In politics, corruption will always trump honesty …

… and voters are scared rabbits. Quite aside from voting irregularities, if any.

peace in cameron's time

Message is that the average voter does not know what is really happening and so goes for the safest looking person, though he may well be the sleaziest snake-oil salesman.

That was clearly seen downunder with the corrupt Turnbull over the straight-headed Abbott but the latter’s baggage [e.g. Credlin] got to him. Turnbull is currently dismantling all the good work Abbott did, in accordance with UN diktats.

That appears also to be the message both among the RINOs over there and the CINOs over here [GE15]. Whether Trump lost due to his “not American” campaign against Cruz or whether it was the backroom slush offered, who knows? As one American tweeted today [our time]:

love him or hate him

Ted Cruz 27.65%
Donald Trump 24.31%
Marco Rubio 23.09%
Ben Carson 9.31%
Rand Paul 4.54%
Jeb Bush 2.80%
Carly Fiorina 1.86%
John Kasich 1.86%
Mike Huckabee 1.79%
Chris Christie 1.75%
Rick Santorum 0.95%

As for Hillary, as you saw, she did not walk it in – the other guy, whatever his name is, seemed safer. Issue was not the 50% for him but the 50% for the criminal Clinton. Clearly, a criminal president is not an issue to so many on the left of society.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    February 3, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Whether it be Australia, Canada, Britain or States-side – Soros and his cronies, along with Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Internationalists will have their way.

    Western Democracy = elective dictatorship.

    One bright spot, the youngsters are waking up in the USoA, OK they vote for Saunders but hell – like the scum party over here, I much prefer Corbynand the likes of Saunders – to shit heads like Mandelscum, Bliar, Macmental, Miliband and Kinnock – at least with Bernie and Jezza – the public know, there is no disguise – the subtle veiling by Critical theorists. With Jezza and Bernie, people ken what it says on the label and can see it coming.
    The trouble with Jezza here in the UK, he might just be the cog, and conduit for the takeover and installation of the cult of death and Caliphate, Corbyn really, does hate Britain that much……….

    But/ and how does that work in, with Soros’s vision of OWG, or would he (Soros)…….. be contented by he fact that at long last Britain was really screwed?

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