Great to see we’re in such good hands

Bishop Hill on the loss of coal and the official response:

To bridge this gap, the Institute sees no option but new gas-fired power stations and UK shale gas. As they explain though, there are some slight problems with this strategy. If there is no increase in demand then we are only (only!) going to need 30 new CCGT power stations. Unfortunately we don’t enough skilled people to build them. And demand actually looks set to go up. And the greens are going to prevent UK shale going ahead. 

Apart from that it’s all hunky dory.

It’s great our country is in such safe hands. And it’s not just ours, is it?

To Mrs Merkel’s immense frustration, other EU countries agree to policies like relocation and then ignore them. While German officials try to knit together the geopolitics of the crisis, from Iraq to Turkey and Russia, most other countries would prefer it simply to go away. As for the European Commission, which sometimes looks like the chancellor’s last ally, it has gamely advanced common policies but is too weak to enforce them. “The European dream is vanishing,” sighs one of its senior officials.

Perhaps they’ve been looking at the masters of sleaze:

Every election we see state funds being bled into the ANC’s election campaigns, either through state advertising in party colours, the production of T-shirts with both departmental messages and party slogans; the use of vehicles and state personnel in campaigns;  siphoning of funds from parastatals to fund the campaign, and the state-sponsored distribution of food parcels.

It is often difficult to find “proof” of such abuse.

So it was very interesting to learn last week that siphoning of state funds for election purposes has become so routine, that a senior political office bearer actually wrote down his request, on an official letterhead and appended his signature to it before sending it to a state institution in the search for election funding.

However, if you really want sleaze with a capital S, then Planned Parenthood and the powerful interests behind the baby-killing are hard to beat:


Are they the only ones to try to kill off political comment?  Our old friends DARPA are at it too, natch:

Facebook has transformed itself into Big Brother. If you’re on it, it’s time to get off the platform:

Facebook began a Europe-wide campaign on Monday to thwart extremist posts on social media, after German politicians in particular raised concerns about a rise in xenophobic comments linked to an influx of refugees.

The U.S.-based group launched its “Initiative for Civil Courage Online” in Berlin, pledging over 1 million euros (1 million pounds) to support non-governmental organisations in their efforts to counter racist and xenophobic posts.

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2 comments for “Great to see we’re in such good hands

  1. john in cheshire
    January 27, 2016 at 11:33 am

    I don’t use Facebook but is there any alternative that might benefit from their censorship rules; I mean, could users move their accounts elsewhere; or does that play into the hands of those who are agitating for such restrictions on what can be posted?

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 27, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Merkel, the monster of demographic transition, insane but unfortunately in charge – I nearly s4at when that bloody rag ‘The Times’ decided, no doubt full of it and regaling themselves of it, and in their own infinitely self assessed wisdom, by dote of Mutti being an old fat Communist social engineer, to make her vermin? ‘wimin of the year’ or some such tag.
    “woman of the year” Oh fucking really? I thought, how swimmingly – by spitting into the faces of all right thinking Brits.

    On, facebook? You must be, off your face and something else, the EU has long sought control over the internet – they look at the Peoples republik of Communist China with passionately avaricious eyes, “ve want censorship – much too”.
    Either way, through rationing and simple lack of juice [like the UK], or via the “old methods” much practised in the DDR and before ~ circa 33-45 in another version.

    Know what I mean John?

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