Our three basic mistakes!

We were assured that. after the IRA announced a ceasefire in August 1993 and loyalist groups follow suit in October, that all would indeed be well!

The ceasefire was shattered by the IRA announcing they would no longer hold the truce, and seconds later, proved their point by detonating the Canary Wharf lorry bomb, which consisted of 3,000 pounds of AMFO fertiliser bomb, detonated by about a pound of Semtex, part of the Libyan gift of 2 ½ tons of Semtex to the IRA, courtesy of the late and unlamented Colonel Gaddaffi.

So the British quisling government then talked some more, caved in again to all the IRA demands, and offered Devolution to the Terrorists of IRA/SinnFein; with the caveat that, please, pretty please, you must try and get your murdering gangsters to give up their guns, bullets, RPGs and bombs!

The terrorists finally claimed they had either ‘Decommissioned’ or otherwise ‘complete and verifiable decommissioning’ all their weaponry; and the Canadian stooge General De Chastelaine vowed that he had seen ‘verifiable proof’ of decommissioned weapons. No lists were published, no photos seen; but we had to trust the killers, and so our politicians, who only ever wanted a quiet life, with nothing ever out-of-place, gave in once again.

The Blair Government was possibly the best thing that ever happened to the IRA, as they gave them nearly everything they ever dreamed of, resulting in the stand-off which is the Belfast Agreement, which has become the travesty of one bunch of killers sitting behind their grinning murderous leader;  in the Devolved Assembly in Stormont: along with the best-paid ‘Community workers’ in the world; a.k.a. IRA thugs, pulling down five times the normal benefits, just for the privilege of not killing people!

So the latest victim of this charade dies in a Belfast hospital; the ‘Gentle Giant’ whose only crime was that he worked in the Northern Irish Prison Service. He died because a Semtex bomb exploded under his van as he drove to work. Some of that same Semtex which of course was all, ‘destroyed’ or placed ‘beyond use’!

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, who once commanded the IRA, said: ‘I am deeply saddened that this prison officer has lost his life. First and foremost thoughts and prayers with his wife and three daughters. He was said to have managed not to grin whilst making his statement.

The three mistakes mentioned in the title?

  • We told our soldiers not to ‘shoot to kill’!
  • Our devious politicians believed every promise, every lying scheme, made to them by the murderous IRA/SinnFein.
  • We allowed most of the IRA prisoners to remain alive, and face justice in a court; instead of cutting them down as they grovelled!

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  1. March 16, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Hard to disagree!

  2. March 17, 2016 at 2:40 am

    The cowards motto: Give in once and thereafter give in again and again.

    • Johnnydub
      March 17, 2016 at 11:33 am

      Seems to be the Islamic strategy….

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