Trump’s right — they’re all liars

After many weeks, the Telegraph has taken the Donald Trump tag off its home page banner.

It’s unfortunate, as clicking on Trump’s name made reading their online edition so much easier.

Friday, March 18, was the last hurrah for the Telegraph‘s campaign against the billionaire. These four articles were listed together: ‘Stitching up Donald Trump would spark Republican war’, ‘Donald Trump presidency “could be as damaging to global economy as terrorism”‘, ‘Trump’s grammar the same as that used by children’ and, a guest column by American pundit Charles Krauthammer, ‘Donald Trump is not responsible for violence — but he is responsible for refusing to condemn it’.

Looking at the URL to the second article, one sees that it reads:

After tomorrow, Donald Trump could be unstoppable

Linking the Donald with global damage is the Economist Intelligence Unit. If they’re against Trump, millions can sleep comfortably knowing they’ve made the right decision in supporting him.

In other news, Fox’s Megyn Kelly has had three haircuts in less than six months. Trump’s blunt responses to her verbal provocation in the GOP debates must be messing with her mind on some level. She had her trademark long hair when he called her a ‘bimbo’, got it cut a few inches shorter, then ended up with a very short bob for the Republican debate at the end of January.

However, the GOP debates are over now. Fox was scheduled to host the next one on Monday, March 21. Trump had already planned to speak to AIPAC that night, and Kasich also declined. Only Cruz agreed to participate. Early reports suggested that with only one candidate available, Fox decided to cancel the debate. A later one said that Fox offered Cruz a town hall format, once the network found out that ‘Lyin’ Ted’, as Trump calls him, was also going to speak at AIPAC.

But I’m not here to consider Cruz. I’m here to talk Trump. The billionaire had another stunning result on the third of the Super Tuesdays, March 16. Despite the Chicago rally cancellation and the violent protests that took place the previous Friday, Trump won four out of five contests. Kasich won Ohio, his home state. In Florida, Trump trounced Rubio, who bowed out of the race that night, saying it wasn’t God’s plan that he continue. The media lost their darling Marco. Why they thought he even had a chance is beyond me. Many people, not just Floridians and Trump, call him an ‘absentee senator’.

The National Journal had a great recap of Trump’s victories on Tuesday. These were important because they were in winner-take-all states:

In­deed, Trump went a long way in se­cur­ing the Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­a­tion Tues­day night, slowly ex­pand­ing his sup­port with­in the Re­pub­lic­an Party even as res­ist­ance against him with­in the party was in­tensi­fy­ing. He won 46 per­cent of the vote in Marco Ru­bio’s home state of Flor­ida, des­pite anti-Trump out­side groups sat­ur­at­ing the air­waves there with over $10 mil­lion in scath­ing anti-Trump at­tack ads. He nearly hit 40 per­cent in Illinois, win­ning com­fort­ably in the af­flu­ent Chica­go­land sub­urbs where his rivals’ mes­sage seemed a bet­ter fit. Even his lone loss, in Ohio, was something of a mor­al vic­tory: He tal­lied 36 per­cent of the vote in a state where Ohio Gov. John Kasich scores sky-high ap­prov­al rat­ings.

However, CBSN, which I watched for the live coverage, wasn’t talking about any of that. The narrative was still about stopping Trump. In fact, the panel seemed to downplay, even deny, Trump’s success, including veteran reporter Bob Schieffer, whom I remember from my childhood. Schieffer should have admitted on air that he and his fellow journos were wrong about Trump. It would have set a good example for the panel, who were much younger than he.

The next day, I happened to catch part of an ITV evening news report which said that Trump won Florida but lost Ohio. The reporter said nothing about the other states, which would lead the average British viewer to think Trump was in decline.

On March 15, the conservative Boston Herald showed its anti-Trump colours, hoping against hope that someone other than he would win handily that day. The editorial concluded:

There is nothing subtle about the process that continues today. It is about stopping the momentum of a man who has become the most polarizing figure in modern American politics, a man who in most states that have already voted got perhaps a third of the vote. Under those circumstances a brokered Republican Convention wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

It may come to that, but Trump has already scheduled a meeting on Monday afternoon in Washington, DC, one which:

his allies hope will improve his relationship with the congressional GOP and the party’s Washington establishment, according to two people who were invited …

Several members of the House and Senate are expected to participate, plus a bevy of consultants and veteran power brokers, the people said, requesting anonymity to discuss the session.

