When the PTB crack a joke and people don’t find it funny at all

Lot of talk out there about the new political axis, the new alignment of politics.

There are the politically radicalized on both sides – SJWs versus UKIP/Tea Party … then there are the people who wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, take care of family, maybe take junior to his sports game and you see these in B&Q of a Sunday.

This is the political spectrum and the radicalized want the endorsement of the mass in the middle.

Though not interested in “politics”, this latter lot still watch the evening news and get politics put onto them. And those politics are always establishment – PCist, globalist, pretending to be moderate and centrist whilst being nothing of the kind – those politics are aiding and abetting the demise of the society. Then they wonder why it’s all gone wrong.

This mass has a vote on June 23rd if they wish to use it and also later in the American presidency. Therefore, who controls information and what that information allowed to get out is, determines not the whole of the mass’s thinking but quite a few of them.

Organizations enter into it from time to time and affect the consensus in society.

Downunder, president of one football club, a big mouth, comes out swinging about a banner at a game saying keep out the mosques.  He starts with the “no place in a civilized society for that sort of hate politics” and so on. He’s not political per se, he’s football focussed, yet that quick statement on national TV and radio reaches everyone and urges everyone to oppose this hatred.

All you see is the banner in a quick shot, then the establishment spin back in the studio. Nothing about why anyone would have such a banner in the first place.

Everyone is supposed to agree, of course, that it is hatred to oppose because the AFL top brass have determined it to be so. The official line is that Muslim invasion is all part of a tolerant society.

And many people don’t agree.

There’s a football show down there and one of the panel is a crusty old curmudgeon. When an aboriginal player, on the field, threatened the white crowd with a spear on “Indigenous Day”, which followed his comments when receiving the Australian of the Year Award, telling whites to just remember whose land you’re on, there was always going to be a certain backlash.

So much so that crowds roundly booed the player every time he went near the ball – he was booed out of the game and had “a breakdown”. Shame, said the head honchos, it’s unAustralian, we don’t want this hatred etc.

Most of that crowd love the aboriginal players on their team – they’ve always had silky skills, the aborigines, are very hard to tackle – every lover of football loves that and sees no race coming into it whatever.

But then these richard craniums come out with race, always the establishment left come out with it – and people react. People do not like being told they’re racist when they never even raised the issue in the first place.

As the man says below in the clip – people go to the football for a release from the day to day, they do not go to be given a political lecture.

Oh but we have to raise awareness, say the PTB.

Why?  Whatever for? Why not just shut up and allow people to integrate normally and naturally? Why do you have to make a great song and dance about it?  Why do you need to have a National Sorry Day, you idiots, where everyone wears sackcloth and smothers himself in ashes, pretending to be sorry about something 200 years ago, whilst you divert another ten million dollars of taxpayer money, on the strength of this Sorry to the booze-drinking aborigines and half-bloods who suddenly come out of the woodwork now and want their cut too?

The curmudgeon on that football show panel said that if that player is going to do that sort of immature thing, take those provocative stances, then what happened is going to happen. And not just that, he has to be prepared for and able to take the flak.

For that statement, he was roundly condemned by fellow panellists, travellers with the establishment.

And of course, it all sounds so plausible, doesn’t it? If you don’t know the back story because you didn’t note it and have taken on the whole oppressed aboriginal myth, one of the best moneymaking scams ever seen in that country, then of course appeals to your humanity – that all men are equal [and women, don’t forget them] and jihadis and other killers are lovable refugees and isn’t it all lovely and let’s all get along – of course the president of that football club and the rest of that panel are going to strike a chord in unthinking, emotionally reactive hearts and of course any who object on the grounds of thinking it through, e.g. the crowds who booed, are isolated yahoos, yobs.

Except they weren’t. They included many ordinary people with their thermos flasks and sandwiches, just as at that Trump rally clip of the pepper sprayed puncher showed.

One or two isolated yobs do not drum someone out of a game, widespread hostility does. Isolated yobs are arrested.  A large crowd can’t be arrested, can they, and so the establishment, e.g. the AFL, puts out appeals each game not to boo the snowflake and if you do you’ll be punished with the full force of the law.

Always the threat, isn’t there, behind the sweet initial appeal, to knuckle under and buy the narrative. And you are unAustralian if you boo, just for good measure. Labelling as a political weapon.

This is the clip in question – may I humbly suggest one listens to the applause once the admittedly slow speaking curmudgeon has almost finished. And admittedly, there is applause for the other side too, the establishment’s – that comes later.

And look at the name on the clip – “unpopular take”. Unpopular with whom? I heard applause for the curmudgeon.

And just look at the comments:

Not ‘unpopular’ in my book – he was pretty much spot on and in tune with about 3/4 of Australia and Garry Lyon is such a spineless PC arse.
Spot on but too many people are afraid of agreeing in case they’re labelled racist as a result.
Unpopular!, the only people that think Sam’s view is unpopular are the pussies in the media.

*At the end of this post is just a little added info on three people on the panel in that clip above.

So, back to the western world in general, there is this constant BBC or Fox Megyn Kelly thing going on where handpicked audiences are starting to misbehave a little, where the establishment and those they can count on are pushing this constant lie and the real opinion out there is not allowed to show its face, it has to be snuffed out, hidden away, buried deep in a news service’s pages.

The eternal lie goes on and the establishment has the front running, as they can count on this nebulous mass in the middle – a disparate lot including, as said, the average citizen working, just taking care of family and enjoying less and less affordable leisure time, but that mass of people might just vote the left radicals, the SJW way, thinking they are voting for moderation and kindness.

Very isolated are the maybe 30 to 35% of the community actively in line with, say, this blog’s political stance, who are a very common sight around the sphere and occasionally in the MSM through, say, Andrew Bolt, Ann Coulter.

There might be another 20%, vaguely, in sympathy, and it is these whose vote everyone wants.

This roughly 55% all up do not take kindly to being called racist and sexist and all the rest of the guff, for pointing out home truths and collectively skewering the establishment line.

Sadly, we do lack the numbers in the sense that we fall just short of official power [the Donald is finding that].  Come vote day and along with the postal vote scam and the dirty tricks by the establishment – just look at America at the moment – the 35% do not get enough of the remaining 20% and fall short.  We saw that with UKIP – 3.8 million votes and yet no real MPs.

Now, do the establishment stop at that? No, on April 1st, the establishment stop momentarily and their media make PC jokes, rubbing it in, for example suggesting a woman is to be the next James Bond.

All very well saying lighten up, it’s just an April Fools Day joke – wonder if that lady sees herself as an establishment joke? Was she advised she was going to be the butt of a PC joke?

And it’s easy for perpetrators to make jokes, isn’t it, when the pooped-upon victims are locked into battle with them. Forgive the pooped-upon if they see no humour in establishment PC jokes, mocking people’s heritage and principles.

So yes, we do have keenly developed sense of humour, thank you very much, the type which appreciates Yes Minister, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Minder and so on and cracks jokes the whole time – just not for an inappropriate PC joke, OK?

The type of person who says, “It’s just a joke, a joke, OK?” is the true bully in the piece, knowing that if anyone objects, he will be labelled.  Let’s see how establishment types react to my jokes about them – I can tell very black jokes.

I’d wager there’d be one of two reactions. If the PTB, they’d swat me. If a hanger-on of the Narrative, they’d go to water like Adam Goodes or anyone else whom people bite back at.

Yes, let’s see how far they laugh at James Delingpole’s hilarious spoof on Oxford University SJWs:


RdOTFL at that one, I did. Would SJWs think it was funny too?


*Just a little added info on three people on the panel in that clip above.

The host presenter, Gary Lyon, disagrees with the curmudgeon, Sam Newman and the only one on the panel who half agrees with Sam is the baldheaded chap at the end of the row, on our right. His name is Billy Brownless.

OK, Lyon at that time was porking Brownless’s wife in secret, it came out at the end of last year. The two men had been “best mates” for years.

And just like the racist aboriginal, Adam Goodes who went to water once booed by crowds, so this Lyon went to water once his adultery came out, and then the most amazing thing happened.

The PTB in the media started an appeal for money to help … yes, you guessed it, not the victim of the adultery, Brownless, but the perpetrator, Lyon, the appeal being to raise awareness of mental health issues.

You see, Lyon was never guilty in PC establishment eyes, he had “mental health issues”. He was to be pitied by Australia, not vilified, just as any serial killer is to be pitied because it were his childhood, innit?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, says it all for me about these people.

As for Sam, why is he still allowed on that panel?  He’s popular with enough of the actual public, that’s why. Like Jeremy Clarkson, he brings in ratings. They’ll put up with this, the establishment, until he one day goes too far.

[H/T Rossa for the Radders link]

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  1. Henry Kaye
    April 2, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    What can I say? The PTB are lying and scheming every day of the year and have identified every individual and every organisation they can use to imbed their lying and scheming into the minds of that small section of our society that, whilst not being alert to the behind the scenes activities of the PTB, still try to think about things and so, are wonderfully receptive to the brainwashing of the PR experts – like Cameron. Let me say to those people – almost NOTHING that you are told is honest and describing what is REALLY happening in this crazy, mixed up world of ours.

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