Trump tells voters not to vote for him

There was a nice explanation why at Breitbart:

WV is the only state to use “direct election” which is so convoluted that no one understands the rules… here is a brief explanation. Trump was right to ask folks to skip in WV. You will not hear that in future states.

Most states skip direct election altogether and host state conventions to choose the delegates for the state. (That’s how Democrats in West Virginia do it. Most of the delegates to their national convention are allocated proportionately, based on the popular vote. A few superdelegates — all high-ranking political officials — can vote at the national convention for whomever they want.)

When it comes to Republicans, West Virginia is the only one that allocates the vast majority of its delegates based on voters’ individual preference for those delegates. “In the majority of states, voters do not have that direct say,” said Josh Putnam, a political analyst and lecturer at the University of Georgia.

The direct say depends on an informed electorate. In years past, delegates have pretty much matched up to the majority vote in the state, but no Republican primary has been this tight in May since the 1970s.

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  1. Errol
    May 7, 2016 at 9:30 am

    The state are terrified of Trump. He doesn’t need them, doesn’t want them. They can’t manipulate him. I can imagine that his own party will do everything to stick the knife in – their entire way of life is coming to an end. How fecking pathetic. None of these wasters give a stuff about the people they serve.

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