The unethical goings-on in Colorado

The various GOP supporting sites before these primaries spoke with pretty well the same voice – The Drudge, Instapundit, Gateway Pundit, Townhall, Daily Beast, Daily Caller and so on.  Fox was always suspicious.

Now they are split and last evening saw the spectacle of GOP tweeters calling out the Gateway Pundit for running a vehemently anti-anti-Trump post. That is, against the whipped up Never Trump campaign which does not even specify a candidate it does want.

Colorado has pretty well split the GOP open over this. The state’s GOP did not run a primary or caucus at all, which meant that the delegates were just going to be selected at a convention. On one hand, judging from the comments from GOP and Cruz supporters, this was known about last year, the rules were that you couldn’t just legally turn up to the convention with your delegates, as the party itself would decide who went on the ballot or not.

To repeat that, no members get to vote on who goes on that paper – it’s handed to them based on what the GOP branch wants.  And the GOP branch bosses do not want Trump. Cruz and Hillary supporters are crowing that Cruz swept all the delegates because he was on the floor in Colorado organizing taking Trump delegates off the ballot.  Therefore, the ballot paper looked like this:


You may have seen that one. What it’s about is that the Trump delegate [379] has been scratched off the ballot paper and 378 [Cruz delegate] put on twice. Though we can’t conceive of such tactics over here, it is actually that sort of thing the Tories do here, with Dave’s parachuted-in candidates who must be placed ahead of other, branch selected people.

And the branch did NOTHING about it. Nothing.

Plus you’ll remember the Electoral Commission allowed a UKIP like party to be at the head of the ballot paper and when UKIP complained, the EC, being Tory, ignored it and went after Farage for expenses irregularities. So yes, there is dirty pool here too.

This was being openly distributed to Colorado GOP members:


There was no Trump leaflet to counter it.

As mentioned, Cruz and the two establishments, left and right, are crowing about how they took Trump on this and he was certainly naive if he thought fair play would ensue.

He has though exposed the dirty tactics and that there seems no ethical control of the people running it.

In fact the Supreme Court itself has set rules and therefore the chance of challenge:

sc on primaries

The reason Colorado members are up in arms about the “steal”:

colorado vote

… is that they also were caught unawares by the GOP authorized but hardly legitimate way certain candidates not anti-Trump, i.e. pro-Trump, could be blocked from being on the paper once they’d identified themselves as Trump..

The clarion call in media, inc social media, is that them’s the rules and if Trump couldn’t even be bothered turning up in Colorado, then tough when he’s swindled out of delegates. That’s how the GOP has always done it.

One Colorado GOP voter explained it in comments:

There were mistakes for delegates that were pledged to Cruz too. I attended the local precinct caucus, spoke out for Trump, and was elected to go to the county and state caucus as a delegate. In the mean time Trump seemed to use every opportunity to show that he had not thought issues through and had to clarify damn near everything he said. While there is much I like about him I don’t think he has done his homework.

The MAIN reason why Cruz won was that the Cruz people were organized and proposed a slate of candidates to go to the convention. There were Trump supporters but they were unorganized and did not seem to cooperate. In ovemeber it will take a good ground game to beat Hillarious Rotten Bitch. Cruz has proved that he and his people can do that; Trump has shown that he cannot. Trump was beat by superior organization and teamwork.

Trump could have come to Colorado and he did not. Instead he chose to grandstand in a state he will win no matter what. Rather than bitch about Cruz winning Trump supporters should question why he did not show up. FWIW the Trump rep who did speak did a good job and was passionate.

At the assembly I voted for Cruz. If Trump gets the nomination I will vote for him. Hell I would vote for the devil himself to defeat Hillary.

What that man is missing is ethics. He was selected to go as a Trump delegate, not a Cruz. On the first round, he is bound, so we’re told.

Well actually no, the rules were changed just before the convention and the Donald’s people did not keep up with that.Thus they were shut out and scratched once they got there.

One commenter wrote:

Sadly. There no “laws” related to political party operations; only general election laws. Stop supporting parties.

Well yes, there are electoral laws and this will be challenged. Another Cruz supporter wrote:

There is nothing “corrupt” about what happened in Colorado. The selection rules have been published for months, and Trump had every opportunity to compete the same way Cruz did. Just remember, Cruz is not liked by the republican establishment. He organized a brilliant grass-roots campaign that was effective in convincing potential delegates to back him and to vote to have them on the slate. Trump had every opportunity to do the same thing. He was just too lazy and incompetent to do so. He thought he could win by just holding rallies and spouting of hate speech.

