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We don’t do much on Canada here but it wouldn’t surprise that they’re just as corrupt as anywhere in the west. Just a reminder of what a parachutee looks like:

noncomp parachutees

Note the hair of course. Top left is Jennifer Lynch, head of the Human Rights Commission, constantly attacked for corruption and incompetence, plus nasty ways of shutting up opposition.  So what’s new?

Here is Zenna Atkins, formerly head of Ofsted [note the hair]:


And here’s another one [note the hair]:

may, theresa

And here is Rachel Notley, also head of a department – the Justice Department in Alberta I think but not sure [note the hair]:


Notice a pattern, if only in the hair and face at this stage – we haven’t started on her doings yet.

Why, uncannily, is this type of woman appointed?  I’ve thought long and hard about this and the only logical explanation is that they will not rock the boat, they will toe the line and be grateful for their appointments to the extent they’ll do any dirty work necessary for the bosses above, who are male and Them [see Brookes and Murdoch].

So, what has she done wrong? She had reporters whom she knew to be hostile and were going to ask difficult questions escorted by police out of a public meeting which had no restrictions on it, not officially. And from reports I’ve seen, they were not being rowdy or misbehaving. They were asking difficult questions.

Checking her out, this hit me immediately near the top of Google:

rachel notley go

Oh my goodness – she’s not DoJ, she’s the flippin Premier of the state!  Using police to avoid difficult questions? This immediately brings into question the woman’s judgment, her wallowing in this feminist idea that anything you don’t like must go, just like those children in films who disappear people.

Trouble is, this is supposedly grown-up land she’s operating in, although to look at Canadians putting in Son of Trudeau, one wonders.

And what was her excuse? Oh, Harper did it.  Pardon me but Harper decided not to answer certain reporters, turned his back on them but he did not order the troopers to escort the questioners from the building.  This woman now realizes she was acting like  … a  femininazi, in hitting out this way with no sense of reality or protocol.

What was her actual excuse to have the Rebel thrown out?  Her lawyers told her she could claim they “were not journalists”, in other words, not MSM, therefore could be excluded. Ho, ho, ho, wants to take on the blogosphere, eh? The Huffposts, the Guidos etc.?

Ezra Levant deals with it in the first few minutes of this show below [most of it is Putin], then returns to it near the end.

In fact, there’s quite a bit on this bint, for example:

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley facing backlash over oilsands emissions cap

The immediate retort is that Trump ejected professional trolls from his rally. Yes, HIS rally. This Notley saw a state mediafest as hers to do as she wanted with.

Oh, by the way, this is Notley’s spindoctor [note the hair]. She’s on the way:


The problem Them always have in appointing such parachutees is that the parachutees always let you down. Ideally, the person appointed should have at least some sense but Jennifer Lynch did not, nor Notley, nor Jodi Farhat [Missouri], nor Janet Napolitano [although in her case, she was under direct protection] and so it goes.

They can’t have any sense, for if they had any sense, they’d be a rival, they might not do as instructed. And this is Them’s dilemma. On the other hand, the type can be relied on to run down the economy of their charge, open borders, institute ruinous policies and harass the ordinary person.

A perfect example was Ed Balls over here, only he turned out to be SO incompetent, he lost his seat. In Cameron, they have someone with just the right level of incompetence.

The message is clear to Them – appoint someone like this over people with some sort of talent she will always let you down. 100% correlation.

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  1. Old Geezer
    March 9, 2016 at 9:19 am

    The problem with giving someone a job because of their sex, not their suitability, is that you usually get someone who is incapable of doing the job. This had fatal results for a Brazilian electrician in London a few years ago.

  2. Junican
    March 9, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    Think of Soubry MP, ex-Minister for Health, and remember how she voted for draconian regulation of ecigs whilst believing that ecig control had been dropped from the tobacco products directive. She was later promoted.

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