As it has always been, always will be

3 main parties

The thing I resent the most in these jumped-up, limited people desperate to show they have power over others [read MPs, Common Purpose graduates, EU or UN] is the same as in Boaty McBoatface [earlier post]:

The schoolmastery “do it again until you get it right” applied to everyday public life.

And to be able to treat people that way, one must first reduce them to infants who can only make decisions under the tutelage of the MP etc. Therefore, there can only be one parent – the State [see Sturgeon’s “Named Person”].

The oft-quoted Yuri Bezmenov spoke of the demoralization of the society in both ways – both feeling lost, rudderless, in constant fear of some little thing, be it spiders in summer or the bogeyman – but also in the loss of moral fabric in each person. In other words, the corruption up top brought down into society proper.

And even those vitriolically opposing such movement in society themselves give way to fear – fear of what these bastards have in store, and rage at the chutzpah of these cut-price intellects up top, plus the idiotic myopia of those on the Kool Aid.

And it does no one any good but only one demographic of those three damages its health – us. Those above think it’s all going swimmingly, those below are oblivious to everything going on and why.  For us is reserved the most cruel, diabolical torture – we see and we also see we can do nothing to stop it.

Take the elections across the UK:

Friday 6 May

Around 80 English local election results expected overnight

Scottish Parliament – results in all 129 seats expected overnight

Welsh Assembly – results in all 60 seats expected overnight

Liverpool mayoral result also expected overnight.

11:30 First results from around 50 councils in England to declare on Friday

15:00 First results of London Assembly elections

17:00 First preference vote share information for elections to Northern Ireland Assembly

1800 Result of first preference votes for Mayor of London (final result expected early evening)

Results of Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Salford mayoral contest are also expected on Friday.

Saturday 7 May

14:00 Results from five remaining councils in England

16:00 Result of Bristol Mayoral contest

Result of elections to Northern Ireland Assembly expected

Sunday 8 May

16:00 Result of elections to Bristol Council (final council in England to declare)

Results of Police and Crime Commissioner elections in Wales

In all of it, firstly people are not interested, secondly they show displeasure to whoever’s in power and hand seats to “the other lot”, thereby perpetuating the two party system until a third party like the SNP, the communists in other words, comes along and takes over Labour’s place.

The party who could have made a difference, e.g. UKIP in the UK, Trump in the USA, can get nowhere because the forces aligned against them are too massive, in money terms primarily and in voting patterns secondly.  And thirdly, each is flawed in character.

Nigel still doesn’t see that the people who cooled on him were precisely those who would have voted UKIP but the unresignation and this ridiculous “people’s army” thing, plus the ructions since then, have lost him enormous kudos in the society.

For the record, I did vote UKIP in first place, Tories in second.  Over in the States, it doesn’t matter so much with the Prez – look at Reagan. The system gets ’em in the end – see Woodrow Wilson for that.

The only ones who could have made a change are the apolitical voter who knows nothing but has the vote and always votes safe or with displeasure.  And their reality dose each day? Sky News, the Beeb, the NYT, the WP, LA Times or Huff Post if online.

How does one show displeasure at Cameron? Vote for “the other lot”, i.e. Corbyn’s lot.  Whaaa?  A man who can’t even get out of his own way? Unless north or west of the respective borders. In Wales, that means UKIP and north means Kranky and her cradle-to-grave Named Person. Rab C. Nesbitt come home, all is forgiven.

What of us though, what of you and me? Do we despair and have a black day, faced with this applied imbecility?  If we’re smart and put it out of mind, we are doing precisely what a huge number also do – don’t partake in the process any more, precisely what Them want.  And so that lot over there and their robot voters continue to inflict things on us.

And the blame is fairly and squarely on those who did not vote, make no mistake about that, plus those who voted mechanically or tribally.

Or we go gaga, withdraw to our boats and seaside cottages, watch sport on the box, go for long walks with or without the dog … and nothing changes, as Them up there know it won’t, because their total disdain for the average human’s mind is what is behind the arrogance we see and it stems from what they perceive is possible to pull over the people.

Until one day, along comes a flawed person who knows exactly how people are and instead of despising them for it, supports them and provides a positive message which can appeal.

This was Wat Tyler’s mistake – to remain in protest mode.

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Michael Gove’s speech:

6 comments for “As it has always been, always will be

  1. Henry Kaye
    May 6, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I’ll repeat what I have said elsewhere; with a population that differs so widely in terms of intelligence, education, age, experience, interests etc, there is no way that a consensus can ever be reached. The changes that are needed to bring us at least a little closer to proper democracy are profound. In my view the most important change would be reducing the role of the political parties. There is no need to outlaw them – just take away their power and influence. Prospective parliamentary candidates should be selected by the constituencies they seek to represent and whose interests should be their only responsibility. There should result a motley collection of lawmakers and I have to confess that I don’t know how a government might be formed from them. Critics say that nothing could ever be achieved in such a circumstance – maybe that would be a good idea!