A hall full of voters beg to differ with that assessment.  There is a book called Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll recall and in it, the Vogon retorts when earth complains it wasn’t told about its impending demolition – look, the plans have been up in the planning office for ages, you had every chance, earth, to go and look at them.

This is the man, by the way, who did it:

the one who did it


voter violations

Here’s a Cruz supporter on it:

dim witted

The real game?

Looking past the primaries, if this sort of theft goes on, Donald will still take most but critically, the GOP hopes he will be short by about 80 delegate of the magical 1237 which even then only binds delegates on the first round of voting, though that would ordinarily be enough.

So, what these clever richards are doing in their smug way as they know the fine print and Donald doesn’t, is that the candidate the people have voted for in large numbers is shut out for the nation by GOP locally changed rules designed to stop the candidate they don’t like, e.g. Ron Paul and these people are fine with that.

Difference between Paul and Trump is that Paul had support among the Tea Party and the internet but Trump has support across the nation from the people.  As Cruz supporters point out constantly though, and let’s say it again, Donald is making an error, these primaries are nothing to do with what the people want, they are what the party wants, that is, the party bosses who make the rules up.

Therefore, to much of the GOP, this below is irrelevant:colorado steal

Any win against Trump is Ok, no matter how unethically it is come by. And this is what party politics has produced or at least the people who vote in these things have become.

What the bosses know

The GOP bosses are, of course, the establishment, those behind the scenes who control elections, go to Bohemian Grove, are members of the CFR and so on.

They know that the appearance of Trump as a populist will split the party in Cleveland, that Trump will go 3rd party and both he and the GOP choice will fall to Hillary. The idea was for Hillary to be Prez this time round. They’ve had the black, now it’s time for the woman.

What many Cruz supporters are doing is going along with the unethical practices on the grounds that the end justifies the means and that is always a sticky wicket, to mix metaphors. For if you condone unethical practices in this respect, where do you actually stop?

Christopher Hawkins ·Corpus Christi, Texas

The Republican party is within its rights to choose who they want, how they want, irrespective of the vote. But they are going to face a huge backlash. Pissed off Republicans are going to turn out in record numbers at the polls in November and write in Trump. Ryan is going down in flames no matter what. Even in a three way vote, if it’s Hillary, Trump, and Ryan, Trump could still win. Shenanigans like this will mobilize the Trump base. Even Ryan supporters don’t like these games.


The plan is to alienate Trump supporters, so they will stay home and Hillary will be elected. I know it’s hard for people to fathom, but it’s the truth. We are now under one party rule. It’s the establishment party made up of globalist republicans and democrats. It’s been like this for years, but until the republicans let Obama have everything he wanted, and now this robbing of the election, people just weren’t completely awake.

Last word from one of the people on the floor of that caucus:

John McBride ·Chemistry Faculty Member at Pikes Peak Community College

Went to the caucus. Told we would not vote. I know many of us were for Trump. This process reeks. This proves that the Republican party should be disbanded and we the people should understand that they fear Trump since he will take back the party for us. Cruz is corrupt too, since he allows this thievery to continue. Not principles I can respect.

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  1. April 12, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Thanks for this, James.

    Re Steve House, The Denver Post has an excellent article on the subject:

    Excerpt (emphasis mine):

    ‘… party chairman Steve House suggested on radio at one point that too many Republicans would otherwise flock to their local caucus.

    ‘Imagine that: party officials fearing that an interesting race might propel thousands of additional citizens to participate. But of course that might dilute the influence of elites and insiders. You can see why that could upset the faint-hearted.

    ‘By contrast, far-sighted party leaders should have welcomed the extra attention to their caucus and the potential activism on the party’s behalf it would have spawned.’

    • April 12, 2016 at 10:20 am

      Having seen and said all that, some of those criticisms are [ahem, cough] a teensy bit valid. The Donald really should have shown up at the caucus and had his people on this unusual state’s procedures well ahead of time. Anyway, it’s done now. Perhaps he did know what was happening and told his people not to interfere, he’d make capital of it later. Perhaps he knows the numbers better than we think.

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