That lot continue to s*** on us from above

It’s not just that it was clickbait to give us something to laugh off:

Moments of joy ‘can damage heart’

… it’s that a study was commissioned in the first place on something bleedin’ obvious, which then supplied the MSM with something more to beat us down with – add this to wine [a glass a day can kill you].

Now it’s all changed again:


This push for the global socialist hegemony, the nanny state, is obviously going to bring out this sort of thing on a more or less regular basis.

Another thing it’s going to constantly do is instigate conflict. Some years back, the best hope of the current day Clemenceaus was Iran, they thought North Korea could be the bete noire to direct the people’s anger against.

Within the society, the two pronged issues were the gay agenda and immigration. Before that it was feminazism. There is no time without a conflicting and divisive issue designed to play on natural resentments and built up frustrations and it is played like a violin by Them. Why does Dave spend his regular time per month at Tavistock [Chatham House]?

The third major thrust is a longer term one, nailed by Nineteen Eighty Four – creating supernational blocs which, whilst continuing divisive issues within their societies, also increase surveillance and data bases on every citizen. In Scotland, the Fascist Krankie State, they’ve taken it further bv appointing a designated minder for every child born, i.e. a designated State social worker to mind every child of the State, undermining the parent.

The superstates are, as Nineteen Eighty Four notes, at constant war with each other, providing perma-cannon fodder. Never mind the issue, invent it. And into this fits Blair, a weak, deceitful but bloodminded man, perfect for the job of keeping Britain in a warlike state.

So here a few of us are – looking up at these vermin above, having their number – and yet society as a whole lurches obliviously onwards to the next crisis. What will it be – another copycat Manchurian murdering two little girls?  A killing of migrants – never the jihadis, only women and children – to launch the next Brixton and Toxteth?

And who is the catalyst for all this? Does Dave have the brainpower?  Does Common Purpose? Common Purpose, after all, is the thickos Julia Middleton, Joyce Thacker and Cressida Dick. One echelon above these is Geoff Mulgan, ex-Demos, the Marxist organization responsible for so much trouble. Behind that is Chatham House but it’s not the only one. Does the common man have any idea about Chatham House? Ha anyone spoken of shutting it down and arresting all connected with it?

Not a word, not a sausage. Them is not the bete noire of the month – ever – and yet it is where all the trouble is coming from. It is connected with the UN, royalty, the CFR, the TLC. The whole NAFTA and SPPNA business came out of that lot as well. Do you recall they proposed the superhighway. Charming, talk about a conduit for the Mexican drugs trade and murderous society – just what the US and Canada need.

Not that Canada is any slouch – the psychiatric old boys network is well centred there in Toronto, which the CIA taps into – for those who have not read it up, start at Ewen Cameron and GH Esterbrooks. We’ve all heard of the Genesis of the Daleks, this is the Genesis of the Manchurians. There’s no fantasy about it whatever.

Which brings us to another characteristic of these people – deviant sado-masochism. Dolphin Square is the flagship here. Washington parties are less easily nailed. Ask the ghost of Cyril Smith.

These are the people running us. We have the visible portion of them in the nominated leaders but even here, the recent doings in the States have stripped away the veneer.

Ne’er a truer word:

When an army is defeated on the battlefield, the first thing that happens is the lines break and order breaks down. Some units surrender right away, while others try to reform and keep fighting. Still others will retreat, finding the quickest way to escape in order to avoid capture or potential slaughter. The military saying is that you learn everything about an army when they are defeated.

That’s true of political arrangements as well. A political party or an ideological movement takes on a very different character when it runs into trouble. That’s because we get to see inside once it is cracked open. The things that were hidden behind the rhetoric, tactics and institutions are not only made public, but the motivations behind them are made public. It’s never a pretty picture.

The feuding and blood letting we are seeing in the American political class is one of those rare chances to see behind the curtain of power, at what really is going on with our rulers. The other day the NYTimes dropped a bombshell report on how Chuck Schumer, Marco Rubio and Roger Ailes tried to hoodwink conservatives into buying off on amnesty. The gist of the story is it was an orchestrated effort to have Fox News sell a Democrat policy to conservatives.

