June 23rd approacheth

“A crowd whose discontent has risen no higher than the level of slogans is only a crowd. But a crowd that understands the reasons for its discontent and knows the remedies is a vital community, and it will have to be reckoned with.” [Wendell Berry, via Jesse]

Rod Liddle at the Spectator:

We had been worn down by the constant news stories about foreigners whom the UK government was unable to deport — the child rapists, the fraudsters, the thieves, the gangsters, the jihadis who want us all dead, and just your plain old common-or-garden illegal residents. It always seemed that the more vile and murderous the individual and the more misery he or she intended to wreak upon the rest of us, the more likely they were to be given leave to stay here by some idiotic judge.

But Myrtle Cothill was a bridge too far. When the Home Office read the case of Cothill they knew something had to be done, sharpish. So for once they acted with ruthless rapidity and decisiveness: Cothill was told, in no uncertain terms, that she must get on a plane within four days — the Home Office stipulated a Tuesday morning — and return from whence she came. Get out and stay out.

OK, that one could be argued out, with those on one side saying well she did overstay and the law’s the law and the other side saying that’s as maybe, so apply it evenly.

What’s more critical as a nation now is that June 23rd is close and most of the population are simply not getting the full picture of what they are buying by returning pro-EU parties to power who can then snuff out information.

The arguments rage back and forth and as reader Nigel Sedgwick said the other day, people might have quite cogent reasons “not your own, James”. And yes, I’ve been quite belligerent about it.

So let’s look at this Remain argument:

People are worried about their domiciles over in France and Spain.

This truly is the stumbling block. Yes, there are people here who do have those and in the short term, people like Hollande will get savage. In the long term, once this house of cards comes down, it will be normal again but in the interim, some people would have lost their place in France or Spain, unless they’d married a French or Spanish person.

Easy for those of us without foreign domiciles to go ra ra ra about sovereignty, not so easy for those who stand to lose. And what of someone whose company, i.e. his bread and butter, is in Europe?  I for one do recognize this reason why someone might tick Remain.

In general economic terms, of course not but I suspect people will vote with self-interest the primary criterion.  On this, Leave does have a good show. The EU/Turkish deal is a godsend to Leave and any atrocities the throatslitters perpetrate before June 23rd will work for Leave.

Moving beyond the theatrical, one commenter at Rod Liddle’s wrote:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media (Canada) has just put up a series of videos from his trip to Europe. They range from interviews with migrants to interviews with people working against islamisation. His conclusion is depressing – he says that N Americans should come & see Europe’s cathedrals quickly, before they become mosques like the former Hagia Sophia in what is now Istanbul – once Constantinople, the capital of eastern Christianity.

Yes, I was looking at that but had too much else to post at that time. Here’s one of the youtubes:

You’d agree, yes, that he is quite mild-mannered about the whole thing, those interviewed had a chance to speak.  Now, how many people would get a chance to see the Ezra Levant episodes?  Close to zero? 1%?  Just the youtube population?

And of the readers here who saw that vid, how many already inclined to Remain actually watched it through and took it in?  Again, I’d say a small proportion, remembering that there are many on the right, as well as the left, pro-Remain.

This is where we are and June 23rd approacheth. That vid, it did not concentrate on the Cologne rapes so much as life for Muslims within their host nation.  it took a Man in the High Castle approach – what if they had already taken over?  As they are doing.

This is the quietly worrying thing. Forget our gung-ho posts, the Pegida protests, the highly publicized atrocities – it is this growing reality in this vid of what it would actually be like, as it already quietly is – this is what is unnerving.

And the PCist left-liberal social democrats? Not a chance in hell – the man’s name itself has been demonized by the hard left.  So that invaluable look at what it’s really like away from the theatre would never get seen.

And June 23rd approacheth.

A final once for us to ponder:

Britain has little say over decisions made in the European Union (EU), which is increasingly dominated by Germany, the Prime Minister of Iceland has said.

Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson claimed that the UK is wielding “diminishing power” within the bloc as many of its institutions are still under the sway of France and Germany.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mr Gunnlaugsson said: “When it comes to the big stuff the decisions are made by two, and increasingly one country.

“Others are called to meetings to approve of what has been decided, if not in the afternoon then during the middle of the night.

“This seems to have become the standard way of doing things in Brussels.”

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    March 11, 2016 at 8:03 am

    I was pondering on and about the Islamification question in particular related to Britain.

    Moreover, it is very hard not to conclude, that, Britain in this present state, is indeed, a dual nation.

    A dual nation sundered by the spavined dogmas of Multiculturalism is riven, set apart but the ‘new boys on the block’ are increasingly flexing their muscles, making sure that the Black Flag wavers presence is felt across wider society.

    Under the baleful aegis of Sharia, inexorably it has extended its writ across parts of this land in part now owned and dominated by the mullahs, local tribal leaders in lock step with patrician politicians, an unholy alliance with the slum landlords, drug warlords with their lawyers loyal, wound up to serve all things, obeisant: to the eastern cult.

    The Qataris, Saudis and other satrapies now own large properties, across, own parts of London. Certain governmental departments jump to the tune of Arabist horns and flutes and the corporate world swoons to the tales of Arabian, Saudi sovereign funds – investments.
    All the while, Bahranian and KSA playboys drink, sniff snow storms of whizz, shag whores boys and girls, and blithely race each others throwaway two a penny Ferrari’s, Lambourghinis down major though speed restricted London thoroughfares and the Met Office, the tourist police-diplomatic protection plod, the London Authorities turn a blind eye. Indeed, a visitor, a bystander might aver, it’s almost as if they owned the place.

    On, university campuses from Exeter to many if not all in London, to Leeds, Manchester and in Newcastle brand spanking, shiny new buildings proclaim Islamic studies faculties and much else besides.
    As an aside, it would not surprise me in the slightest, if this new rampant feminism, insane anti colonialist agitation – hasn’t been set to ticking fomented through and by Muslim student societies at the behest of some more shady organizations whose funding and raison d’etre stretches all the way back to Medina.

    I’d say finally, stuck as we are as a lowly, ignored, ostracized maritime province in the greater Brussels Empire.

    Even if,

    There was the will political or aught, to counter this usupation, with its egregious land grab and to put a stop to some of the above practises.

    Citizens of the nation, should be aware (though they are not) that, under the influence, of the ECJ-ECHR with its now superior jurisdiction of EU tort, with a phalanx of yuman rites lawyers at their disposal, going up against the other half which is now taking over this nation – Britain.
    Did I say taking over? Because, other than a revolution coming out of the EU – on Islamification there is not a damn thing we can do about it or even make an attempt to halt this relentless takeover.

    Thus, if that isn’t a reason to come out of the EU, else then, I don’t know what.

  2. Henry Kaye
    March 11, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Concerned citizens have been alarmed now for several years at the obvious Islamic takeover of this country. Not a single political figure has echoed this fear and Cameron has even been quoted as welcoming it. Why are our political representatives so silent? They must be aware of the feelings of so many of their constituents and yet they say nothing. As you say, James, it would now seem to be inevitable and I weep in desperation.

  3. March 11, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Can’t argue with either of these.

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