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Quite a shock to get a letter from Leave today [click and click again].

eu leave letter 1

For mine, it’s too wordy and does not use point form format where it’s needed – up front. It’s clearly from the intelligent wing of the Tories [or UKIP*] but it presupposes that plebs cannot be given concrete figures. Remain is going to put in charts and dazzling stats before and after which the unknowing will implicitly believe.

It’s a little too densely packed, methinks, for the average joe.

On the back of this letter, it does this [click and click again]:

eu letter 2

… which is better but he’s caught up in this thing about not being of any party, therefore he cannot show his bona fides – he could be the local rubbishman for all anyone knows.


Why does he not show his financial background – does he really think workers will see him as anything but Tory?  And it’s good for a financial services person to want out – the globalists and banksters have all been saying Remain. Here’s one who is not saying that.

The positive side is that Leave actually got a letter out to people. I’m Freedom Association, so I hope the letter did not just go to us, I hope it went out to the wider community where it’s needed. I’m already voting Leave.

Reason I thought Peter was Tory and not *UKIP is UKIP are Grassroots Out – they haven’t the cash to back a letter-send like this so it’s appreciated here, nice when we combine.

However, the N1 reason many will vote Leave is not the financial side and loss of sovereignty, it’s Immigration. It’s understandable why Peter could not put that in a letter but it’s certainly a factor, Douglas or no Douglas.

All up, better to have the letter than not, wish it was a bit more punchy and colourful on the first page.  Also, why not have one part of the campaign pushing the financial and sovereignty angle and the other immigration and sovereignty, thereby covering all contingencies?

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  1. The Jannie
    March 21, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    We had a stay leaflet this morning; colourful and with pictures and big print so we rheumy-eyed pensioners wouldn’t miss the message. It has a header from a former member of ACPO as the lead scary story, along with lots of other scary stories and spun statistics as well as the usual conflation of “Europe” with ” the EU”. On skimming over it I wonder how we ever managed before the EUSSR was invented.

    The leaflet which accompanied it got more attention – it was from a local pizza delivery shop.

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