High theatrics conceal deadly intent

This replaces the post “More Lies” in the light of further information. The vid is the same, the comments are still there below, only my own commentary is updated:

[Incidentally, could someone make an FLV of this vid before it’s also deleted by the PTB?]

Let’s pause some seconds and think why we do it, this political blogging, this tweeting. Sure it’s to let off steam but is it not to get the real deal out there, the actual information, as distinct from the spin by professionals and money?

What can any blog count on – a few thousand readers? But what Trump is doing is taking what the blogosphere sees to the ordinary voter. People across that nation were watching those platform performances, they saw Trump make Cooper readout the truth about about Fields and now about the other one who was pepper-sprayed.

But as one commenter wrote, let’s now get past these distractions and get to TTIP or as they call it, TIP, about workers in Wisconsin, about Cruz agreeing to sell out the state’s workers at Heidi’s behest and so on. Not our issue over here and yet it is – it is part of our issue in many ways. A commenter:


Cruz and wife are members of the Bush Crime Family. Neil Bush on payroll and the wife, my God, Open Borders/Millions of jobs gone, CAFTA, NAFTA, TTP, nest of snakes CFR, Goldman Sachs VP by order of NWO old man Bush……….now Mercer is funding Breitbart and is supplying Cruz with money. you want to talk establishment…..a vote for Cruz is NWO open borders. wake up sheeple.

Laze and Gem reading this post – this is realpolitik going on now, outside the cozy, arranged debates.

Trump has it far worse than any candidate I can remember,worse than Reagan had it with his own party scamming his demise only to hope they keep some sort of power so they can keep lining their pockets from special interests. This election has woken up many Americans to what the GOP has become and many after this election will forever not trust the GOP unless Trump is elected and we can clean up Washington.

Yes my friend but the same process is NOT taking place on the left with both candidates, absolute horrors – Clinton for obvious reasons and Sanders’s straight, Corbynlike communism – adored by those on acid and kool-aid.

Last evening, there was a Millennial female going on about this girl being groped [in the vid]. This Millennial SJW demanded someone show her proof of the punch. So I supplied the url in reply.  She hit back saying all she saw was an innocent being groped. Pardon but all she saw was this radical female shrieking she’d been groped and then everyone saw the punch. Get your facts straight, love.

So the truth about Cruz stealing Dr. Ben Carson’s delegates in Iowa to defraud Trump – when it was hatched and guess who thought it up? Amanda Carpenter naturally. Remember – one of The CNN reporters who “mistakenly” tweeted out the FALSE story that Carson was quitting.

Oh and further confirmation has come on the Cruz affairs:


The lying sleaze-buckets these establishment people are and let’s not even get onto the Clinton crime family yet.  Why am I so upset? It’s the bare-faced lying, then turning round and saying we lie. On public matters, I tell only what is and stand on all I’ve written. Those defamatory snakes need to go down hard.

Ditto with the EU sleaze-buckets.  Will they get theirs on June 23rd?

It’s ordinary people crying out over there:

Too many of us Wisconsinites want jobs, and took note of Cruz’s support (along with Lyin’ Ryan) for TPP which, on a national level, may award ~450,000 jobs to foreigners.

Too many of us in Wisconsin bemoan the degradation of our neighborhoods that are being salted with freeloading foreigners who refuse to even speak our language, not to mention increased crime and disease, as well as higher education costs.

Sound familiar to us? And:

Thank you from Seattle, where the $15 an hour minimum-wage voters think it was Bernie who did that for them:) I frankly don’t dare have a Trump bumper sticker.

Low info voters at Trump rallies? Maybe but they have the native cunning to know they’ve been lied to. Since 2006, li’l ole me’s been pleading for people to just look at who Them are, what they do and only now is someone getting up and exposing them something awful, on a major world stage, far more than we as bloggers could hope to achieve one by one.

Our role on blogs? To fill in the fine detail of course and pass it on to people like Trump. Big bloggers, small bloggers, medium.

Trump on abortion – he’s right, not so much for moral reasons but for PP and its political connections, for the message to girls that an easy abortion can be had, therefore screw around at 13 with impunity, teachers and heads cheering it on and that, in turn, has implications for marriage and family later and that, in turn, has implications for the stability of society and eventually employability of the new generations and that affects businesses and therefore employment.

Mostly because PP is a conduit for Them to maintain control – but that takes hundreds of collated blogposts to show why. Trump hasn’t the time nor perhaps the patience nor thinking processes to sort it all out in his head and yet he latches onto something which turns out right and it sends the establishment spare. He’s a loud, boorish man but he’s the man for this moment and people do learn on the job, by the way.

His position on abortion has come about through fits and starts, through the process of criticism and someone in his camp is making him look, unfortunately after he’s spoken. From punishing women for illegal abortions to punishing the aborters, e.g. PP, he’s finally got it right. PP, as said, is a conduit, they’re agencies for the left establishment, as was ACORN, as is ASH over here, as was Agenda 21. Girls must start to see consequences, so do boys, men and women in other areas.

Unfortunately, this establishment commenter is right, under the current system:

It isn’t stealing when unbound delegates decide to switch teams at convention. And don’t worry. You’ll see the payoff of Cruz’ delegate strategy at convention.

Cruz (and his team) are twice as smart as Trump. Trump is an inch-deep in virtually every subject except real estate. I’m pretty sure he thinks the Constitution is a hotel in New York.

Sadly, that may be true. On the other hand, the Donald is good at playing the media game and clinching the deal. High drama, interesting drama. Affecting all of our lives in the end.

Trump is absolutely right. The RNC, GOP, the Bush machine, Romney, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Haley Barbour etc are working feverishly to steal the nomination from Trump.

They are working behind the scenes on Trump’s delegates and hoping to steal them in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, Utah etc. They have already stolen delegates in Louisiana and given them to Cruz.

Get off the Lewandowski issue and Cruz’s paramours. These are distractions that keep the people away from the most critical issue, the stealing of the election from the people.

Redolent of GE’15?

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  1. March 30, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Looking at this again, a few thoughts come to mind:

    1. Was she 15? If so, why was she there alone?

    2. Look at the tone of the crowd, esp after she’s gone. They’re just chatting away. How would you describe the mood, minus the protesters? I’d say expectant, jovial, out for a good rally and to see the Donald.

    Would you describe them as violent, threatening?

    3. If all that’s so, then how could the media report the diametric opposite, that the Trump crowd was violent and unruly?

  2. Bunny
    March 30, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    She’s a bit of a big lass for a 15 year old

    • March 30, 2016 at 9:57 pm

      Just found out she lied. She’s 19 and an activist.

      • April 10, 2016 at 6:36 am

        Not the first time the media’s gleefully trumpeted a ‘fact’, then allowed the correction to slip in on page 34….

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