A Modest Proposal

… for Preventing the Invaders From Becoming a Burthen to The Invaded Country.

In the nicest possible way and realizing this will cost the taxpayer:

1.  Rid the govt of the Camerons and so on – branches withdraw preselection from all traitors who allowed it to happen.

2.  Build the 100 cargo ships on the Clyde etc., thereby providing jobs.


2.  Start the processing. First are asylum seekers from 2016, then 2015 and so on back to 2010.  The main thing is to ascertain genuine family groupings, up to 5, up to 10, up to 15, as each lifeboat will hold 25.

At the point of processing, each genuine family goes on the bus to the port, thence to the ship, holding 1000 persons, for that particular country of origin. Straight onto Deck 2.

Deck 1 holds boat shells, stackable, 40 of. Deck 2 is for camp beds and a secure double hatch for meals to be passed through. Two substantial meals per day per person, constant water. This deck is for the passengers. Deck 3 is for the officers and five medical staff.

Upon arrival at a sea destination far enough away from any nation, the ship is anchored and swings around on that anchor. Families are called by name and pass through, one family at a time, to a secure area, door is closed behind, family goes downstairs.

The shell, forty feet long, ten feet wide is placed on the launcher rails, food packs for two weeks are given to every man, woman and child, first aid, maps, sleeping mats, pillows, blankets. The raised canopy and supporting struts are demonstrated, also mast and lateen sail, passengers shown how to raise them.

Those protesting are shown two diagrams. One shows 25 smiling people in a shell, canopy up and protecting them, sailing along, eating and drinking. The second shows lifejackets on 25 people, with diagrams of them being thrown overboard. They’re asked to choose.

Once the boat is away, the next family come through and so on.

3.  Back in the UK, once those have departed [might take all of a year], genuine migrants pre-2010 are reviewed, any Imams, MCB members, any who have been known to demonstrate, and UAF members, are encouraged to leave of their own volition.

Those not taking up the amnesty go through the same procedure, again to original country, this time at gunpoint on the boat deck at the destination.

4.  Next are those born here but who are members of those organizations. They are bused to converted military bases in the north, furthest from main population areas. They’re issued with C cards which they can exchange in two months for B cards and two months later – A cards. At the end of that time, any A card holders who have not had their card marked are free to go.

In the meantime, their families send earmarked food parcels which go to a secure area, are gone through, thence to the families. There are myriad huts and running water, they can choose their own huts, cook in the huts. Ablution is in blocks.

5.  The process will also throw up non-genuine trespassers on UK territory, especially jihadi men, who are taken by cargo plane close to their lands of origin, boat shells with oars and sandwich packs are dropped to the water and each lifejacketed jihadi parachuted to the water upwind of the shells, no weapons. They’re only ever flown and dropped on good weather days.

That should suffice with the visitors.  Now starts the process of dealing with the Blairs, Camerons, Sarah Champions, senior people in Common Purpose, Geoff Mulgan etc. They are tried and if found traitors to the land by 12 ordinary people, are incarcerated, their assets passing towards offsetting the process of repatriation of the invaders.

3 comments for “A Modest Proposal

  1. John in cheshire
    March 6, 2016 at 10:14 am

    You’ve got my support, James. I think the alternative will be some form of conflict within the UK which will be more destructive than expelling the unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary and unasked for. But experience tells me that governments do nothing until a situation turns into a crisis that affects then personally.

  2. Penseivat
    March 6, 2016 at 11:52 am

    I assume this was meant tongue in cheek. If not,
    then we can start deporting those who are left-handed, men who part their hair on the left, ever bought an Elton John or George Michael record or who admit enjoying watching Ant and Dec as they are obviously deviants. Silly? Of course it’s silly, but you started it!

  3. March 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Was about to reply, then thought it best not to. 🙂

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