The ‘Guardian’ Can Shoehorn ‘Muslims’ And ‘Austerity’ Into Anything

Owen Jones provides incontrovertible proof:

… here’s my fear. Yes, there will be a noisy consensus that the unlawful deaths of 96 Liverpool fans was a terrible tragedy, but it will be treated as a throwback to a bygone era: we’ve moved on; lessons have been learned; the families have truth and justice; let prosecutions follow; let no more be said.

That is dangerous. Hillsborough was a story of two things: unaccountable power colliding with “othering”: the stripping away of humanity from a group of people. Both continue to scar our society, and both cause injustice.

So despite the fact that it happened so long ago and things certainly have now changed, it could happen again tomorrow?

A Hillsborough-style tragedy certainly does seem a lot less likely. Health and safety at football stadiums has been dramatically improved, and football has been upgraded to a “respectable” sport (alongside ticket price rises that leave the game unaffordable for too many).

So…what’s the problem?

Well, or course, it’s the usual issue – the police and establishment picked on the working class. Thatcher!!

If officers at Hillsborough had seen their families – or even well-to-do football fans from the home counties – pressed against those fences, their response would undoubtedly have been different.

Yeah, Owen, tell that to those who attended the Countryside March

For example, I wonder how different the treatment would have been for Sean Rigg – a black Londoner who died in a Brixton police station in 2008 – if he had been a white Oxbridge graduate like me.

You mean like the gun toting lilywhite barrister who collected a couple of bullets (quite rightly) when he went Rambo in London?

Seems his background didn’t afford him any protection, and nor should it.

Today, whenever I write about refugees I am bombarded with messages describing them all as rapists, criminals, bigots who hurl gay men from rooftops. Such attitudes make it easier for the Conservatives to refuse to take in 3,000 refugee children, even as child abusers and traffickers circle.

Maybe the Conservatives are merely reflecting UK society’s viewpoint? Maybe it’s you and your ‘Guardian’ chums who are out of step?

. “Muslim” has become a synonym for “extremist” and “terrorist sympathiser” . Benefit claimants are widely seen as lazy fraudsters stealing from hard-working Brits. All of these groups lack meaningful power in modern Britain. All, to varying degrees, are robbed of their humanity. They are, quite frankly, seen as having less worth than other human beings. And that, all too often, is a necessary precondition for injustice.

Whereas to a ‘Guardian’ journo, it seems that affords them more worth than the poor citizens of the UK who have to pay for all this…

3 comments for “The ‘Guardian’ Can Shoehorn ‘Muslims’ And ‘Austerity’ Into Anything

  1. Errol
    May 2, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Notable that Jones isn’t prepared to actually *do* anything to help say, by going to these warzones and helping people – he’s no useful skills whatsoever. He just chooses to bleat about a world as he wants it to be to appease an audience equally as insulated so he can get paid and continue to live his life of incredible privilege earned by other peoplewho he can then denigrate from his faux pulpit.

    The Left are like babies: spoiled, stupid, useless. They consume vast resources and provide nothing apart from excrement, vomit and noise. The difference is most babies grow up. Jones and his ilk remain infantile.

    The boy is a worm, a vaccuous waste of space who in the final accounting has done and will do absolutely nothing for mankind whasoever.

    • Bunny
      May 2, 2016 at 3:01 pm

      Can’t argue with any of that.

  2. May 2, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    I am not against refugees. I have actually worked with them. But I do object strongly to the lack of discrimination exhibited by the lefties. There are good and bad, deserving and undeserving in any group, especially very large ones. I would happily permit refugees to live here if they had individual sponsors – native born and taxpaying – who were totally responsible for them for their first three years here. Heck, the sponsors could even be paid the equivalent of unemployment to disburse on the refugee. In that time, should anything untoward happen, the sponsors should be held accountable and the refugee deported.

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