Understanding the presidential race

While we’re up to our necks in #Brexit and the latest concord with #GrassRootsOut – all good stuff – political pundits also need to keep an eye on the presidential race over there and follow the American blogosphere on it.

rubio wins

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To understand the GOP primaries, one needs to know about The Gang of Eight:

The Gang of Eight is a common colloquial term for the bi-partisan group of eight Senators writing the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill. The group has also been instrumental in bringing Comprehensive Immigration Reform back to the legislative branch in the spring of 2013.

Further, the Gang of Eight:

1. Amnestied over 20 million illegal aliens.

2. Massively Increased H1-B Visas by 300%.

3. Added 33 million people to the United States in just 10 years, not counting illegal aliens.

4. Increased national debt by Trillions.

5. Increased unemployed rate by millions for Americans.


Most people don’t understand the deadly impact of the gang of 8 and what it does to cities. They bring in illegals and H1B visa folks to take low and middle class US tech jobs. The big corporations use these illegals to displace the US workers already employed, the cities infrastructure goes to hell because the money needed to help the displaced workers, the city then asks for the corporations for more taxes, they say hell no, pick up and leave, and now the city has the displaced US worker and his now unemployed H1B visa replacement to feed, and the corporation has moved on to destroy another city.

[H/T Breitbart Americans for the good oil on that.]

Also look at the 90s gay foam parties. Interesting that this anti-conservative site mocks the allegations about Rubio and yet does not disprove them:


The pink press itself was bemused and quite a few articles discuss whether to claim Rubio as one of their own or not.

One also needs to be aware of Phyllis Schafly, detested by feminists and other hard left, a conservative icon, who has documented Rubio’s lies to the GOP and the nation over Open Borders. Now this is also where we come in, having our own open borders issue.

One conservative pointed out that the only candidate with a conceal and carry permit is Trump. Possibly one reason Palin supports him. Trouble over there is RINOs and CINOs, false prophets and the only way to know is to look at their voting records or their public utterances.

It seems questions are asked of Limbaugh and Levin, Beck is long exploded, ditto Fox, now the National Review. American Thinker is still half and half. Hannity appears to be a troll. Mind you, if they’re going to call Rubio for his high heels dancing, they need to look at Giuliani too.  Weird place, the seat of power.

One should also be aware of WND, whom the left-liberals and Cameron/McCain type Tories call off the planet, as they do with Nigel and yet WND has exposed much in its time, whilst firing a few blanks in other directions. Out of that comes Vox Day and my bias is shown in the blogroll lower right. He’s a Christian libertarian and bit of a wild boy, SF writer.  What I like about Vox is that he has all the right enemies against him.

And that’s the issue when false prophets are everywhere – who are the enemies trying to take them down? In each case, check out the seat of the opposition to them and that’s usually a good indicator. Not always though as there are many trolls and much false flaggery going on.

The unfortunate thing over there, as it was here in 2015, is it has split the conservatives, which the forces of darkness – Hillary/Obama/Sanders/Miliband/Corbyn/Bunny Roche/Penny Red/Charlotte Church/Brand – are chuckling at and rubbing their hands with glee.

Huckabee came out and said he’d rather a candidate who had changed his mind over 15 years than one who’d changed his mind over the past 15 days. Ponder on that one. Back to the National Review and the true colours of Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich have finally come out, more’s the pity, the other lovely of the past few years, Michelle Fields, already long exposed now as an establishment shill.

Max Drudge still has a good name.

There’s much treachery over there.  Looking at it all from over here, I’d trust Bill Whittle and the Trifecta boys, certainly Schafly, also Breitbart in the main, certainly Dellers, Hitchens P up to a point, obviously Nigel on most things, David Davis, yes. Dan Hannan I’m not sure about. American Thinker seems a sound enough site, though it’s an aggregator.

A few pundits and commenters made the point that the way to tell them apart is to look at their records on two issues:

1.  sovereignty
2.  solvency

It’s not a be-all-and-end-all but it’s a very good indicator all the same. I’d expect any true conservative to mention those things at least a few times.

I’d also add a third and fourth – things they should be against:

3. Big Brother surveillance state
4. interference in the personal lives of people, e.g. on smoking

And possibly a fifth should be from whom their support comes:

5.  support from the ordinary citizen, a grassroots candidate.

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  1. February 6, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Hmmmm, this also:

    Cruz is as if the establishment profiled the angry conservative voters that stayed home in 2008/2012 and then invented a candidate to keep that group busy and engaged, and out of the real nomination contest.

    Cruz is an invention. That’s why he comes across so phony. He IS phony. He is the Stephen Colbert of 2016.

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