Is it worth knowing anything anyway?

One of the core themes since the start of my blogging has been Them and until people understand the nature of these bstds, they cannot play with a full deck of cards, cannot really argue about what is happening in the world, as they’re leaving out the most critical influence. There’s no arrogance in saying that, it’s just that Them are the critical factor, it’s where most of the trouble comes from, some might say all the trouble.

Colleagues have written that it’s the UN at the heart of the trouble, others that it’s European royalty, still others that it’s the Black Nobility, others write that it’s the Masons, some that it is the Templars, one or two that it’s the Venetians, which is not as silly as it sounds, as all those other groups are tied in there and where the old families spring from.

Yes, it’s all of those and more.

Them is a subset which intersects with the official “leaders”.  Whether Donald is in thrall to someone – he says he’s not – or whether he’s not I’ve not a clue but it’s this characteristic of his campaign which has made him so popular with true conservatives – that he’s his own man – which leads me to believe that deep down, people know there really is a hidden govt.

I mean hell, what does it take? Queen says it, Wilson, Dulles, Strong, Ike, Bush [plural] came out with it – the goal is a One World government under a Europe-based but not exclusive elite. Not exclusive because the triads and the Nips want a stake too, plus the U.S. people like that list of 13 families.

The aim’s the same – OWg, with that person pre-eminent, dog-eat-dog, which was laid down by Svali in 2000 and nothing so far has acted to undercut that. But as former blogger Wolfie once said, it’s one thing them having all these plans but they’re the most incompetent bunch ever to walk the earth. It’s not going to work out for them, enough people know, deep down, that these things are not in their best interests.

Against that, such a large proportion now are dumbed-down in society and PCism is just one aspect. The media is certainly owned. One person not dumbed-down is former blogger Rossa’s mother, she was curious about and an item she read about the Russians and wanted my opinion on how Russians saw things.  This was the item:

… and before you guffaw and dismiss The Tap, yes I know, I know but still – here it is:

Consisting of the likes of John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Mellon, Henry Ford, William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK and RFK), and Prescott Bush (father of George H.W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush) – decided to massively bankroll Hitler and the Nazi Party, with a view to eradicating the “mongrel” Soviet Union and the Jews of Europe along the way (as documented here, here, and here) – although their attempted coup against FDR miserably failed (and FDR still pardoned his fellow patricians “for the good of the country.” What else?)

Once Germany’s massive rearmament got under way, it was the German factories of Ford, General Motors, General Electric, and Alcoa that built most of the tanks and warplanes of Hitler’s dreaded Wehrmacht, while Dupont and Standard Oil (now Exxon) supplied the synthetic fuel.

There’s a thing called opinion and there’s a thing called verifiable facts – go ahead and verify who supplied Germany with fuel and expertise in WWII, it’s an eye-opener but you’ll not find any of that in Wikipedia. You need to dig out the sources – a good one is Mullins.

And if any of that can be verified, then what the hell was going on?  Giving aid to the enemy?  I wrote back to Rossa’s mother:

As Svali and others have said, Them is not America, they were colluding with the Soviets all the way along the line, funding them, just as with Nazi Germany. These are evil muvvers.

The peoples of lands are influenced by their “leaders”, who are part of the same club, much in the mode of brother on brother, fighting all the time, jockeying for position, one-upping the others to see who would come out on top and be pre-eminent.

Thus the Russian people at ground level do fear The US as a concept but by that they mean NATO and the CIA. These things are never people on people, except on the battlefield and there you don’t see Them anywhere.

Why do people hold these views?  Because they are manipulated to of course – they get their news from the box, from the textbooks, from their teachers and from their parents, just as we do – I used to have to teach from a Soviet textbook on literature, it was something to see, with its analysis of Henry V as a king and why kings are not of the real world.

Aside from the views and ethnic arrogance put into them by these sources, the people over there are the same as people over here – at ground level, concerned with their day-to-day, having enough money to cope, dreaming, doing housework, celebrating key dates in the calendar, fighting, loving or not, bonking – precisely what we do.

Whence the differences, America is the enemy and vice-versa in America – Russia is the enemy? From the ruling complex of course, it constantly comes down from above through the media and teachers. I’d venture to say that the only way to cut through this c**p is to actually live in those countries for some time, one after the other and see how people operate.

This is a truth which the socialists have made free use of and twisted – they have every reason to be down on the Rockefellers, Morgans, Mellons, Fords, Hearsts and dead Kennedys – so why am I not a socialist?

It’s because the proposed solutions are so wrong, based on entirely the wrong premises – the premises of victimhood, that wealth must always be, firstly, unearned and secondly, used to keep workers down. Yes, it goes on like that because Them are in the upper echelons of everything. Davignon, interviewed by the German press some years back, responded that they were “good recruiters” with an eye for the talent.

