We Can Call It ‘The Snowflake Law’…

“In the 1970s and 80s women across Britain and across the world took to the streets to ‘Reclaim the Night’. Women and men campaigned together for safer streets, for stronger action to stop physical violence against women, and to argue that there should be no no-go areas for women – the streets and public spaces should belong to everyone,” she said.

Cooper argued that abuse on the internet was today’s equivalent, and she has launched a campaign called Reclaim the Internet, which will hold a conference in late May.

A conference! Ooooh, lots of opportunities to… err….

Well, maybe the sandwiches will be nice.

Miller said there was now an urgent need for legislation that would support police work in an online age, and said MPs were planning to get together to try to drive forward the agenda.

“There needs to be a wholesale review of the way the law works for the most prevalent online crimes, and that includes online abuse,” she said.

She said that a new law around revenge pornography introduced a year ago had given people confidence to bring forward complaints, driving up the numbers from a handful of cases to regular reporting of the issue. The challenge, argued Miller, was to help the police by identifying types of abuse online so they did not have to rely on a “patchwork of law” to deal with different issues.

“There is growing recognition that a laissez-faire approach … isn’t working,” she added.

Seems like it’s working just fine – new law, police swamped by cases. That’s usually how it works.

But Polly Vernon, the author of Hot Feminist, who suffered a steady stream of low-level abuse online, said it wasn’t just about things that were unlawful.

She said she “felt dehumanised, mildly depressed, anxious and body dysmorphic” after an outpouring by her critics, who she said were “swept up in the sport of being cruel on Twitter”.

“What they do isn’t high-level trolling, of the kind Cooper’s concerned with; it isn’t death or rape threats, it isn’t anonymous,” she said, arguing that people felt it was admissible to attack her after columnists wrote negatively about the book.

“I think people don’t entirely realise that what they are doing is bullying, shaming, piling in en masse on one individual who may well suffer badly as a result of that treatment. I did.”

Awwwww…. *sad face*

Vernon said that she was now utterly disinclined to write with honesty about her life experiences

Game over!

… and admitted it took therapy to help her get over it.

“I have almost disengaged from Twitter now. It’s the only way I can bear to write and publish things I truly think, feel and behave.”

You mean when no-one can offer a different perspective?

Cooper agreed that there was a risk that people were being driven offline when the internet ought to be a “forum for wild and wonderful debate, passionate argument and free speech”.

She said the silencing of women daring to speak their mind ought to be of great concern.

Only women, Yvette?

The conference will also look at what individuals can do when faced with abuse. The MPs involved want to make sure that the next generation do not think that online misogyny is acceptable.

What about online misandry? Or are you just fine with that?

3 comments for “We Can Call It ‘The Snowflake Law’…

  1. Errol
    April 30, 2016 at 9:37 am

    mildly depressed and body dysmorphic. FFS. You mean she got upset because someone said she was fat?

    She’s published a book about how difficult it is to be a ‘woman’ today and that every single thing she does is about ‘women’s lib’. For goodness sake. Even the other half who wrote her PHD on feminism panned it. It is typical of ‘feminists’ of today: they don’t want equality. Women have got that. What they want is special treatment, an unfair advantage. Hilariously, they don’t recognise that this is prejudice – to them, it is ‘entitled’.

    Any individual being attacked for no reason is wrong. Calling an idiot Lefty ‘stupid’ (as I do) when they are is not wrong, it’s stating a fact. Calling a ‘feminist’ a sexist when they are promoting men as inferior is not wrong, it is being honest. Wittering on about how every single action is somehow an example of women’s emancipation is daft.

    Our society is equal. Women have the same opportunities as men. Those women demanding they be promoted to the board just because they’re a woman are simply demanding a leg up and that is clearly discrimination.

    But hey. welcome to the new Left. The don’t want to earn it, they want to be given it – by perverting law.

  2. Errol
    April 30, 2016 at 9:50 am

    As an addition to the above, the mainstream press (especially the Lefty sort) are gshing over the book whereas the newer groups, those mostly on the h’interwebs are taing a different line: vice.com has a scathing (and slightly scatological view) of it.


  3. Alan
    May 2, 2016 at 12:23 am

    “What about online misandry?”

    Get with the feminist PC message: there is no such thing as misandry.

    I suggest you have a look at Karen Straughans’ anti-feminist stuff on YouTube if you want to know what these maniacs are up to.
    What they do ‘over there’ is what we’ll be getting rammed down our throats very soon.

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