War at Breitbart

Even as I write this, it’s raging over at Breitbart and my own comment is being attacked by someone saying Shapiro was the best thing Breitbart had. Hey, stop and think for a moment. He’s an unethical journo. People are writing wild things and attacking one another, almost as one imagines the end of the world to be like.

This was my comment, give or take a few words at either end:

I’m involved with this at the moment. Disgusting treatment of Fields say anti-Trumpers? OK, let’s get this done with – here’s her lying, the little cow, just as she’s done before.


Fields resign? She was sacked, wasn’t she and Shapiro therefore had to go too. Both are unethical journalists.

But civil war rages at Breitbart – posts on Cruz huge rally at Decatur by someone called Michelle Moons, other anti-Trump posts one after the other, then posts removed.

Breitbart was certainly infiltrated by the Fox establishment, now finally waking up. And are Fields and Co sacked from Fox? Not a bit of it.

That video is unequivocal, you can’t debunk it. So what do they do? Ignore it. Breitbart was the premier site for centre-right libertarian but what happened was establishment right [neo-con] infiltrated and when it was time for the sleepers to come out posting, out they came from the woodwork.

I looked at Breibart Big Journalism and there were four posts in a row anti-Trump, three from this Michelle Moons. The purpose of this civil war is to ruin Breitbart of course, the only major voice against both establishment right plus their sleeping buddies the left. That’s a pretty formidable enemy.

We’re not just talking sneaky lying here now, lying by omission, this is Goebbels level lying, the big lie looking straight into the eyes.  This is war in America and the left/crony right know full well it is.

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  1. March 15, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    They are all taking their eye off the ball,undoing Obama’s damage and keeping Clinton at arms length.

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