Michelle Fields [4]

How Bernie Sanders Supporters Shut Down Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago


When Ja’Mal Green, a prominent black activist and Bernie Sanders supporter in Chicago, saw that Donald Trump was coming to the University of Illinois-Chicago, he knew what he had to do.

“Everyone, get your tickets to this. We’re all going in!!!! ‪#‎SHUTITDOWN‬,” he posted on Facebook last week.

Little did he know, they actually would shut it down.

Chuckles found this:


Given that we’ve probably done Michelle herself to death, the obvious next candidates are the media itself and the notion of a journo deliberately, in a Goebbels sort of way, out-and-out lying, face-to-face.

We’re used to being economical with the truth, twisting things to appear another way, lies by omission [the only way I can do it], false suggestion, all of those things. We’re not really expecting a barefaced lie, though we know it must exist, that it goes on.

And the higher the stakes being played for of course …

See, this is not about who did the grabbing or whether Trump was out of order  or whatever – we’ve dealt with that already in parts one to three. We are speaking here of someone lying and therefore others in the group knowing it was a lie.

Simply by definition, when a security unit flatly denies touching Michelle and when she produces a photo of an arm, not necessarily her own, with a bruise, which came up quite quickly and when the accused not only flatly denies but goes after the accuser, then someone’s lying.

If you look at her Facebook page, she is the outraged rapee, she’s going to take this to the highest court and everyone’s gonna know. Fine if she’s innocent, everyone behind her please, but there’s this continual nagging doubt about her past form and this is following the same song sheet. She did the same with Congressman Allen, then did not press charges and she was highly indignant at the time that anyone could have the temerity to doubt her, her! Michelle!

The ironic thing is that in their increasingly desperate attempts, the media is proving everything Trump says about their profession true.

This deserves a short time to pause and consider. There’s a reason for Trump, is there not? It’s not that he divided a nation, as the left and the crony right are saying. It’s that the nation was already divided and he tapped into that.

And oh how quickly did Ben Shapiro leap onto it, quite frankly defaming Trump. He’s a big boy, the Donald, he can take it but he’s uncannily showing them up, bringing them out of their ratholes to be seen for what they are.  Post-Trump, whatever happens for Prez, there’s a list of people on the right I’ll not read nor go near any more.  Obviously ditto for the whole left.

Leaked email between boyle and lewandowski shows that supposed confession never occurred.

boyle denial

Matthew Boyle is a Breitbart senior journo whom the Daily Beast says Cl confessed to.

This immediately raises questions about the Daily Beast, Town Hall and the National Review, all publications which the centre-right once relied on for journalistic integrity.

As you see, this has become much bigger than sweet Michelle, even though she slanders people in this talk:

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  1. March 14, 2016 at 11:58 am

    News just in: Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro have resigned from Breitbart —


  2. Tuxi
    March 15, 2016 at 5:02 am

    The media once again shows what lying, scheming bags of scum they are!

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