The lie of “it’s just a few radicals”

Most of us are of a certain mindset these days on everything from the corruption above to radical Islam to all sorts of things, e.g. Osborne’s budget.

There is, as everyone knows, also the other side with scrambled brains, or clever brains deliberately pushing disinformation in the form of PCism and it is most corrosive. The best lies are those based on a modicum of truth or a plausible principle and that makes them all the more diabolical, more difficult to counter.

Analogously, if there were people of a certain land who managed to escape that land, then they would still bring much of their upbringing with them in the first generation. If they found a society which was based on a different, more enlightened tradition of upbringing, and that society was strong in its traditions and values, then by the third generation, those kids might be fitting in with the new land and so racism and other isms become far less of an issue.

A perfect example is the story of Asad Shah in Glasgow, the one killed by a Muslim the other day.

Read Dellers on the left covering it up:

But you see, he was not espousing Islam, he was espousing Christianity at its most important time of the year:

Asad Shah, who was stabbed up to 30 times at his shop, had praised both the life of Jesus and ‘his beloved Christian nation’.

If he’d kept quiet about that, he’d most likely be alive. And he’s actually at odds with this society which has fallen away badly from its traditions, both Judaeo-Christian and Enlightenment, a society which allows its police to arrest a couple for refusing to bake a gay cake and does not support their right within their own premises to do that, does not even support their right to oppose gay “marriage”.

But I digress. I lived for 12 years in a half-Muslim community and knew many ladies and by extension, their men, from that Shariah society but even there, the Shariah was done, if not covertly, then not bombastically. Back over here, I know a few Turks and have had quite a bit to do with them.

Many of those are what the left and globalist Dave types hold up as the “moderate Muslims” in the UK; I can tell you that even the enlightened, English speaking wife in one family here still brought out her Koran verses when we were discussing the two faiths – at least we could do that peacefully – those verses are on the wall in an upper room as a rule.

And those verses, naturally, were the benign ones about love and peace. They speak to people in a land of Dar es Salaam. The couple wished to fit in with this society but many of the indigenous in the society have become highly radicalized against Muslims in the land.  Therefore they feel themselves under siege. I’m vastly more anti-Islam, having returned to the UK, then when I was living in an already half-Muslim place. Dar es Salaam. Dar al Haab.

In that half-secular manner, in a foreign society they are trying to join and fit in with, few educated people of this land would object to a modicum of useful immigrants. And this lady is the one always held up by the left and globalist Dave types as “typical”.

Sorry, they might have been typical, they are not now.  Even Enoch mentioned his constituents and the good type. There was a point where this successive generational process was bearing fruit – people who wanted no part of their insane homelands – but starting with Wilson/Heath perhaps, almost completed by Blair/Brown and completed by Cameron, it became open slather for a new first generation and this time there’s a large thread of radicalism, of the very worst elements you just do not wish to have in your land.

It’s exacerbated by the rise of the chutzpah [sic] of the MCB and the proliferation of mosques and mosque culture, under highly radicalized Imams and that appeals to the young, especially the uneducated young male.  Combine that with the migrants now pouring in and any gains over the generations are swamped, as radical is the new fashion, turned into a sharp blade by the pathetic PC acquiescence of the govt and half the indigenous, with their equally pathetic refusal to embrace their own underpinnings.

There must be something driving these indigenous meatheads onwards and there is – a series of lies woven in with the natural compassion of the Brit for the underdog, for the bird with the broken wing. And of course, the new, pretend to assimilate Muslims,  play right up to that, being humble, put upon, victims. Not the face they present to any who oppose them on the streets or in the new no-go areas of towns.

Mixed in with this confused thinking of the left and globalist Dave types is the doings of Them. It is pretty well read now that ISIS stemmed from Operation Cyclone when the worst Muslim elements, the most primitive and radicalized, were funded and trained by the CIA and other shadowy US govt agencies. Less sure is that Al Qaeda started the same way.

So yes, within the field of play for ISIS, mainly the fertile belt but now also extending, through the current suicidal immigration policy – they are the ones making all the current play.

Thus the left and global Dave types are so quick to jump onto this and push it as true:

the islamic lie

That, frankly, is wicked to trot out. For a start, it confuses Islam the system with Muslims themselves.

