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Anne Longfield chief executive of the charity 4childrend. Photograph: Graham Turner.

Anne Longfield chief executive of the charity 4childrend.
Photograph: Graham Turner.

Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they are ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ or ‘intersex’: Official survey asks pupils to pick from a list of TWENTY-FIVE genders

Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, is committing a gross crime against the children of the UK. This is, if not actually evil, so wrong-headed that there are no words for the idiot. History will show her to have been one of the monsters who destroyed its own youth.

Note the regulation western, middle-aged feminist haircut. They’re like clones. Cue Zenna Atkins, for example. These are precisely the women who should be nowhere near any responsible role in society. In fact, I’d be concerned about them as mothers – perhaps social services should take a good hard look at her.

It’s dangerous and wrong to tell all children they’re ‘gender fluid’

Yes Melanie – you know that, I know that, a large proportion of the readers at OoL know that – why is it so hard for other people to wrap their minds around it?

Moving on, just what is this below meant to mean?

Tyson Fury told to avoid controversial non-boxing comments

Now hang on – has he broken a law or has he not?  Has he urged violence or prejudice against a group or individuals?  Or has he just expressed his views according to his religion, whatever that is? Is this North Korea pr Saudi Arabia?

If he has not broken a law, then what the hell’s with this warning – well don’t do it again?  Don’t do what again? Give his opinion on things?  So, a sports body is telling an athlete not to have opinions – is that body not doing precisely what they accuse him of, their opinion opposite to his?

Since when does a non-sports opinion determine the outcome of a sporting event?  It’s not just a toothless, weak thing, it’s stupid.  These nobodies are telling a man who stepped into a ring with Klitchko and beat him to be cowed like the rest of the population, to go about with his tail between his legs.

So come on, sports body, let’s get this sorted for once and for all. Is this man entitled to an opinion as a citizen, same as us?  Or is he not?  OK, if he is allowed, then what law says that stops when he plays sport?  What pathetic little people these sporting administrators are, let alone not being adept in clear thinking.

The ‘holy grail’ of diet and exercise: Scientists reveal the best way to lose fat and gain muscle (but warn it is ‘gruelling’)

OK, let’s look at this one. Whichever way you chop it, slice it, dice it, cut it, there is one element which keeps rearing its ugly head and no one seems to want to acknowledge it – the only way to lose pounds is to make calories out more than calories in.

Therefore, in order not to lack nutrients, one goes the calories out route. Therefore one exercises. End of. No pills, no Atkins diet, no other rubbish, no miracle foods – just plain old exercise.

And there are two types, are there not?  Aerobic for heart/weight and anaerobic for strength. End of.

Why we must REFUSE to take 3,000 migrant children, by the PM: Cameron says caving in would just encourage massive new influx of refugees

Such a weak man, playing to the idiot box. If he says this now, why did he not say it from the beginning?  And if the EU demands this and that, inimical to our welfare, then why has he not told the EU off since 2007?

Sweden ‘to kick out 80,000 immigrants’ says minister as almost HALF asylum claims of migrants who make it there are rejected

Will someone please explain what was the bleedin’ point in the first place?  So, the bleeding hearts waited until large numbers of women in their country were raped or at minimum intimidated and these are meant to be the compassionate lefties, yes?  Accusing us of being callous?

They don’t know what compassion is, these idiots.

Muslims are ‘not like us’ and we should just accept they will never integrate, says former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips

Yes but I say that and I’m committing a hate crime, despite the 78 pages of stats and chronicles on file here?  He comes out with it in his black skin and it’s quite OK, ten years too late.

Cameron under fire after calling Calais refugees ‘a bunch of migrants’ in clash with Corbyn during PMQs 

They’re not migrants, they’re invaders. Take a snapshot of any of those groups and women and children are token – they are mainly male, of jihadi age. Just how long does it take some people?

Now the Aussies are trying to reclaim British tennis girl as one of their own!

Why not?  She was born there. But now she’s crashed out, no one wants her anymore.

KATIE HOPKINS: Slummy mummies who can’t be bothered to dress themselves or their kids for school are bad enough but it’s the ones who can’t be bothered to get out of bed AT ALL who make my blood boil 

Yes Katie – right as usual but no one will listen.

Diane Abbott in new BBC cash row: Bosses accused of breaking their own rules after paying her £700 to appear after her appointment to the Shadow Cabinet 

Does it need words?

Loneliness ‘a devastating health issue for a million’: Fears solitude among the elderly could place increased strain on public services 

Why?  I’m alone and am certainly not lonely in this internet age. I’ve never understood this loneliness thing. Stay busy, make friends, have a project – simple.

Council order pensioner, 89, to cut back ‘dangerous’ yew hedge he has lovingly tended for 40 years ‘because of health and safety’

The emotive word “lovingly” notwithstanding, how does something become a health hazard in 2016 but not in 2015?

‘I’m ashamed’: Doctor caught on camera attacking Uber driver apologizes on live television and blames drunken tantrum on ‘the worst night of her life’

And they’re given responsibility? Must be like that other “responsible” doctor, Eva Carneiro.

Ellen Page: ‘Now I’m gay, I can’t play a straight person?”

Sigh.  Then get out of the game, my dear.

Couples who use contraception have sex more frequently, study finds

It took a study?  How much did that cost then?

Transgender athletes are unfair to women

Have to agree.