Drowning in a sea of guff

If it seems to you that one inanity after another is swamping us at the moment, one does wonder about the thinking processes which take eternal truths and because people can’t handle them, they construct entire fictions as fact.

Some examples, starting with a scare over deadly viruses:


I was issued only a half jocular warning about being careful where I sail the boat.  Had a look at the map of zika presence:


… and saw Brazil right in the firing line.

Interesting that, as I’d been reading travellers’ tales on fora about the state of Brazil and surrounds, so it seems that if the gangs in ports don’t get you, plus the corrupt officials who insist you leave the harbour area for central town to lodge documents – most countries have facilities in port – and even if you sail within the territorial zone and don’t land, you still have to land and do that – if that doesn’t get you, then the tsetse or whatever it’s called will.

So the old process of sorting fact from fiction has to be gone through again. Whilst my first instinct is to reject anything MSM sourced, this is Arstechnica, plus there are the travellers’ reports on fora of having visited.  They’re mixed too but there is a pattern.

My approach is that if there’s a constant  pattern which never lets up in travellers’ warnings, despite denials, there might be something there and in any voyage now, it might be best to avoid Brazilian waters. Which is a bit tricky if heading south, as it’s on the traditional route sailors must take [prevailing winds].

Moving on, there’s this Anglican synod move – hmmmm, interesting, innit.


The Anglican Community finally calls the false Christians of the Episcopal Church to account for their theological crimes:

For the first time, the global organizing body of Anglicans has punished the Episcopal Church, following years of heated debate with the American church over homosexuality, same-sex marriage and the role of women.

Vox adds:

The Episcopalians are not Christians. They follow the world, they do not follow Jesus Christ. It would be better if their evil “bishops” were all excommunicated, but we live in a softer, more secular world at the present. This suspension is a long overdue start.

Hate to say it but the rot, it seems, is partly in “organized religion” because when organized, then there come Policy and Rules, hierarchies and where hierarchies, then jockeying for positions and all the rest of it – corruption.  Property holding. Senior clerics driving Mercedes.

And when meetings decide on what the Bible does or does not say, instead of actually reading the thing and finding out for yourself – then one is on a sticky wicket.  Hate to be blasphemous to the Romans and CofE and loyal to the Lord but there we are.

The rot is also in people coming from secular corruption, e.g. PCism and trying to fit a holy mantle to it. People who go about quoting bible verses to back their gay marriage and other leftist claptrap get short shrift from me.

Moving on again, we come to the people hiding in the shadows and stymying anyone telling the truth.  As everyone considers they are the fonts of truth, it gets complicated but this sort of behaviour, reported by Bishop Hill, does seem to indicate wrongness:


A senior editor of Nature, one of the leading academic journals, refused to consider it for review because she regards scientific research into the personalities of the long-term unemployed as ‘unethical’, and a sociology professor whom the publishers had asked to peer-review the book refused to do so on the grounds that any book linking benefit dependency to personality must be nonsense because personality is a ‘capitalist construct’.

Here is the whole American and other campus thing in one but it goes far beyond campuses in academia.  I’ve been warning about it since 2006, not all that often, admittedly, but it’s now becoming more mainstream, thank goodness – the exposure, not the habit.  There’s always been plagiarism, shoddy research and so on but this is a new thing in the sheer numbers getting into itand the types who are now getting into positions of power, for example the woman quoted.

Not the slightest concept of scientific publication, the right to put a case and have it discussed. When she attempts to prevent it even being discussed, then we’re not that far removed from book burnings.

Moving on to the inevitable blacks and what a startling admission:


Black nations produce nothing, do not pull their weight globally, even in farming, and lag on all metrics—innovation, hard work, sacrifice, production, prosperity, and then use their own performance deficits to blackmail white people for aid, a senior Jamaican government official has said.

africa-poverty1 (1)


Writing in an opinion column in the Jamaica Observer, Dr Franklin Johnston, who serves as the senior adviser to that island-nation’s minister of education, said that this failure to produce anything of value was one of the prime drivers of racism, because “blacks do not count. Why should they when they can’t prosper one of the dozens of nations they rule?” he asked.

Now if a white had said that ……..

Moving on and the Peter Falconio pops up again.  This is an old article on it:


You wot, I hear you ask?  It was the case long ago in Australia when this man plus girlfriend Joanne Lees went outback, he disappeared and another man went to prison for the murder of Falconio.

The whole thing was so shot through with inconsistencies and avoided evidence, plus the inclusion of non-evidence as evidence … I’ve not the time in one post but if you google it, odds are you’ll get the official line and people supporting her.  She lives today near Manchester, so I believe and IMHO, should be on trial herself.

Many of you will recall the story about Peter Falconio possibly being down some well which was presented (JAN 2014) by Today Tonight, Channel 7, in Australia. Statements made in that programme were and remain absolute nonsense.

Since 2001, the year Peter Falconio vanished in the Northern Territory, there have been many claims about his body/remains being somewhere in Australia. And invariably, it has been said that (innocent) Bradley Murdoch was responsible for hiding Falconio’s body. But not a shred of hard evidence exists to support these claims.

There is no credible evidence that Falconio was even killed.

