Brexit and political affiliation

This is going to be unpleasant.  Firstly, a glance at today’s headlines:

British tourists could be left STRANDED ABROAD and the UK would be left with a decade of chaos if voters back Brexit, ministers warn

Top bank predicts a collapse in the pound if Britain backs Brexit – and it could make trips to Europe MUCH more expensive

Naturally, that is savaged by most of the thousands of readers. That was the Mail but nothing about the razing of the Calais towns. This is a supposedly rightwing news service.

I then go to the newly centre-left Telegraph and they do at least run it:

calais jungle

Clearly anger at the incompetent govt and at the entitled invaders – I don’t want to go, I’m headed for Britain [their Nirvana].

The Times is the first to run it from a centre-right angle, namely that the invaders should be sent home.

The Spectator which has moved left under Fraser Nelson has a mixed bag but is not up to date. The Express is predictably right.

Last up is Breitbart:

breitbart calais

That’s where most educated centre-right people will look but of course, we’re only a certain percentage.  There are still all those Sun readers:

Britain risks migration timebomb as population set to swell by 500,000 a year

HOME Office minister admits the population could be THREE MILLION larger than official predictions by 2039

On balance, the message across those is pro-Brexit. However, what percentage are such readers of the overall voting numbers in the UK?  It also doesn’t take into account the watching of the leftwing BBC, which even the centre-right watch for news.

What of the people who listen to Radio 1, watch the four channels evenly and maybe read the Guardian or Independent, the Mirror and Huffington Post? This is the unpleasant part as I need to go there now.

Huff Post leads with a megastory on Corbyn failing to take questions but in small print further down:

7 Times The Government’s ‘Brexit’ Dossier Tried To Scare You

As anti-Tory currently means pro-Brexit, this is no bad thing.Now to The Mirror [the intelligent tabloid, LOL]:

Stabbing, sex, Adele, paedophilia, Ryanair, Trump – no, nothing about the Calais camp, nothing about Brexit. The intelligent tabloid.


guardian tues

Also something about I’d rather swim in sewage than clean for the Queen.

Independent [centre-left]:

Cruz, Blair, Trump, mummified sailor, Adele and:

Rotherham pair who killed Muslim grandfather jailed for 46 years

Note the twist.  Now the Beeb:

bbc on jungle

At least they mention it.  Severely hamstrung by no TV or radio here, don’t know what they’re saying this morning.

So, there’s a mixed bag. Where the left media does mention the invader issue, it’s always in connection with anti-Tory, anti-Cameron but how far will that translate into pro-Brexit on June 13th? How many Labour voters would vote Brexit to spite Cameron and the Tories?

And not all the Tories, as we know, are pro-Brexit. The CINOs, as with the RINOs over there, are essentially leftwing or at least globalist bankster, which comes to the same thing – these crony capitalists are all for Remain.

So, if the polls can be believed, a large number are disinterested and concerned with Adele, the Oscars, the mummified sailor, Blair and Corbyn, plus Cameron’s inanities, with Boris, also TV and shopping.

This centre-left site gives you an idea how they think on things, in this case on media bias. While it’s an article of faith for us that the Beeb is consistently leftwing and maybe the Sun is right, the Telegraph has gone left, this is not how the left themselves see it at all:

These people don’t think like us. And the libertarians – a cross-party grouping, many of them come from the left side – Longrider was one of those. Julia, Mike and I are clearly not.

It’s interesting that many of the left, who like bansturbation and taxpayer money spent on ideological schemes, e.g. banning smoking, should also call themselves libertarian but they do.  What they probably mean is personal freedom, which bansturbation is against.

Where are they on Brexit?

Overall, if you take the tea-party-like centre-right libertarian who would like UKIP, Ron Paul, Bill Whittle, Pat Condell – they’re strongly pro-Brexit and they number just short of 4 million.

But what of the others? I’d suggest they’re not strongly anything on Brexit, possibly for Remain, possibly for Brexit, in order to be anti-Cameron.  They seem up in the air.  These do not count the rabid SJWs, the Bunny Roches we see on the media.

A cab driver the other day said he was Brexit now and many in this Labour area I live in are not happy with the immigration. So Brexit still might get many votes from here, to balance the CINOs.

Latest poll has 52% Brexit, 48% Remain. I’d suggest that might be pretty accuarate although outside the 3.8 million, it’s up in the air and possibly they like Carswell and Evans, see no connection between immigration and Brexit.

What of the invaders themselves and longterm migrants, e.g. the Diane Abbotts?

Seems the more affluent, the more pro-Brexit, as it seems pro-British and they wish to be known as British. This includes my local shopkeeper, an affluent Sri Lankan who has succeeded and doesn’t want a flood of the other type to ruin everything. And locals here accept him without question – I like him because he asks me what items should be stocked.

Those on the dole though – well it’s pretty clear where they are on the matter. Where I live we just don’t have the Invader problem.

Greatest pluses for Brexit? Cameron remains, stating his lies, Calais and other horrors continue until June 23*.

[* See comments thread]

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  1. mona
    March 1, 2016 at 9:08 am

    “OPERATION FRIGHTEN,” we will scare you into submission, Cameron’s plan to topple Britain, He does hate this country , loves Blair, loves Islam, a quote from The OBSERVER 13/5/07 by Cameron on his admiration of Islam ” If we remind ourselves of British values , hospitality, generosity,and tolerance to name but three, there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what these things really mean, not for the first time I find myself thinking that it is main stream Britain which needs to intergrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around,” This was two months before the 7/7 outrage killing 56 people on the underground, and the Muslim abuse was going full steam in Rotherham against our weakest and most vulnerable children. A Wide Open Door to Islam after No-exit, just as Merkle ordered.

  2. Brightside Bob
    March 1, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Er, *cough* – EU Referendum Thursday 23rd June. Don’t want people peaking 10 days early. 🙂

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