Yes they are and who are the talent?  Julia Middleton, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Joyce Thacker, Cressida Dick? Theresa May? People of limited brain and overweening ambition, cold-hearted, ambitious people, easily swayed and dazzled by NLP techniques, public sector workers who wish to be something far more – and how damned easy it is to manipulate others.

Power, that’s what it’s all about, all it’s ever been about. And power includes shoring up one’s own position, introducing treason and sedition statutes.  What, for universal justice?  Is it hell – it’s purely to protect.

Much of this you know and it fits into your world view, much of it you might not buy.  I’m going to be arrogant here and say it doesn’t matter what you or I believe, it’s still going to continue despite us. We can either wake up to it … or not.  It would be a mistake, IMHO, to look at the elite as one homogenous unit – they aren’t, they’re dog-eat-dog, promoting their own camp, they’ll do down the other, as in wars.  That invading army is still very real, even though these bstds at the top are all the same in nature, in “family”.

It doesn’t protect us any.  It just always protects Them – you never see Them on the field of battle they’ve caused.  WWI [I refuse to call it Great] was a perfect instance of treaties and railway timetables. It was planned, it was always coming. Look at poor fool Cameron now “close to EU agreement”.  Sigh. Does he really believe anyone buys any of his attempts?  They laugh at him over there. Their plan is set in stone, it was ever since the Club of Rome set it up, in thrall to their own masters.

What makes me the font of all wisdom? Reading, just that. Reading. Well, reading all the sources, not from the same pool the whole time, going down ratholes and finding more, filing them, retrieving, collating, seeing where they lead, throwing out the guff and dot-joining done by others.

OK, also perhaps having lived this long in various countries – that helps focus the mind on how much the same peoples are. OK, perhaps having been both state and public school educated and having met so many of these bozos in the latter written about today. Being sounded out. Except that I lack the pedigree.  I’m no James Higham VIII of the Boston Brahmins. Instead, I’m a malfunctioning unit in their eyes, if they’re bothered at all. Lifted above his station, punching above his weight and a traitor to his education and supposed class.

Given that it’s all false up there, is there any reason therefore, on those grounds and on the grounds we’re one big happy family, to drop our guard, to white-ant our defence forces?  Is there hell – there’s more reason than ever to bolster them and buy the latest – Them are on the move in Europe and people are being manipulated to hate other people’s again.

Once again, with good reason. Just because we know we’re being manipulated to hate Muslims, doesn’t make their atrocities any less real. We’re still going to get our throats slit.  Our girls are still going to be pack raped by animals like that.  Knowing why it’s all happened is a hollow triumph.  It’s no better, in the long run, than knowing nothing – blissful ignorance.

And even if we do break free of the EU, look at who’s in charge here – Cameron and Corbyn.  One would lead us into his own war – follow me, patriots – and the other would lead us to global socialism – follow me, comrades.

Could I be wrong?  Could you be wrong?  It’s another false question. Wrong in what?  Pieces of evidence N2387, N22,499 and N3874?  Yes, those might be factually wrong and we need to change our view on those. But the rest aren’t wrong and they all build a picture, together.  Thus you and I can see eye to eye on so much, even though we differ on other things. Could we be wrong that socialism is unworkable, that it induces indolence and victimhood?  No, because all the cases inevitably end up that way.  Could I be wrong about a Them?  No, for the same reason.

In the end, it’s not whether someone’s right or wrong, it’s whether they know, whether they’ve confronted something … or not. If they have not, then they are not in a position to argue. If we’re not negotiating with the same data set, then we’re nowhere.

Prejudice – what’s that?  It’s the view we’ve formed, given the data set we have in our brain.  That’s all. Nigel knows far more than the average MP because his mind was clear enough to go out and find out. Trump’s seen a lot of the world and has rubbed shoulders with Them. He knows the game backwards. He’s a malfunctioning unit in their eyes, yes, he’s betrayed his class but he’d say he’s never been of that class and they’d agree – he has no class, take that as you will – and ordinary people see that and that’s why he is so damned popular, why Nigel was.

But not with everyone. Strewn along this long road are people at different stages of understanding, many not seeing and therefore fearing a Donald.

Trump’s nobody to fear – he doesn’t have the infrastructure behind him.  He’s had the path cleared whilst he was still seen as friend of Them but now the bstd has turned on Them like a mongrel. The smart money says let’s see how long this lasts.

I believe Donald, if he is stymied, won’t give a damn – he’s made his point and what’s money to him? The political blogosphere is predicated on the simple premise that we’re being treated as mushrooms and the blogger tries to expose part of that.

Fine but in the end – for what to know anything?  Is it going to alter the juggernaut’s progress?

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  1. mona
    January 30, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Yes and while Trump stands like a colossus telling the World he will make “America Great Again”, snivelling Cameron goes with his begging bowl, “please Frau can I have a little more freedom”.

  2. January 31, 2016 at 3:53 am

    Think that’s worth a post. As the neighbours have woken me up at 3.47 a.m. with banging around and loud talking, might as well get up and do it now.

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