St George’s Day

On this day which may become more auspicious after June 23rd, two items have dropped into the mailbox – one from Better Off Out and one from the Freedom Association. Worth a look.

vote to leave boo

Dear James

[Today] is St George’s Day. For those of you who are English we have produced a booklet outlining the ways in which the European Union affects England, as opposed to the UK as a whole. You can find this booklet HERE. We have also produced a small number of St George-themed images that you can use on your social media feeds over the next couple of days. [One] can be found above.

Better Off Out,
Suite 309,
Golden Cross House
Trafalgar Square
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Finally, remember, if there is the slightest chance that you will be away from home on 23 June, you should apply for a postal vote. Contact your local council and ask for Electoral Services, who will be able to get this in hand for you.
Dear James,
George Osborne has some nerve. Having consistently missed his targets and made poor forecasts throughout his time as Chancellor – including finding £27 billion seemingly down the back of a sofa in November, only to have lost it by the time of the Budget last month – he now expects us to believe he can accurately estimate the size of a post-Brexit economy in 2030. This man thinks he can take us for fools, presenting speculation and guesswork as hard fact. As JK Galbraith said:
“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”
Coincidentally, it was 15 years ago that his Blairite forebears were predicting doom if we stayed out of the Euro. I’d much prefer to listen to a decent, genuinely successful patriot like Sir Ian Botham than to a supine, unprincipled conjurer like our current Chancellor.
In related news, President Obama landed last night in the UK and has already begun fulfilling the role assigned to him by Downing Street in the EU referendum campaign. British voters should beware, for what is in America’s national interest is not necessarily in ours – for Mr. Obama, the matter is about ensuring our pro-democracy, pro-trade and pro-America voice remains at the Brussels table, regardless of the costs and debilitating effect this has on our own country.
Not only is this self-interest masquerading as friendly advice, but for Mr. Obama to say that we should surrender our sovereignty as part of an ever-closer undemocratic union betrays the principles on which his own country was founded. Never would America submit to judgements from a Mexican supreme court, and nor would it accept an open border.
This is part of a growing trend in this campaign: those in (or seeking) power almost universally back Remain, while many of those who’ve left power back Leave. The ex-PM of Australia, John Howard, versus the current administration. Former Tory Chancellors – Lords Lawson and Lamont – versus the incumbent, George Osborne. Even the formerly Europhile Foreign Secretary, Lord Owen, of the Lib Dims, supports Leave.
And, increasingly, as supported by an article listed below, we are witnessing the former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord King – who also appears to have seen the light at the basket case that is Aston Villa FC, from whose embattled board he resigned this week – oppose his successor, Mark Carney (who got the job only through his friendship with George Osborne).
The reason for this trend is, to me, clear: those in power are, for the sake of their positions, terrified of upheaval, while those who’ve retired from the top are free to speak their minds, from an impartial, but educated, position.
Yet it is becoming ever clearer that Downing Street and the international allies it coerces into intervention do not believe in Britain. They do not have the confidence in this country that we can be like the USA, or Japan, or Australia, or even Argentina. They believe that we should cling to the nurse of the EU for the supposed “influence” it gives us, even though we lose almost every vote and are massively under-represented in terms of Brussels staff numbers.
The future need not be so dark for this country. We have a history of refusing to be cowed. Let’s be strong and independent-minded, as we always have been.
Ask yourself:
Can Britain thrive as an independent country? Can Britain take back control and represent herself in the world? Can we leave the shackles of Euro-federalism where they belong in the mid-20th century and move forward into the 21st?
Yes, we can.
Simon Richards
Chief Executive
The Freedom Association

Keep up the good work everyone.

2 comments for “St George’s Day

  1. Bemused
    April 23, 2016 at 8:44 am

    All this tells me is that all politicians are duplicitous, self serving hypocrites. If the ex power holders were still in power they would be remainers. Our whole political system needs remodelled.

  2. Errol
    April 23, 2016 at 10:15 am

    It goes to show just how undemocratic the country is that Cameron can force our government to support his view. The people control the state, not the other way around: well, they should be able to, but they don’t. This is an obvious problem that we must leave the EU and then set about bringing the state to heel, removing people like Cameron as a reminder that they are our servants, not our masters.

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