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[quote]A bogus ‘revenge porn’ scandal shows how nasty campus feminism has become.[/quote]


In short, some laddish types were meant to have carried out a campaign against females and the feminists went shrill on it, taking the battle to Twitter and other social media:

The reaction provoked both within the university and on a national scale was astonishing; Facebook and Twitter became the battlegrounds of choice for a mass of feminists with axes to grind. Prominent feminist author Louise O’Neill featured heavily in the protests against this apparent eruption of abusive lad culture.

Yet the accused were completely vindicated when an official UCD report, led by registrar Professor Mark Rogers, showed there was no evidence of the group’s existence. The report made it clear that no victims had come forward and that the evidence provided by the sole witness, known only as Sarah, was from Yik Yak. Without any victims to substantiate the claims, the allegations collapsed.

louise o'neill

Louise O’Neill

If we’re talking bizarre, it’s that I’m going to support the feminists’ contention here.  Look at it like this – let’s say a group within society had had the organs of authority within that society hijacked on its behalf, such that anything that group did was Ok and anything anyone else did was not, it had penalties attached to it.

There is now a new oppressed underclass and it is not going to take things lying down. For every demand by the new Uberclass’s attack dogs, the Feminorcs, for every new law on its behalf made by the Overlords, that Ubers be respected and obeyed, the Others will find as many ways as possible to disrespect them, to stymie them in a Gandhi-ish way.

Whilst the worst elements among the Others will rape members of the Uberclass, a much more subtle way is to carry out guerrilla campaigns against the Uberclass which can’t be sheeted home – in other words, the Others are getting a bit more clever how they do it.

In lieu of hard evidence, a feeling starts to develop in society that allegations by the Uberclass’s attack dogs, the Feminorcs, against the Others are, by definition, false and ipso facto, the entire PC Uberclass are scumbags.

It’s not unlike vegetation and foliage in Wyndham’s book being largely benign but once introduce Triffids and the flora part of flora and fauna turns nasty on the fauna.

Substitute Overlords for Triffids and the parallel is exact.

This extreme polarization causes an almost irreparable rift in the society, to the delight of the Overlords, whose intention had been that all along, through its bands of Femin-orcs, to play on natural fissure lines and eventually to have the entire new Uberclass set upon by all the Others.

The cruellest joke by the Overlords is the false hope they gave that the Uberclass could sustain the fiction forever – it takes huge Overlord will and money to do that.


One of the Overlords’ Thought Police

The new Elderly in the society, brought up in a saner time, have strong foundations which allow the Uberclass and Others to get along in a more equal way, although the older Uberclass have been known to parrot Uberclaptrap here and there.

And the Elderly look down upon the new Yoof and want young men to respect women, women to be more ladylike and deserving of respect.  Trouble is, there are not many Others left in families to teach this message.

Meanwhile, they look at the doings at University College, Dublin and there’s a certain schadenfreude that the Feminorcs’ shrillness is now being blunted more and more and more, to the point where people might well go back to believing anything the Others say, which will usher in a new era of Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris.

I for one would not be happy with that, not least because there really are things the Others need to answer for with some of their number – paedopriests for a start.  This lunacy that all one side is good and then, in a fashion change, all the other side is good, is so far from the reality of life that the fact so many can’t recognize this is a severe condemnation of how society has fallen.

And what of members of the new Uberclass who, beyond a bit of equality of opportunity, something no sound Other could argue with, have had all this come down on them through the rabid Feminorcs who claim they speak for the whole Uberclass and scream – look what we’ve done for you.

Yes, the Uberclass is indeed done for. I warned five years ago all this was going to happen – Blind Freddy could have seen it.

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  1. March 13, 2016 at 6:35 am

    They don’t care if they are proven liars – the faithful will ignore it, and not enough people listen to anyone else…

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