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Michelle Fields [1] https://4liberty.org.uk/2016/03/11/michelle-fields/

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Michelle Fields [3] https://4liberty.org.uk/2016/03/12/michelle-fields-3/

Curiouser and curiouser:


The vid at the top is what the anti-Trump press and candidates are using. They say Corey L clearly moves towards Michelle F and reaches for her but the scene is then concealed behind obstructions. MF on audio, says just before this the first words following being touched.

The intriguing bit is that CL is turning away from Trump to protect the back but does appear to have left arm out. However, the security man is also in the middle of it and appears to be slightly behind CL as the procession goes on. At that moment, MF is apparently down.

I’m not suggesting doctoring the slo-mo but Zapruder does enter the back of the mind.

Down means her arm was grabbed and she fell but did not go to ground, she kept her balance, just as in the second item above. The second item is a shot taken by her boyfriend some years earlier at a demonstration and is a clear shot precisely at the moment a NYPD baton cracks down on her arm, she falls but does not go completely to ground again. Her bf is editor of Daily Caller and works for National Review.

And a crystal clear still is available in the melee. You do see the curious nature of this. At the 2012 Bilderberger, she again went up to the main reporter this time, Mark Dice [see part one] and he curiously becomes aggressive towards her, just as in the NYPD where those police assault her and in the latest Trump aide issue where they become curiously aggressive towards her.

In the second shot, by the way, do you see one of the officers actually reaching for her arm – under her arm – to keep her on her feet? If not, fine, let’s move on.

We are heavily into perceptions here. We have people in a heightened state, from the NYPD to Trump’s minders into which she physically intrudes, in the last one her hand goes in front of Trump to stop him, triggering the security move.

Breitbart later changed its story about CL contacting them and admitting he did it but didn’t know it was Breitbart’s MF. At least that’s what Breitbart says. It gets tangled, no? And the WP man with MF has his eyes on CL from the outset, to the point they exchange words immediately before CL supposedly attacks MF.

Years earlier, Republican congressman Allen West was accused by MF of grabbing her breast. Trouble is – he does have form with women staff but not to the point MF now said. Some days later, she withdraws the charge and refuses to back anyone who wanted to take it further.

There is also the internet pundit Politico whom MF accused of hacking her computer, only to withdraw it when it was not possible for her to substantiate it. Whom is she in with? Fox for a start [Rubio], Town Hall blog [Cruz], The National Review [Cruz], the one which had all those signatories against Trump, including Katie Pavlich.

In other words, the centre-right or libertarian press – us – is split down the centre, a situation the Clinton camp would find a godsend.

Looking at it all, it seems to me that MF targets, either on her own or on someone’s advice [Fox? WP?] someone who has form in some way – Allen West allegedly groping, CL his temper – and she and whomever she’s with move up close and seem to provoke in some way. Go back to part one and the Matt Damon and Kennedy Junior confrontations – both react angrily to her.

I’m calling “don’t know” on this latest one. CL does appear to turn away but the arm does seem to go out, however too far away, whereas the security man is there between MF and him. Don’t know.

What I do know is that no one can be trusted on it. Trump and CL do not speak out for 16-18 hours, by which time, MF has done her blogpiece, been on twitter and has agreed to go on Megyn kelly. When Trump and CL break their silence, it is to call BS on MF and in no uncertain terms. She doesn’t know who touched her but asks the WP reporter with her, who has been watching CL like a hawk and immediately says it was him.

CL claims he never met her and never did what is alleged. You’d have to think they had been scouring all available footage themselves, working out how strongly they could go in.

What I get out of it is that, as many bloggers have said, when political camps are so desperate to establish something, truth is the first thing to go, or at least inaccuracies touted as fact are trotted out and backed by support networks.

And that has implications for us as amateur journos, particularly on the right/centre/libertarian sphere. It shows the duty of care we must exercise in order not to be shown to be bunnies.


This has just come in at Breitbart:



Always a victim. She got a guy fired from his job for calling her a Jewish princess.

That appears to be the Allen West referred to above:


A comprehensive look

Michelle Fields on FB It’s escalating, yes? According to Michelle anyway.

WP, as of 8 a.m., is not going with the story. 14 hours ago, it did suggest – CNN should have asked Donald Trump about Breitbart and Michelle Fields – but none of the networks are going with it, which left MF with no alternative but to go on talk shows, tweet and blog.

Why would the networks not use this godsend to sink Trump over his campaign violence? by the way, those protesters causing Trump to cancel Chicago, which he’d won, were Sanders supporters – the first real Democrat/GOP confrontation so far. Democrats, of course, have no issue with using violence.