UKIP infighting

UKIP and its in-house mag, Breitbart London, one of the daily reads for some of us, are having issues and it doesn’t help Suzanne Evans suing the party and threatening to reveal details of Nigel’s wife-beating [just ignore it].

Everyone’s having a go at one another and I left this:

Trouble is everyone has some guilt. Nigel lost many people with his unresignation and I’m sorry but that’s how it looked to many, plus that ridiculous “follow me, people’s army” stuff, when UKIP are some of the most unherdable cats around, I was talking to UKIP people a couple of years back and said then that Evans was trouble, Carswell was always going to be trouble, Raheem is using Breitbart to attack those against Nigel, better to let Dellers do the editing, the best people at this time – Diane and Paul for example – can’t get airtime, Aaron is passionate but gets backs up in the community, as does Nigel, though he’s still the sharpest tack and best speaker in UKIP and I personally like him, the Electoral Commission IMHO has acted illegally towards UKIP at least three times, there are some very big heads in UKIP wanting power, there are definitely Tory trolls inside, says me who was Tory until 2008, when Cameron started his dictatorial tactics, and we are rank amateurs in the game of getting and holding onto power. Having said that, all eyes should be on getting out of the EU now. I don’t give a damn who gets us out, just get us out.

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  1. mikebravo
    March 25, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    It’s a shame about Breitbart London. I had hopes for a decent anti establishment daily but it has just been hijacked by UKIP type blather. Migrant watch? Meh!!

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