The Human Cost Of False Allegations…

…and, as usually turns out to be the case, institutional incompetence:

Mr Jones, who worked as a courts officer for East Sussex County Council, said simple checks could have prevented the case going to court.

He said: “The main allegation was being made about 1973 to 1974, when we lived in Brighton and York and two years before we moved to Wales.

“A rudimentary check of our tax records would have shown where we were working at the time.”

Pft! There you go, expecting facts to govern our system of justice…

The couple, of Sandgate Close, Seaford, said the case has cost them their jobs as well as £100,000 in legal fees.

Monstrous. Utterly monstrous.

Mrs Jones said: “Children have been and are still being abused, but false allegations, and especially historic false allegations, divert resources away from keeping children safe and undermines child protection.

“People who have been genuinely abused are further damaged by those who make false allegations.”

Yes, indubitably. But there’s no reasoning with a mob. And that’s what now seems to be in charge.