Animal cruelty

You may have seen the story of the woman who went away to hospital, I think it was and while away, the authorities removed her pets and put some of them to death.

As with many issues, this one is not cut and dried either way. Take one lass who has latched onto my account, as have various gay couples and quite a few pagans and more’s the point, have still not unfollowed and blocked me as yet:

jmaire agin animal cruelty

Call me a wimp or a bleeding heart but in this matter, I’m with this girl. Yes, I know she might turn out to be the typical love-everything-furry girl who is a hysterical, headstrong terror to the humans at home, she might turn out to be an SJW, bless her or worse, one of them there Animal Aktivitz – on the other hand, she may be just sane but the bottom line is, she has a point about excessive treatment of animals.

Tell that to a farmer, eh? I know one or two of these and they’re at pains [sorry] to point out that animals are wild, they’re used to these sorts of things. And yes, people have got to the point of meat appearing on supermarket shelves without really thinking what happened to get it there.

A good test is fishing. Not one of my favourite pastimes but recognizing one must eat at sea, one has to fish and if you do land a fish, what will you do – watch it writhe and asphyxiate to death or will you put it out of its misery?  There was once an unwritten rule that tiddlers were to be thrown back.

I was taught to skewer it in the brain above and between the eyes and put it out of its misery.

shouldn't be there

It’s not all that different to thinking these people camped on the grass shouldn’t be there. I don’t mean I’d go over and at gunpoint, march them to the boat – that’s border control’s job and that’s part of what Brexit is about.

We’re not inhumane, we don’t want to see these people sleeping rough but we’re equally cognisant that we have our own poor, and charity begins at home.  These people should be in their own land for goodness sake.

I don’t know how you are with animals but with me, it’s not a case how I feel – animals have always seemed to like me and are forever climbing on the lap or pawing and salivating. Which is OK but there’s something almost no one writes about and that is  – I don’t think humans should have mouth contact with an animal, certainly not kissing which is seen in so many animal pics put up by those on my Twitter timeline.

Which is next to impossible to explain to a dog or cat lover. I’ll stroke a cat [in the right direction] and make him feel welcome but I don’t like when he starts cleaning my ear and that’s a bit difficult to explain to a cat one’s been friendly towards.  I also like dogs but don’t really want one slobbering over me, something the owner of a German Shepherd didn’t like when I didn’t wish to sleep with the dog one night as guest.  Friendly, yes, liking a lot, yes but treating as a human – no.

A lady once asked me about having no pets – didn’t I want one?  Oh yes, said I, my favourite pet is my woman – which did not go down all that well for some strange reason. In fact it went down badly. Quite badly.

Would you kill a lion? Were I, for some strange reason, trekking cross-country and one sprung at me, it would be a trigger reaction, between the eyes. But as for going out to hunt one – why would I? It’s done nothing to me. Leave them to their life, I’ll live mine.

It just seems to me we need a bit of perspective on animals. Like ’em, love ’em even but they’re not human. And why you’d stick meathooks into a living creature is beyond me. If that’s wimpish, then call me a wimp.

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  1. Twenty Rothmans
    May 2, 2016 at 6:56 am

    Don’t anthropomorphise animals.

    They really hate it when you do.

  2. May 2, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    Brilliant post

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