Cameron and the great betrayal

10151008212635449Whilst Cast Iron’s putative “renegotiation” ended up being the farce many of us expected, the subsequent delusional doubling down and denial of the facts by Cameron and its reception amongst the political class has left me utterly stunned.

Let us be clear on this. The ostensibly pro-Tory press reaction the very next day was sceptical at best (The Telegraph) with the majority actually expressing outright hostility (The Express, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun). Moreover, all provided detailed analyses explaining why it was such a sham. This has been something of a rarity for the British press, especially as it usually functions by providing damage limitation for favoured political parties. Meanwhile it is The Guardian (!) providing arse-covering flak for Dave whilst the likes of Chuka Umunna give their assent. The political-media world is turned upside down on this particular development.

In the normal course of things, the public don’t realise they’ve been had. Only the angry, the anoraks and the greasy-pole climbers take sufficient interest to check the details, find the cracks and the contradictions. So no matter what lies have been levelled or deceptions doled out, our political class can usually continue on target with nary a snarl from their constituents.

Not so this time. Political wisdom dictates that once the media’s cover is comprehensively lost like this to engage in a disciplined retreat. Instead Dave just magnified the bullshit tenfold, telling Boris in the chamber on Wednesday that his “renegotiation” had already achieved a “massive return of power”. I admit, I almost burst a blood vessel when I read that. I looked on in awe as our notional representatives failed singularly in not immediately laughing Dear Leader out of parliament.

Matters involving the EU are inscrutable at best, yet the tory leaning media outlets did an admirable task of explaining to the lay reader just exactly how they were being deceived. Reading the entirety of the EU treaties and studying carefully how its various parts (don’t) work together is the paragon of the foolhardy.

Only masochists such as myself have attempted it (although the company I’ve had along the way over the years has been (mostly) welcome). Reading the hundreds of pages of the consolidated, Lisbon-amended treaties and making extensive notes was no mean feat I can tell you. It has become a running joke for me now, waiting for the media to “learn” or “reveal” something shocking that the EU is planning, or able, to do that was already in black-and-white in the treaties for all to see if they had but bothered to look.

There are plenty of such examples I have yet to strike off of the list for our worthless hacks to notice. Article 24, paragraph 3 of the Lisbon amended Maastricht Treaty for example. Member States are expected to support the Union’s external and security policy actively and unreservedly in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity and shall comply with the Union’s action in this area.”

And how will the “loyalty” and “solidarity” be measured? Well, “[t]he Council and the High Representative shall ensure compliance with these principles.” That’s the Council of Ministers, subject to Qualified Majority Voting, and the newly created (post Lisbon) position of “High Representative” previously occupied by such a non-entity as Catherine Ashton despite having powers, to my understanding, greater than the EU president’s awarded by the Lisbon Treaty. Britain would always be bullied into submission on security and foreign policy issues despite being one of the two major military powers in the EU and therefore bearing the brunt of any military adventurism the ‘colleagues’ decide to engage in, in the future.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Article 34, Section 2, subparagraphs 2 and 3 then have some shockers for Britain’s role in the UN Security Council. France and Britain, as two members of the permanent Security Council are expected to put forward the EU’s position and give way to the High Representative should s/he decide to get directly involved. In other words, the independence of Britain and France on the permanent Security Council, post Lisbon, is effectively gone. The mainstream media have yet to notice.

Tragically, being well informed on EU issues and its functioning is not something that can be easily transmitted through the educational sphere. On the whole, the academic sector, including core textbooks on EU politics, are dominated by career Europhiles. This means solid scholarly eurosceptic analyses tends to come from iconoclasts and curmudgeons outside the ivory towers. The very nature of the EU is willful obscurantism that I’m now certain the EU’s leaders and europhile activists and academics positively rely upon. This most certainly includes our Dear Leader.

The complexity of the treaties alone is enough to make one’s brain attempt to liquefy and bleed out through the ears in order to escape contemplating. One of the timeless examples is the original format of the Lisbon Treaty itself. It was originally just a list of amendments – ‘paragraph X in treaty Y should now read Z’. Gibberish on its own. It took a number of third parties to force the issue and write out the original treaties including highlighted amendments to produce the consolidated versions most of us refer to today.

Tusk letter, Tory Letter

Reading Tusk’s letter detailing this new “deal”, I was immediately struck how the majority of it was simply re-stating EU legislation. This is a tactic I’ve seen the EU bureaucrats engage in time and again. The worst part about it is that it works. If you weren’t already familiar with the contents of the numerous treaties, conventions and directives, the letter on its surface seems to indicate that there has been some kind of tectonic movement below. This is complete and utter bullshit, as was the letter sent out to the Tory faithful immediately after.

Tusk’s letter was bad enough, Cameron’s was far worse. It was nothing – nothing – but unmitigated lies. He writes for example that he has successfully “renegotiated” Britain “out of ‘ever closer union’ so we do not become part of a European Superstate”. This is an eye-wateringly colossal lie. A Goebbels scale lie. And one that Dear Leader and his faithful have endured no shame for repeating. Ever closer union is written into the treaties and it would take treaty-change, agreed to by all member states, to exempt the UK from this. Moreover, the source for this grandiose claim is Tusk stating that the UK “is not committed to further political integration”. This was an observation, NOT a concession.

