes “covers politics with wisdom and insight”… ho, ho, ho!
    Chas, how can you be so dead wrong?

    On the Continent, this is not how it works, though most member states fight hard for concrete national advantages. For the European elites, the EU is not a transaction, but a journey towards a new state of being. They may disagree strongly about policies, but not about the big idea. It is a case of “My Europe, right or wrong.”

    Their beliefs are not economic, but political. Indeed, even the word “political” does not fully express the thought. Their reasons are civilisational. To them, the EU is the solution to Europe’s ancestral hatreds and power struggle, the only viable project for peace across the continent. They also see it as a way of perpetuating European values (behind which the old word “Christendom” still lurks) against tyranny and aggression – for example, Putin’s Russia and growing Islamism.

    Charles Moore, his latest Torygraph offering on those happy bunch of EU federasts.

    “see it as a way of perpetuating European values”


    I am unable to coalesce my thoughts, an overload of inputs.

    A nightmare stalks us, hunting, hating, steeped in murderous depravity, dealing death and endlessly cruel.

    Images of; ieds, explosions, a “civilizational” panic of watching heavily armed Salafist Neaderthals walking insouciantly, as if on a Sunday stroll in the Luxembourg all firing at will in one of Europe’s oldest and finest capitals YES street gunfire and blood running down the gutters of Europe. Aye and red alarms are clanging and from all over my brain – did he really say that?

    “Christendom”? HA! it would be its very antithesis, their object.

    Furthermore: JUST WHO WAS IT…….who let them in?

    Chas, a Catholic no less and verily confirms again, a daft old fart, who has unashamedly compromised himself by toeing the line, and writing in a Politically correct rag – which kisses ar*e in the salons of the political elite.

    /end rant but not my ire.


    PS Mr. Moore do look up; the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – ‘The long March’. And we remember Antonio Gramsci and Altiero Spinelli and those who took up cudgels on their behalf – one of the most egregious of these being, one Peter Sutherland.
    PPS, open up your mind and throw off your shackles, realize and know your enemies.

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