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Running this at OoL in the middle of the night, UK time, because I promised one tweeter who asked for evidence about Michelle Fields. Who, ask OoL readers?

She’s the reporter who was supposed to have been roughed up by one of Trump’s aides and thus it’s a big issue being debated at this moment on Twitter [Americans are alive and kicking at this hour]. In fact, any anti-Trump people are using it against him of course.

Let’s start here, so that you know I’m not alone on it:

alison on michelle

I’ve been a fan of Michelle for a long time, since her Daily Caller days, so it’s not as if I started out anti-Michelle. Obviously I loved Katy Pavlich too – both were part of the conservative side, so it seemed.

When that infamous confrontation with Mark Dice came about, at Bilderberg 2012:

… I thought for a long time he was boorish and was just bullying her. I blogged on that at the time. He kept referring to her being pretty pretty as if he was jealous.

Whilst it had been one Democrat after another being tackled by her, we cheered on – beauty plus brains. There was the confrontation with Matt Damon which had made her name:

… her technique being to insinuate herself through the target’s minders, then to push the microphone forward and ask something designed to get him angry, with the man not expecting anything of the kind from butter wouldn’t melt Michelle. She did the same with Kennedy:

A pattern started to emerge in her technique, a bit Lara Logan in a way – move swiftly into a heated situation, notice it’s not a studio interview or a chat across a table, always a heated situation – move right into the centre and stand as close to the person as possible until she gets his attention, then it’s eyeball to eyeball, relying heavily on her delicate feminine features and manner not to be touched or shoved aside.

And those questioned do not like getting caught out in what seems a friendly interview with a pretty girl but one that quickly turns nasty.

As mentioned, no one really minded with Democrats but Dice was a bit different – he was supposedly on our side, libertarian, traditional values. And what came out of that was that she was a Fox shill, just like Megyn Kelly. Point is that Michelle is loyal to whoever is paying for and promoting her and there’s nothing wrong with that in principle, quite the opposite but when Fox turns her on former allies, then questions start being asked.

With the Mark Dice incident, she wrote it up at the Daily Caller that she was roughed up and others reported it across the nation:

Also worth viewing is how Alex Jones’ genteel friends treated The DC’s Michelle Fields

You start to see a pattern here – poor innocent only wants to do her job, gets roughed up, “treated badly”, writes about it next day.

She went on Trifecta a couple of times:

… and in that clip, I wondered at the time about her question: “Am I hired?” Remember I’m still a supporter at this point.

Next Trifecta, she is actually hosting it. Think that one through.

By a combination of her prettiness, charm, cheek in asking – all good reporter traits, she got on and still it’s not a major issue. But always she seeks out a heated situation and goes into the roughest part of it, a la Lara Logan.

The tables were turned when one reporter, curious at her free pass to the next Bilderberg, asked her questions and this was it:

At a minimum, her reply is iffy. Other people called it other things.

Now, in the case of the Trump rally, she repeated the tactics – went straight up to Trump, past his handlers, knowing that shills have been trying to disrupt Trump’s rallies and that Fox was pro-Rubio or anyone not Trump. Michelle knew she was in a heated situation, knew she could get bustled away by security for her trick and her delicate arms were sure to show the signs.

Yes, Trump’s security man was caught in the old one-two, no he shouldn’t have bustled her away physically and if he’d known she was Fox [forget about the nominal Breitbart connection], he’d have never gone near her for any reason.

But he did, it was not good and she now has everyone else in the other campaigns using her story [which she has tweeted on and written up, just as she did with Mark Dice and Alex Jones] and of course, she is now nationally famous, getting attention she could not possibly have otherwise got in America and across the world.

And here’s a post from me introducing her to this readership, a readership who probably knew nothing of her before last night.

And that’s the tale of pretty Michelle, the girl who is always treated so badly by big bullies.

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