It also does not differentiate between the 3rd generation, nominal Muslim, secular Brit, and the type which is swamping the world now.  Utter bollox that Isis against the World therefore gives Muslims in general a free pass. Which Muslims?

That anyone would embrace that twisting in yellow above is testimony to heavily wishful thinking among sections of our own population, those infused with the narrative who are desperate for it to be the whole truth. The more extreme of these put all the atrocities down to just a few kooks. The average leftist and globalist Dave type puts it down to ISIS. How convenient – let all the others off the hook.

However, anyone who knows even the slightest Islamic history knows that it is NOT only ISIS.

The things going on in Egypt, Indonesia, the things which went on in Algeria, all of which appeared on this blog but which these types conveniently failed to read, the constant stream of stories of non-ISIS mobs destroying churches and killing non-Muslims all point to a systemic death cult at work, a cult which cannot leave anyone in peace.  Ask the Copts in Egypt about whether it is only ISIS destroying their churches.

Others try to go the “well, it’s the Wahabis, you see” route. Bollox. At least yes, it certainly is the Wahabis, no question, but it is also every branch of Islam, wherever Islam is found. As a Christian, obviously I feel the killing of Christians more nearly than the average joe in the land but I’d like to point out to those average joes that there was a man named Pastor Niemoeller and he had some apt things to say about whom they would come for.

The reality is that there is a pincers movement, with one using the other. Them are the more dangerous because they are the most insidious, skulking in Chatham House and in the Masonic temples, in the other covert societies – you could go back to Milner’s Association of Helpers, this blog has mentioned that lot before – it includes what most pundits call the global elite. Peter Sutherland is a key agent for Them. General Petraeus is another. Heidi Cruz is another. And they have the money and the arms trade. They own the police forces and the courts, let alone the media.

The Muslims though are the other arm of the pincers and it’s been quite straightforward for those behind both Bushes to get in and provoke those nutters on their home turf, to the point that, with collusion from traitors inside Europe such as Merkel and Cameron, plus the authorities on 911 and 7/7, let alone the communist EU, the net result is that in comes an invading horde, liberally spiked with the worst elements of humanity.

You can’t always see them because, just as Hamas hide in hospitals and schools, surrounding themselves with human shields, so it is with this invading horde.  Always the aim is not to convince us, on our side of politics – we will always oppose them – but to convince the easily conned left and globalist Dave types who see only a dead little boy, weeping mothers and old men and women carried along as “refugees”.

It is both the Islamic radicals, including the Imams, plus our own Them who are guilty and the poor sods of leftists and global Dave types are just manipulated into acceding to the Lie.  The Lie as embodied in that quote above.

Yes, within those ranks are true refugees, no question but there are also a great many economic migrants and jihadis. And the jihadis are on a clear mission, spelt out in their own words.

Looking at the economic migrants specifically, clearly one cannot blame them. The Pincers have made life unbearable for many, though it’s not nearly as bad as made out. There was a film taken inside Gaza during the Israeli incursion some years back and most shops were open, people were moving about, buying and shopkeepers selling. But yes, in war zones specifically, it is not good.

The sad thing, the unfair thing, is that if you have a group of, say, ten people and of those, a father, mother and child, even two such families, the other four are the problem – these are the radicals, the Imams and it is impossible to separate them because the cowards hide in among their people.

So a nation like ours, with those sheer numbers, plus border control told to stand down by Them up top, the chance of sorting the wheat from the chaff is close to nil. Not in this current climate. One has to say no to all for now, hope it stabilizes and take applications from point of source, not from those slipping over on rafts and inside the country at the point of processing.

And the migrants already in the country – what of the three generation people who were assimilating quite nicely, thank you, after three generations?  You see them in the Tory Party, you see them on local municipal boards, they are generally small businessmen or Raheem Sterling, of Breitbart. What of them?

Well they are hugely p***ed off by this change of situation because they know in their hearts that the indigenous Anglo-Saxons and Celts are going to be mightily polarized – at least, half the indigenous are. The other half still tenaciously cling to the PC line that anyone black can do no wrong, anyone Muslim is benign except for a few bad eggs. These are the useful idiots Yuri Bezmenov indicated the KGB worked on, played on, the Ted Kennedy and Hanoi Jane types.