    • john in cheshire
      May 6, 2016 at 12:38 pm

      I believe that the Harrogate Agenda has much to commend it; it’s adoption would bring about the move towards a truly democratic system. It’s just a pity that after spending so much time and effort developing the Harrogate Agenda, nothing is being done with it.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        May 6, 2016 at 1:26 pm


        As Dr. North tells it, via FLEXCIT the HA can only be somehow facilitated if and when we come out of the Brussels Empire, until then all else is on hold.

        It also follows that if, by some awful misadventure the people Turkeys decide to vote for Christmas, then, the HA will most probably never see the light of day.

    • Errol
      May 6, 2016 at 8:06 pm

      We restrain government with referism, recall ad direct democracy. The Swiss have the least corrupt, most efficient government going. Why? Because those politicians know that they are powerless without the will of the people. Should they step out of line, the people an reverse their decision. They can propose law, but it can be overturned far quicker. That would men no Brown spending, no splitting the banking regulator, no banking crisis, no mass bailouts, no gay marriage, no EU bungs, the referendum when we wanted it, not when it suits Cameron, Cameron forbidden and removed from office when he tries to use the state, it would mean Dave prevented from wasting our money on propaganda.

      It would have – most crucially – meant Mandelson in prison and Blair prevented from forcing through the war in Afghanistan.

      All in all, collar and chaining politicians is not only a good thing, but a necessary one.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    May 6, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Propaganda, or should I call what it actually is ‘brainwashing’ is a very powerful and ceaselessly manipulative tool. In the hands of the wrong people and it always is, what we call society is debilitated, society undone with mentally deranged ideologies and through their totally paradoxical concepts. All sent down from the high table by brain diseased people and thus is, western ‘society’ probably beyond, any real hope of salvation. Blame the media, aye but ask – who runs the media?

    Though, if we do not learn lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat its mistakes and seeing as British schools no longer teach history, doomed we (are?) will be.

    Lets draw an allegory, if I may.

    Rome, its empire had reached its zenith but in the same moment it was at the pinnacle of its power, it was invaded and undone.

    Rome, it was a built on foundations of untruths, deception and lies, its media machine was also very – if I can borrow a Greek word – sophisticated.

    Rome, it was a facade of epic proportions, ah yes they constructed great buildings and roads and traded as far as China and India, but the whole of it, Rome and the Romans themselves were a total fraud, it was all about money and power, for power’s sake to secure the money.

    A fraud, because, in order to feed the perpetually ravenous beast, Rome had to go out and conquer, enslave and rape, pillage and sack foreign lands and people were treated just solely as, ‘resources’.
    As Rome grew, its elite was pampered beyond luxury and the immediate lower classes sought to emulate their Emperors its fabulous opulence, the governing classes grew fat, as did the merchants, businessmen and money lenders, bankers and as the new rich got bigger, it needed far more silver and gold – more plunder.
    It couldn’t last, a Roman empire built on heinous, terrible, bondage and slavery. A monument to fear was Rome built on and to keeping the majority ignorant and duplicitous so despised, entertained by panem et cicenses. Eventually with, its empire attacked from the North and East, good though its Imperial guard undoubtedly were, it wasn’t enough and the Roman legions succumbed to vi et armis or, simply weight of numbers…………………

    Power begets corruption, money breeds only one thing, contempt and absolute power corrupts absolutely……..

    Finally, who conquers who, a ‘threat from the East’……….did I say?

  3. Errol
    May 6, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    I’ve a chum who works for the state. She actually hands money to schools which, in my view makes her irrelevant and ripe for redundancy (why put an expensive unit in the way of direct funding?). However, we regularly get into discussions over her work whereby I say that government shouldn’t interfere in people’s lives. Her response was that some people didn’t know what to do. I counter with, well, that’s because the state doesn’t force them to educate themselves. Her response? A sigh and a long stare, as if I aman imbecile. So I then say ‘right, I *do* know how to look after myself and I can, so I don’t see why I should fund those who won’t. ‘ Which draws another sigh and patronising looks.

    That and discussions about big state being ‘a business’ make me laugh – I always ask why I can’t choose *not* to buy their product. Again, a sigh and a partonising expression.

    Statists, those who exist inside big government are incapable of recognising that they are the problem. They don’t want to. If government were not there, removing our freedom to act as we choose we would all be better off.

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