EU – the roots of evil

This is from Grégoire Mallard: Fallout: Nuclear Diplomacy in an Age of Global Fracture:

weiss 1 weiss 2 weiss 3

This policy of two truths – one admitted publicly, one hidden, also expressed as revealing part of the truth but not all of it – is, of course, no way to run a nation, particularly a new nation where the public is to be consciously fooled into thinking something is happening, when something quite different is actually going on.

Have you heard of Louise Weiss?  Here is her building:


And of course, this is the bit you know – it’s based on this:


What was that about symbolism? This is the artwork by Pieter Bruegel:

peter brughel

You, of course, knew all that.

Weiss was a radical feminist who fell out with other feminist women, accusing their tactics of not being radical and violent enough.  She was an international communist:

weiss communist

weiss 4 weiss 5

Those values were not Judaeo-Christian but radical communist.  This is the person who is feted by the EU and lent her name to the Babel building in Strasbourg. Given the roots of Europe and what percentage of European people were not radical feminist communist, she’s hardly the right choice for an economic community, unless that community has always seen itself as a communist regime of enforced oneness, as the USSR had been.

A Jewish history states:

American Jews figured disproportionately in radical movements (broadly speaking, socialism, communism, trade-unionism, and anarchism) in the late nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth centuries, and even today, still vote disproportionately the “lefter” of the two dominant parties, and are active throughout the left.

Not just American but European as well. Just why this should be so – from Benjamin and Alinsky to Weiss, is a study in itself but the result of their activism has been easy to see. Cultural Marxism sprung directly from these malcontents.

And now they have plunged us into the rape of Europe.


The symbolism of the EU is real and it’s occult, which is not to say it’s not a mish-mash. It’s as if modernists have reached back and taken the best bits they could find and mashed them together in a mumbo jumbo.

Rossa’s mother sends a Gates of Vienna post, translated from the Swedish:

From traffickers on Africa’s north coast, to European teen girls and elderly ladies who no longer dare to leave their homes — all of them nowadays know the truth in one aspect or another; that the political establishment of western Europe deliberately opened up the gates for the Muslim invasion — evidently an army of testosterone-crazed Barbarians, who presently are free to violate the indigenous women and children.

The statues which have come to represent the European Union are not some modern abstract work of art, but in actuality a recurring motif throughout European art history, and known as “The Rape of Europa.”


According to Greek mythology, Zeus became so obsessed with the princess Europa that he shape-shifted into a tame white bull to lure her closer. To prove to her servants that the animal wasn’t dangerous she mounted the bull, which then instantly, with her still on his back, ran into the ocean and swam to Crete. Once there, Zeus regained his true form and proceeded to rape Europa…[1]

That symbolism matters greatly to the occult Elite is hardly debatable. The world witnessed this during the Olympic Games in 2012.[2] On the public who has been spoon fed lowest common denominator entertainment, “mainstream”, ever since childhood, the deeper meaning was lost however. More or less.

Symbolism in the occult is more concerned with affecting the subconscious, since it primarily communicates through that type of medium, which every psychologist knows, and is also the part considered by science to overwhelmingly control human behavior. Symbolism is furthermore used to communicate secret messages, which only those with special knowledge can decode. In short, symbolism is a power tool.


There are many versions of the tale – this is the most common:

The Phoenician maiden named ‘Europa’ was one of the many objects of affection of Olympian chief god Zeus. At first sight of Europa, the god was infatuated by her striking beauty and grace.

Not being one to ignore his desires, Zeus immediately comes up with a cunning plan. In order to avoid the anger of his jealous wife Hera, and to get his way with the girl, Zeus metamorphosed in a beautiful white bull.

While the young maiden was gathering flowers, she saw the bull, and – fascinated by its handsome flanks and gentle behavior – caressed him and got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity to abduct Europa and swim to the island of Crete.

He there revealed his true identity, raped and impregnated her. Europa gave birth to Minos, who would become king of Crete.

The man on the left below will go down in history, along with Heath, Major, Blair and Brown as the men who sold Britain out and pushed the button to start the invasion. We are afflicted with traitors at the head of govts across Europe and in Brussels. They are all aware of the symbolism.

we love the eu

3 comments for “EU – the roots of evil

  1. February 21, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Further notes:

    We can get lost in all the symbolism. What is staring us in the face with the first quotes of Weiss above is the nannyism. She wished for her superstate to “put things past the people” essentially by lying to them.

    From Heath’s secret meetings before the first UK referendum to the notion of unelected officials appointed to a politburo – this was not solely Weiss’s ideas but it was sufficiently hers to have the building named after her.

    And how to keep the people fooled? Give them sufficient truths to suck them in, e.g. women’s suffrage, e.g. empty words such as equality and diversity, which no one could oppose, but keep the greater plan concealed. This is nannying – a group of people deciding what is good for the people and having the plan to impose it … dishonestly.

  2. Errol
    February 21, 2016 at 9:55 am

    The EU is stuffed full of communists, socialists and other such sewage. We all know what such people want: control. They get very rich and the rest of us suffer. This is the sole purpose of the EU. The rest, the currency, the ideology is a lie. It is a giant deceit intended solely to enforce the control over a continent by men who have dreamed of nothing else their entire lives.

    Others tried war (Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin) these people are using economics – specifically ensuring mass poverty by forcing one country into subjugated poverty through endless pouring of cash from richer ones. That forces every nation’s economy down which is what the communists want. These people are fascists – as only Lefties are fascists – who seek to ruin everything under their delusional fantasy of ‘a better world’ where these egomaniacs rule supreme.

    It’s disgusting, putrid and will only be solved when they are destroyed and such nonsense as theirs crushed forever.

  3. Lord T
    February 21, 2016 at 11:49 am

    It’s all true but it shouldn’t be so.

    This is no different to those who accept bribes for contracts because that is the way it has always been.

    All negotiations should be open and available to all to hear and understand what a bunch of liars we have at the top.

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