Leicester did more than win the League, far more …

21:57: Chelsea were hoping you’d win it and they were in a position to ensure it this evening. Delirium reigns. [Continued after pics]

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It’s only a game, said my mother but something like this fairytale can transcend that. Around the globe, news services sprang into action about football in this little country here.

It lifted the world’s spirits just a notch – how many suicides will it prevent tonight? Not even Tottenham’s stars begrudged it, in interviews, despite a vicious and spiteful game this evening.

In Asia, it’s spread virally as well – what does it all say about oneness on something in this world at loggerheads, even within our own land at loggerheads?  For a few moments, hostilities ceased and we were at one.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    May 3, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Great and Greater – Independence, Britain and Leicester shout f*** to the world!

    Good on ’em, I have always liked immensely Signore. Claudio Ranieri, I couldn’t believe it when Chelski sacked him!

    As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of team mates and a City ‘gone’ on football.

    Unassuming, modest and very likeable Riyad Mahrez – oh Lord and what a player! Then and….. plus! the pugnacious, combative lad from the lower leagues – boyish enthusiasm oozing and who scores goals for the sheer footballing joy – Jamie Vardy – in those two identify, the personification of Leicester City FC.

    IT IS; Meritocracy trumps autocracy and oligarchy! And a parallel – too.

    A kick in the teeth for the big boys and not before time either: where devotion to team work, team ethic……….. trumps big dollars and star names – what ecstasy. All the Brits, risen up out of their quiet desperation, a win for the little guys! No effin wonder that, the scum party (Westminster political elite and UK PTB and by extension the EU politburo) will never fathom it, nor understand it .

    Bless them all, fantastic, just fantastic stuff.

    Now for Jun 23rd and OUT = a greater win for Britain – all you need are: hope, determination, stickability and team work…………..oh yeah and of course – better players!

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