Of course, the class has thrown Blair to the wolves and allowed his carefully manicured image to fall, making him the perfect fall-guy for society, the scapegoat for everyone’s frustrations and anger – not undeserved but is he the only one who was colluding in that? How about the Skull & Bones man and his father with his Thousand Points of Light?

People really do need to read about these things. Why was the US in the Gulf in the first place? Politics, yes. Oil, yes. Saudi slush money for arms and other things. But George Herbert Walker, intergenerational Them, had another idea [click and click again to embiggen]:

NewWorldOrder medium

Yeah yeah, I know all about Snopes – have you explored that husband and wife team whom so many believe with the simple faith of a fundamentalist?  Like Randi, they’ve been found wanting many a time.

And this was shortly before the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Below is yet another look at it. This is one of those which could be quoted in its entirety, [H/T Chuckles by the way]:

It is dismaying to see so many basically decent people who are drawn into the net of evil and corruption woven by the demon-possessed ruling elites such that they cannot discern evil even when it is standing in front of them and haranguing them with anti-moral tirades based on an increasingly obvious loathing for the people they are supposed to be representing and leading.

The process of corruption is long and incremental – and often begins with loneliness. Modern life creates loneliness, disaffection, alienation; and the way out from this state (so nearly intolerable for social beings such as ourselves) is to join in with the fake empathy demands of the mass media; join in with the (more-or-less) sexualized, intoxication-focused and mutually exploitative events that go by the name of ‘social life’; just, basically, Join In.

I presume that this is why the elites are so keen that as many as possible vulnerable and impressionable 18 year olds should be torn away from their friends and families and planted somewhere (anywhere!) else among people who they do not know and who care nothing for them, in spiritually barren colleges where their only escape is into meaningless mass media, superficial social interaction, sexual adventures, intoxication events, and self-righteous moral grandstanding — the only alternative being to sit in your room, a cafe, a library for hours… alone and silent.

To say nothing is going on, to ascribe it all to moonbattery and tinfoilhattery, is to ignore such things as Agenda 21, very real and taking the same sort of form of the EU Commission studies, namely that recommendations are made to the parent body and the people behind it then disband and fade away, unable to be prosecuted. Yet those recommendations make their way into national law. The kettles legislation is a perfect example.

This is Beck on it – again yes, i know but who else is going to tackle it – the left?

All very well getting out of the EU, people – there is still the UN.

The expression “short-and-curlies” does spring to mind.

7 comments for “That lot continue to s*** on us from above

  1. Henry Kaye
    March 3, 2016 at 10:32 am

    Alas, we’re helpless and hopeless.

  2. Voice of Reason
    March 3, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    James – I am very curious as to the throwaway comments on, and what I assume is James Randi. For the former, could you be referring to the incident which addresses? As for the latter, do you have actual evidence, or assertion?

    I say this, because both snopes and JREF make their reputations on evidence.

  3. Voice of Reason
    March 4, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    James – It is my considered opinion that you are reading too many cranks, and not facts. I just re-read the piece on President Obama’s long form birth certificate, and I can’t see an error. They even checked one for a child born a day later in the same hospital. I can’t be bothered to look for the stuff on the WTC, but only the hardiest of cranks here are still going on about it.

    As for your links:

    1. This is about the piece from ‘Flim-Flam’ on SRI. Subsequent investigation has supported the fact that the experiments were not carried out as Targ and Puhoff described. No-one has been able to replicate anything at all under controlled conditions.

    2. Is precisely the fake letter which I referenced with my own link, and has no reality in it.

    3. Is an ad hominem attack, which does not address any facts at all.

    • March 4, 2016 at 4:59 pm

      Well of course you can’t see it, VofR – you’re hardwired to the other side. My only purpose in running the links was for those uncommitted who needed some facts on it, which were given. Saying they weren’t is like Romney telling Trump he’s a bad businessman – well, what else is he going to say? Lovely speaking with you again. 🙂

      • Voice of Reason
        March 5, 2016 at 10:02 pm

        Again, the problems is that these aren’t facts.

        • March 6, 2016 at 8:54 am

          Again the issue is that these are facts but you have a blockage on it for agenda reasons. It’s a pointless standoff. Facts on this side, the river in Africa on the other. And remember – they were just a few links grabbed quickly. As mentioned, many people have written debunking Snopes, it’s not even an issue any more.

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