Anyone who sincerely observes the EU at work and understands its fundamental Modus Operandi should be repelled. If ignorance isn’t an excuse for europhilia, then frankly, your motives are extremely suspect. And in some ways, if your income does not rely heavily on the EU and you still support it in full knowledge, it is much worse. Those few Europhiles I’ve persisted with (usually in person where they can’t escape easily or use idiotic rhetorical flourishes) and reached their a priori reasons for an unthinking and one way affair with the EU generally reveal a hideous small minded and hysterical bully inside.

You see, they call us ‘Little Englanders’ and worse, yet as is so often the case with these regressive types, their attempts to insult, belittle & safely re-define away rational objectors are actually profound acts of projection. They love the idea of the EU because it presents a much bigger bully than their hated UK government and is well on its way to being able to bully the remainder of the civilised West that has thus far remained out of its direct grasp.

They don’t care that the U.S., Russia, China or maybe even Israel could single handedly wipe the floor with the EU’s corpse in a shooting war. They just engage in mutual masturbation sessions over the much vaunted self-projection of the EU as the world’s soft power superpower. It’s not about concrete ability to provide for citizens or exert force in the world, no. It’s all about rhetorical advantage. Frau Murky invites the world’s pillagers & chancers into her home, wrecking civil society – and shortly quite possibly the economy too – in the process. But that’s a price worth paying to be able to do your virtue-signalling on the world stage, apparently. As it is for Murky, so it is for Europhiles including our own Dear Leader.

They’re thrilled that the Lisbon Treaty constrains future UK adventurism such as Iraq. By the same token, however, they’re happy to ignore the direct consequence that the UK is also committed to any adventurism the EU decides to engage in, such as provoking the Russian bear over Ukraine. Something that is *still* in process.

Turkey and the remainder of the Balkans are also in the accession process with god only knows what implications for UK security and foreign policy. And whilst we’re on the subject of Ukraine and Turkey acceding, Georgia could well be on the cards after Turkey.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather the UK had nothing to do with a shooting war with Russia over the EU’s territorial ambitions, yet accession of those three countries would put us on the knife edge, guaranteed.

None of this matters to Dear Leader of course. He’s one of many Europhiles, including Boris, who breezily welcome, nay demand, accession of Turkey to the EU. All in direct contravention of the UK population’s interests. He often talks about the importance of the UK staying within the EU in order to maintain its influence. Influence? It’s pathetic. 55 measures opposed in the Council of Ministers by the UK since 1996 and all 55 times the UK has been defeated.

The UK’s failure rate in the EU Parliament is almost as pathetic. And its already paltry percentage of representation –under 10% of the seats – is diluted with every single additional member state. With Turkey set to join and a population set to surpass that of Germany in a few years, the reapportioning of seats will mean that the UK’s level of representation may as well be a homeopathic remedy.

But our Dave seems to be a fan of homeopathy. The more his “demands” get watered down, the more certain he becomes that it will be effective. And the slavish coterie that surrounds him, willfully repeating and amplifying his bullshit? The worst kind of betrayal. Boris and May were just another couple of propagandists who pretended to be thinking about campaigning to leave, only so that they could claim that Dave’s Deal had persuaded them to stay in.

Dave promises us Beef, then downgrades to rabbit and finally pulls a dead mouse out of his hat. The last British Beef the Germans were scared of was inside of brain-diseased cows. Now we get treated to the political equivalent of the dead parrot sketch. So now we have reached Act 2 Scene 1 – where Dave and the EU Commissioners wink at each and deliver their pre rehearsed lines. There is no meaningful deal whatsoever. Having asked for very little and having been offered less than nothing, voting to Remain will give Brussels the impression that they can ignore the UK and kick us around with impunity in perpetuity. A strong, independent UK is their ultimate nightmare. Cast Iron and Co have now made it clear beyond all reasonable doubt that they are co-architects of our destruction. Damn them all to hell.

Pathetic. We deserve better. Much much better. As I’ve said before, our grandparents’ great struggle was against National Socialism. Our generation’s great struggle is against National Suicide.

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  1. Graham Wood
    February 5, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Deservedly cynical. “Oh what tangled webs….set out….to deceive”

    But, bit by bit, the internal contradictions of the EU are now being exposed together with the treasonous Quislings within our political class led by the heir to Blair.
    IMO the ‘leave’ side will win this fight, but not until the ‘enemies within’ are more fully exposed.
    I sense the British public are beginning to wake up, and many showing their alarm and anger. This does not bode well for Quisling or his party’s fortunes, and I think the ‘leaves’ are now in with a real chance in any coming referendum.
    Will that be in April? Very doubtful given that the EU parliament and a mix of E. European member states look like opposing Dave’s minuscule demands, and a call for treaty change, as you hint, may well postpone the referendum until the last moment in 2017.
    Meanwhile Dave will (oh so sadly and woe the day) be a hostage to fortune in terms of “events dear boy, events” within the disintegrating EU.

