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Last night, I ran Michelle Fields as a post. The post was about how MF has form in the matter of confronting and getting mistreated. Let’s not repeat ourselves here.

This evening, there’ve been developments. Not only has she been on Twitter about it and the left press plus Fox got hold of it, this evening she’s on Megyn Kelly’s Fox show, the same Megyn Kelly Trump refused to attend the debate of because it was chaired by … Megyn Kelly. And as you’ll see from last night’s post, MF is also Fox. And Fox is out to stop Trump.

Let alone the great and good meeting in Georgia last weekend out to stop him.

First anomaly is she says [text obscured] that she does not wish to be part of the story. Yet she runs this below at Breitbart, with that heading.

1 never tried to be part

OK, to the Trump event and here is the scene:

6 photo of scene

We need to identify the people. Trump of course, walking past, MF with one arm stopping him and getting his attention [see post last night as to her technique]. To her left, in the checked shirt, is Ben Terris of the WP.

There is a man obscured by Trump, in a suit – he is the security man, the bodyguard for the venue. To his left or our right is the accused, Corey Lewandowski [blue shirt].

2 ben terris

Now, the man who made this youtube got hold of the audio of the next 30 seconds but the audio was not released. Instead, only a transcript of the conversation was released – why?  The audio would confirm for certain the assault.

I listened to the audio after reading the transcript and though it tallied, the curious thing was the tone of both MF’s voice and BT. She says something about it being insane, he both identifies CL and asks if he can run this. Remember the WP, being of the left, is rabidly anti-Trump – go and take a look.

3 transcript only

Michelle then goes back to where she was staying and tweets her injury. There are no sounds of a scuffle, there is no anguished cry from MF, BT does say OMG.  Neither are anything other than calm and collected.

4 injury

It’s syndicated and Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro, also National Review, the organ which came out with the Never Trump campaign, ran:

5 ben shapiro

And this evening, this is trending at the top of Google- CL is a Thug:

ben shapiro

Fine, but the youtube maker investigates the shot of the scene and found that it had been licensed to and copyright to a Jabin Botsford. He was the one in the perfect place, a la Zapruder with JFK.  Our gallant Mr.M asks:

7 jabinbotsford

JB replies I wasn’t at that event, to which MrM asks:

8 question to jb

JB replied:

9 didn't see any

MrM questioned that and JB deleted the tweet which said he had seen no assault.

CL called Fields a liar and said he’d never met her [see photo of scene again]. Trump was interviewed by another female reporter about CL’s assault on MF and he asked for proof. Where are the pics, where is the vid?  This was a major rally, the press were everywhere, wired for sound and vision – plenty of people were just waiting for something newsworthy.

The reporter ignored that and asked if Trump would apologize and act on his campaign manager. He repeated – show me the proof. If he has indeed done this, then yes, he’d act. If however it was shown he hqad not done it, will you apologize for your accusation?

I’m not accusing, only reporting, she said.

Michelle Fields, on Friday morning, filed a complaint about Cl with the local police and it’s in their hands now.  her case is that she was pulled down and BT told her it had been CL.

If she is in fact right, then CL will be drummed out and restitution will be made. If it is shown, as Breitbart has now said, that it could not have been CL, then MF is in trouble for spraying around accusations and putting out innuendo about Trump on the Megyn Kelly show. Her career as a national reporter/journey would certainly be under scrutiny.

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  1. mona
    March 12, 2016 at 7:39 am

    A war of subversion is now being unleashed on Trump, looking at the images above reminded me of the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. The fear of Trump makes him the No 1 target for assassination, A patriot hated more than Bin Laden, something wrong here, there is a evil pervading America.

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