You only have to look at history:

It’s a long read and the only issue by the end is still the question of “golden age”. The rest of it though is not in dispute, the Barbary pirates and the women they stole, the devastation of seaside towns around the Mediterranean and far afield. Gates of Vienna. Spain.

You might point to the Vikings and say they were just as bad. Does “just as bad” excuse either?

It’s within the texts of Islam, the call to rape, pillage, murder gruesomely “wherever they can find them”.  It’s not from the history books, as the Vikings were. It’s now, it’s current and it’s coming to us unless something major changes.

It’s always been so, from days of the paedophile mass murderer himself all the way down the line. Even within that golden age, there was copious evidence that it was despite Islam, e.g. in Persia, rather than on account of, which gave the world its image of the benign caliphate. It stands to reason that it is never the fanatical religious zealots, the Ian Paisleys, the Ayatollas, who provide culture but those around, e.g. Michelangelo in our case, or Rubens, Holbein, Bach, Mozart.

One really must know his bleedin’ history and not close the mind off to the bits he doesn’t like.  This is a monstrous death cult we’re up against. As a Christian, I say Islam in the first place was specifically to undermine and kill off Christendom and there were two forces at work on that – one, Islam and two, Them throughout the ages, e.g. the Venetians and the subsequent Knights Templar banks.

Plus one more – a third. The Ashkenazi Jew.  That one I don’t write much on, not knowing as much about just how deeply it goes. However, looking at the enormous damage of Moses Mordecai Levy, let alone Alinsky, Benjamin and Marcuse and don’t forget the Rothschilds – one really wonders.

Back to the UK and it is complex, no?  There really are innocent nominal Muslims and they are getting caught up in the whole anti-Muslim thing. The key thing is not to be anti-Muslims but to be anti-Islam.

It was Islam which killed Asad Shah. Not an Imam but one goaded on by an Imam in a mosque. A radical. In a sense like the plants in The Day of the Triffids being radicalized by an alien intrusion, like a benign cancer suddenly turned malignant by some third catalyst coming into the body – that’s what is going on.

And until the sheep can be sorted from the goats, then we cannot afford, as a nation, to allow this indiscriminate invasion. Brexit helps but it doesn’t eliminate our home-grown Them – the Theresa Mays, George Osbornes, Comrade Corbyns, the criminal Hellaries.  However, it stems the disintegration for awhile.

2 comments for “The lie of “it’s just a few radicals”

  1. Henry Kaye
    March 27, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Once again, James, I am in total agreement with your comments but, of course, once again you are preaching to the converted. There is only one way to deal with this terrible problem – we have, somehow, to get rid of THEM. I don’t know how and I expect you don’t either which is why I feel so helpless and hopeless. A rebellion? As you say, there are too many “fellow travellers” in our community to get enough support for such a drastic measure. Too many years of indoctrination of our young have made so many believers in the new “system”.

  2. Barnacle Bill
    March 28, 2016 at 7:12 am

    James a very astute precis of the Islamic problem we face one I could very much take on board with my own views on the matter.

    One wonders if the murder of the Ahmadiyya Glaswegian shopkeeper is the beginning of a more violent phase of inter Islamic sects conflict in this country?

    The corrupted teachings of the Koran and the followers of this are the problem not “Muslims” as a group. Perhaps it is time for our politicians and MSM to grasp this hot potato, begin to actually to identify the sect(s) causing the problem and act against them accordingly.

    However, that requires leaders with cojones who are prepared to stand up for the native values of our once fair country, looking at the present bunch I only see a quiz of quislings. I had hoped Mr Farage might be the one but he’s only playing at the game. When it really requires a leader who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get his hands bloodied doing the task needed to save our country/culture.

    So unfortunately I see this only festering until we do actually see a common rebellion within our lands. Which will be nasty, long drawn out and probably end in the enslavement of the native tribes of this kingdom. Not the future of hope I wanted my grand children would see but I fear the tipping point has been passed.

    If only Enoch Powell’s words had been heeded – “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber (Thames?) foaming with much blood.”

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