As part of that, she claimed that after Murdoch had killed him, he’d trussed her up and laid her in the car boot but remarkably, she’d shaken free of her bonds -Murdoch wasn’t watching at all of course – she climbed into the car’s interior and like the heroine she was, escaped to tell the tale.

Have you ever been in the Australian outback?  Just how did she “escape”?  This, admittedly, is one side of the story but her subsequent behaviour had many questioning her entire account, let alone what the evidence said.


By the way, by her own admission, she’d been cheating on Falconio in Sydney prior to this trip – it’s an interesting story if nothing else.  The authorities come out looking quite bad in it, whichever way you cut it.

Why has it reared its head again, this story?  Because of the rubbish news story that the body had been found, along with the TV channel’s sensational programme on it. Sound familiar in the context of other stories?

Moving on, the net is becoming full of all these spurious “studies” – the MSM also.  Latest today was some woman wondering why she sleeps in on weekends and there must be some scientific explanation. Sheesh!


Narrative of course and yet one paragraph is of note for a different reasons:

It comes from agnosis, the neoclassical Greek word for ignorance or ‘not knowing’, and ontology, the branch of metaphysics which deals with the nature of being. Agnotology is the study of wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit, usually to sell a product or win favour.

“I was exploring how powerful industries could promote ignorance to sell their wares. Ignorance is power… and agnotology is about the deliberate creation of ignorance.

“In looking into agnotology, I discovered the secret world of classified science, and thought historians should be giving this more attention.”

Yes yes – drivel and yet the notion of bodies deliberately spreading obfuscation and false science is not so silly, is it?  From the U.S. in Tibet spreading disinformation the Chinese were watching, to the Chinese themselves, to the bin Laden and Saddam stories, to the lies told everyday, not least in academia, to the anti-smoking crowd – see Dick Puddlecote – we’re drowned by a sea of lies.

Which are which is the whole issue and are we equipped to discern that?

Moving on, couldn’t leave this one out:



But Pandora and Eve pale in comparison to Lilith, the “other woman” in Adam’s life. Her story is told in the Alphabet of Ben Sira, an amalgam of earlier accounts of Lilith from the Midrashic tradition. Of uncertain date, possibly between the 8-12th centuries AD, the Alphabet named Lilith as Adam’s original wife.

Haughty and defiant, Lilith refused to submit to Adam’s authority, refusing to lay beneath him during intercourse.

Disillusioned with her station, Lilith fled. Free from male authority, she embraced her inner-evil, morphing into a child-stealing demon, which most likely had its origins in a myth explaining mysterious infant mortalities.

My understanding was she was always a demon but let’s press on.  Clearly, man is responsible for all women’s woes, so suck it up, men and be eternally guilt-filled, just as we are for the Inuit [Elizabeth Warren, an Inuit, tells us we should be], for the Australian aborigines [National Sorry Day], for the British slave trade – the blacks were guiltless of course, no one ever sold off their population for a buck – and so it goes on.

And your carbon footprint is a disgrace.

So much energy expended on all this, so many resources, so many conferences, so many tomes in women’s studies libraries at universities, so many Kyotos, so many billions of monetary units wasted on guff some people have dreamt up.

There’s another thing too. In all the millions of articles in all the media, MSM and otherwise, there are so many thousands of people coming out with issues as though they were the only issues facing people.

For example, Rolling Stone sees it as Goldman Sachs:


Fine to list their wrongdoing – I’ve been on about a “Them” since 2006 – but to ignore the other aspects of it and continue down this “capitalism is evil” claptrap, revealing a stunning ignorance of what free enterprise actually is – and GS and JPM ain’t it – or even to ignore the march of the bureaucrats:


… or to ignore the invasion by radical Islam or to ignore the EU or even, in Rolling Stone, Obama’s wrongdoing – that leaves me stunned.  What we have her is someone getting a germ of an idea – GS bad – finding evidence for that and yes, there is much, but then going for the wrong conclusion.

The conclusion is not that free enterprise must be overthrown for socialized policies in the least – they’ve been shown to be barren in every country they’ve been tried, or if not barren, at least unworkable due to human nature – but to rid the world of cronyism and the only way that can be done is to hit Them by putting in disincentives, not to wealth but to abuse.

If there’s any role for government at all, it’s in defence, protection of pensions and in preventing financial abuse.

But as everyone knows, the abusers are in charge and somehow they must go, assuming that people finally realize who are the drivers and shakers behind the scenes and that’s no given. Human nature is human nature – it’s not masochism so much as ignorance, ignorance in Them’s vested interests.

It comes down to priorities, doesn’t it? Rolling Stone can only see, through their left-liberal lenses, evil capitalism, they can see nothing else going on out there. And yet millions of words have been written about all the other wrongs out there. Nope, they can’t see them, don’t want to.

Priorities – that’s what it all comes down to. Unless a significant number of people are reading from the same page – arrived at by their own volition, not by NLP or groupthink, nor by PCism – then nothing can happen.

As Them want.

It’s a tiny corner of the firmament but blogging and tweeting do put ideas out there which have a way of being picked up eventually. By a few. Huff Post readers would never come here, MSNBC watchers, Guardian readers would never take on board what is written at OoL. And that’s the state of hope at this time.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku}