Just look behind the headlines

A man prominent in public life is dissected in a national paper over details of his parentage. Six-odd pages are taken with publicity about his legal father, his actual biological father, his mother; further tawdry details about that unfortunate woman’s life, character and habits are pored over as though they were revealing a State secret, kept hidden for many years. And for what? To state that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s mother had the morals of a promiscuous alley cat? That his actual biological father was an R.A.F. pilot, and after the war he was a civil servant who was a private secretary to Winston Churchill. To further rub salt into a wound, this alleged newspaper then drags up the fact that his mother and his legal father were both alcoholics; and prints that as though it is sufficient to disbar this man from further service to either his Religion or his Country, presumably based on the reasoning that if they were drunks, he must either have been, or still is, a drunk as well!

We must look at this non-story for what it is; which is an attempt by an Establishment newspaper to warn others that, if that newspaper cannot print what is already hinted, printed, known about, and already dismissed in every other Country’s news organs, despite the presence of ‘super-injunctions’ they will print whatever can be dragged up about anyone in power. Watch out if you are a High Court Judge, or a local politician; you are fair game for a bunch of unscrupulous Press barons, whether it be two brothers who live on Sark, or the Murdoch bunch, or even, worst of all, the bloody Daily Mail; with its acres of sleaze, tits on display, and non-stories about a bunch of so-called ‘Slebs whose various sexual tie-ups feature in both its print, and online presences.

I mean, the only ones I feel personally sorry for are those two innocent boys whose so-called ‘Father’, or even more laughably ‘Husband’ of the other ageing Celebrity ‘queen’, cannot keep his sexual apparatus garaged. What sort of a life is scheduled for those children? Are they to believe that this sort of sexual escapade represents normality? The life of privilege which is given those two innocent children may be fabulous, with travel, the best comfort, the best of everything ready and waiting, but will they ever understand the feelings engendered by the caring hug from their mother, and the rough caress from their real father; instead of the close ‘parental’ attentions of a pair of perverts? I think not!

2 comments for “Just look behind the headlines

  1. The Jannie
    April 9, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    My son and I were working this am when the item made the Radio 2 news. I’m not making it up when I tell you that we looked at one another and said spontaneously “so fucking what”?

    • April 10, 2016 at 10:41 am

      Radio 2 – love it, ThJ. 🙂

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