Throwing off the PC yoke

This is about a brawl and PCism, right in the middle of a very public corporate dollar producing Saturday afternoon showcase, not about football per se – I wouldn’t lay the latter on the wary or unwary reader.

All week it had been coming. Port Adelaide, as the word Port suggests, are mongrels from the docks, from street brawling and Geelong, possibly for the lily-white colour of their uniforms, are known more for their slick play although they’re farmer’s boys so one shouldn’t underestimate them in a stoush.

The Port plan was clear – physically take out star players, not unlike the old Wimbledon FC, and see if the pussies would meet the challenge and roar or as Port expected – miaow.


The footballing world in Australia was split – horror from the wormtongued PCists but the others loved what happened after the whistle had gone for the first break.

Commentators could barely contain their delight at this “good old-fashioned stoush”, old-timers wiped away a tear as the young men from both sides threw off their nannying by the state, by the PCists, feminazis, teachers, by every interfering, emasculating busybody over the last decade and had a right royal Donnybrook.

Better though was that Port were 5 goals to 1 up at that point. After the melee, Geelong scored 15 of the next 18 goals.  And you know why? Because they were allowed to get it out of their system, which boys need. Every lion cub has to do it, every dog when young – they playfight the whole time, fitting them for adulthood.

Lion cubs and dogs stop clinging onto their mother’s petticoats, cease wondering about whether they’re gay or transgender anymore and start actually being boys.

Boys need that rough and tumble, it’s vital for their growth, I had a brawling childhood myself, blended with the scholastic pursuits and in my eyes, not to let a child find his own level, streetwise, is a crime against humanity. To emasculate a child that way is like in Kenny Roger’s Coward of the County:

The father in that song did great wrong by getting his son to promise never to fight because that way, great wrong is perpetrated from that moment forth. The father should have said don’t fight when it’s not necessary, that’s all.

The way the media portrayed it yesterday was:

Cats draw strength from early brawl to heap more pain on Port

They did draw strength from it, they kicked 12 of the next 15 goals. What was surprising is that when any individual player even touches another player for any reason [remembering that this is a tackling sport, like rugby], there are long drawn out tribunals on the Monday and Tuesday over that player’s “fate”.

There are two psy-war reasons for this. One is to reduce everything in the game to bureaucratic designation and to isolate individuals. Every other player is then quietly glad it’s not him being targetted by The Man. That’s the way they operate, the way they bully and control.

Thus a player is deemed, maybe, level two excessive force, sub-section 9:12, paragraph 4c, exacerbated by past conduct increasing his penalty by 17.9% for a Category 3b offence … and so on.

And the players are so caught up in this – they had to agree to it to even play in the first place – that the second psy-op point kicks in. They go from the game on Saturday to the Tuesday in fear of what these bureau-gods are going to deliberate and mete out to them.

That is the aspect of cruelty to the strategy.

What’s not mentioned is that the old way things were done – a bit of biffo there and then to get it out of the system and then getting down to the game again – that’s all gone. It is these PC bureaucrats who have made all these rules and imposed them on all clubs on pain of penalty.

That’s the whole thing about the bureaucratic culture – it’s all big stick because you’ve offended some obscure paragraph sub-section in council regulations which players have not the least clue or interest in – they just want to play the game. [Let alone not being the sharpest tools in the box.]

So when a bureaucrat in his suit comes in with the briefcase full of papers, drunk on his own power over these players who would duff him up in seconds should it get physical, he relies on this bureaucracy to get his lily-livered way.

And instead of power and strength, he uses viciousness.

This is precisely how it works with the unholy alliance of govt and PCists, SJWs, feminists, nanny staters, bansturbators, the professionally offended, the self-entitelists, the perma-victims who know every paragraph of their own rights but nothing whatever about our right to be protected from them.

There were no actual reports, I think, from the game – the umpires stayed away from the all-in brawl. No, they’ll get their mealy-mouthed revenge on Monday and Tuesday and I’ll report back here in this thread.

If the bureaucrats are wise, they’ll hand out mild fines to each player but if they’re not wise, they’ll come in with the heavy stick and all this “we must stamp this sort of behaviour out of the game, which after all is only a spectacle for the corporate dollar and pound – nowt to do with the fans.”

And taking this more broadly – this is how the bstds control society, these are the nuts and bolts of how they do it.

Because if they notch it up, it becomes a cause celebre, people finally become vocal [where have they been?] and they rebel.

And in that respect, this stoush was not about two clubs, nor about a game of football, nor even about Australia – it was about the west and how the bureaucratic PCists have managed to get us by the short-and-curlies and turn New Man into a gender-unsure pussy and New Woman into a spiteful pseudo-man fruitcake.

The better to control and intimidate them. And of course, if a real enemy, say millions of jihadis, come into your country, the underbelly of the country has been treasonously softened up already. That’s how it was done in Norway in WWII.

But there’ve been signs, worldwide, that people are finally becoming vocal and throwing off this yoke, despite the most furious attempts by the PTB through the media to stifle it.

The crowbar is already in the fissure, you bstds.

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    UPDATE, as promised: Cats offered fines after melee

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