  2. Monty Cristo
    February 5, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Terrific post, you have described the situation we find ourselves in, from an informed position, in a way that is so easy to read and yet still conveys the facts you intended to bring across. I hope you are able to distribute your thoughts more widely as the great majority still have their ears tightly bunged and their thoughts spoon fed by the MSM.

  3. Errol
    February 5, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Isn’t this part of the problem though? The electorate don’t understand the damage the EU does because the political class hide it from us. The structures are designed to be opaque and have never been explained to the people. This allows Dave to get away with anything because no one understands what the EU is or how it works.

    Farage hasn’t explained it, mostly it seems because he doesn’t really know. They won’t, because it benefits them to ensure the people remain ignorant.

    That leaves us with a campaign based on deceit and duplicity – just as the EU likes it. Let’s face it, the EU cannot win based on the truth. Who would vote to remain in a communist dictatorship where their vote, wishes and intent mean nothing, which poisons their food chain, floods their homes, causes wars does not respect British laws, costs us two primary schools a day, forces rapists and murderers on us and considers us little more than an annoying chequebook?

    We must leave. There’s no other choice.

  4. February 5, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    In the normal course of things, the public don’t realise they’ve been had.

    Something various bloggers have been saying now until they’re blue in the face.

  5. Hereward Unbowed.
    February 6, 2016 at 12:20 am

    A rather well argued polemic, to which one can only aver Ya, Oui, Aye – we need to leave ASAP, and because, the EU is the alien monster nation gobbling squid like creature.

    The EU will go tits up, diving the timing of said calamity, is the question. And how just how bad does it have to be, before the whole rotten structure collapses in on itself?

    But for the moment the promise of “riches tomorrow” seems to be working, though the army of capos – camp guards grows in number by the day – or at least it does in Britain – our apparatchiks seem to beget more paper clip counters, it’s almost as if they breed them.

    How did it come about, well after an initial act of grossly mishandled perfidy the nation was sold out by Heath who arm twisted his executive and then his quisling party to back him and then in a blink of an eye and overnight Britain became history.

    In its outrageous scope and so thinly spread, a gossamer of bogus facts and lies, the EU it is an astonishingly remarkable fraud. A massive con trick, pulling the wool over people’s eyes for 40 odd years and all sold on an extremely dubious, nay capricious mythology – the EU its federasts and bent institutions…… are “good for Britain” – yet it has worked and the sheeple still set great store in it.

    Lots of people can say with certitude that the EU is “good for Britain” but if one pursues the point and begs the question – “how is and does being a member of the EU directly benefit Britain?”

    Answer: Just dumb looks.

    On we go!

    Dumb down the kids, teach them naught and equality dogma and as each ensuing generation becomes ever more docile with underused and flaccid brains. All that remains……”anyone(?) for – more Premier league, fast food and Xfactor?”

    The Romans had a phrase for it, you all know it. The hooligans approached, they let them in and still greater numbers came – Merkel it was confirmed – she’s a raving lunatic, it’s a good job that, Jean Claude Juncker can understand her, though these days it takes half a bottle inside him, before Merkl can come into focus.
    Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right – it will end in grief, a veil of tears, war, pestilence and death after that.

  6. February 6, 2016 at 1:50 am

    First class analysis, even though it covered only a small part of the complexity. Very well done, Sir.

    And an Englishman in exile in a far sunnier clime, I look to sound chaps to provide such clear commentary.

  7. Graham Wood
    February 6, 2016 at 9:25 am

    If the ‘row of beans’ resulting from Cameron’s humiliating (for him) begging bowl tour of EU states was not bad enough, we now have confirmed that even that miserable
    rag-tag is not enforceable in law. See today’s blogs on EU Referendum and Vote Leave sites.
    How ironic for DC that it is an ECJ judge who made the ruling – what in fact we already knew anyway.
    Once again the stupid Cameron is up the creek without a paddle, and given a few months will be ‘white watering’ over the looming weir. How very sad.

  8. Hereward Unbowed.
    February 6, 2016 at 9:35 am


    On reflection and I am by no means alone in remarking that the press has to give Dave a hard time, this charade demands it.

    Act I, beg all and every EU leader – make sure everyone sees it and UK media obliges.

    Act II bring back agreement, get slaughtered in the press.

    Act III the team meeting grants Dave (sweet FA) but makes airy (worth FA) promises about “reform”….at some indeterminate future (council of heads of state) conference maybe 2019 and laughing loudly, scoffing at Dave and those “fuckwit Godawfully stupid, thicko Brits”!!!

    Act IV, Dave returns home to laudatory fanfare where the media pour on accolades and thank heavens “Dave has protected British interests and now the great British public can vote STAY IN!”

    Act V, someone shoots Dave’s pet.

    Act VI, Britain votes to stay in anyway.

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