Meanwhile, at the weekend, protests continued at Trump rallies in Utah and Arizona. In one event in Arizona, some people couldn’t even approach the venue because protesters had set up a roadblock a short distance away. So, if anyone in the media says Trump only had 6,000 rather than 20,000 people showing up and, therefore, his popularity is fading, that’s a lie. The other rallies had the usual ‘yuge’ numbers of supporters.

The envelope of white powder sent to his son and the threatening letter to his sister, the federal judge, are criminal acts. Regrettably, their anonymity guarantees no one can be arrested or charged.

The attacks and threats, sadly, will no doubt continue. First Rebuttal had a good analysis of what is happening:

It appears the plutocrats themselves are awakening to their own limitations of omnipotence over the world.  Their ability to falsify the economic well being of the developed world has deteriorated so sharply so quickly that what was once a threat scenario theorized by The Council of Governors has become a reality, manifesting through the likes of Sanders and Trump.  But revolts can be crushed and that is the strategy of; simple and utter brutishness.

Recognizing the standard program of propaganda via main stream media attacks failed to sunder the sound of revolt it was time to ratchet up the defense of the oligarchs.  And so through Soros et. al will corral those that depend on the state for survival and physically deploy them to disrupt the developing inertia of a larger movement.  From their perspective it is fighting (the) unrefined with (the) unrefined; that is, Sanders’ disciples against Trump’s disciples with the hope that they will destroy each other in grand revolution super nova, not soon to be forgotten by more moderate cattle.  Now where this will lead, who knows.  But certainly the early indications are not dissimilar to the early indications of some of the great epiphanic moments of human history.

Trump knows much more than he’s letting on, and that’s what worries the powers that be and the free stuff crowd.

It will be interesting to see what happens this week. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump’s media coverage dries up markedly, as journalists and pundits realise all their predictions have come to nought.

7 comments for “Trump’s right — they’re all liars

  1. mona
    March 20, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    It appears the whole world is against Trump except Putin , it is clearly an achievement in itself, no other human could do this alone, this is an exhibition of power without power, what could he do as President. History belongs to Trump.

    • March 21, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      I totally agree, Mona!

      This is the first time in my life I (and millions of others) have been excited about primary season.

  2. March 21, 2016 at 6:57 am

    They’ll push the rally violence and Megyn Kelly line.

    • March 21, 2016 at 5:51 pm


      Trump tweets a lot about Megyn:

      He can turn the MSM’s world upside down and probably will next year. Right now he needs them so that he can save money and use it later on advertising for the general election campaign — July through to the beginning of November. (That’s my take on the situation, anyway. I could be wrong.)

  3. Lord T
    March 21, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    You can see from this that many are seeing through the ‘impartial’ media comments.

    • March 21, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      Yes, and Trump is picking up more potential votes from people at his rallies who have heard what the MSM say and want to hear him for themselves.

      The following YouTube link is an independent, first-hand report from an Arizona policeman, Brandon Tatum. I wouldn’t normally recommend a YouTube film that is over a couple minutes in length, but this man’s testimony must be heard. This is a bit under 11 minutes long:

      Two things emerged from it for him:

      1/ Trump is not racist, nor did he say anything objectionable.

      2/ The atmosphere the protesters created frightened the officer, and he has been a cop for several years now with regular exposure to weird and criminal situations. He says several times how they were ‘acting the fool’ and just plain ‘crazy’. He was worried that, even being stationary, someone was going to jump him from behind.

      This man could be a future Trump voter. Situations like this — including the roadblock — encourage people to vote for him.

      I read online about an off-duty cop from the Chicago suburbs who went to the Chicago rally. He said it was really scary and had never seen anything like it. He told one of the security guards or policemen there that they needed to close it down and make sure people got out safely. Guess who he voted for in the Illinois primary a few days later? He said it was a no-brainer.

  4. March 21, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Trump will trump Obama, who has set the new ground rules for governance. The pen and the phone. King Obama will be followed by King Trump (he might choose to be called King Donald ) who will rule by fiat just as Obama has. The American people are quite used to waking each morning to whine about the latest Obamination and they will just see it as Amrekia as usual. He has already declared in no uncertain terms that Congress is useless and will be ignored. The GOP will not work with him and of course the democrats don’t believe in work. He will fill slots with business buddies who owe him. There will be a lot of people fired.

    One bright note is the possibility that Hilary and Holder might serve time in Rikers. Although I would send ’em to Folsom, m’self. A trial won’t be necessary.

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