Cameron’s WWIII – pundits each have a slice of the truth

Just looking at this latest scaremongering of Cameron and at some of the comments at the Breitbart article on it. I wrote, over there:

Well, for a start, WWIII is only going to come about if and when those up top wish it to and the war production is ready to roll. It won’t come about through revolutionary riots by people in the community itself of their own volition.

It may happen because those in place see those riots as a useful vehicle to getting FEMA and the other oppressive measures – EU Army for example- into operation and incarcerating troublemakers.

The rest of the potential threats can be taken out by the constructed war. This is as it has ever been, from JPM/Peabody’s actions through the faux anti-Trust Roosevelt to the current day. It always starts with unpopular measures, affronts to a heritage, e.g. a Khan mayoralty, itself a constructed and controlled event.

Cameron is not insane, he is in thrall. He must do this as it is his payback for the preselection and measures to see him remain in power, e.g. GE15. Same with Obama. When people like them say the opposite of what is known to be the truth, then that is the hand of the PTB.

Commenters below call that PTB neo-Cons, banksters, whatever, leftists. I call them Them. They’re beyond micro-politics but can be traced in the UN, EU politburo etc. Sutherland is a prime example, Kissinger was another.

If Cameron says Brexit will lead to WW3, he’s not entirely wrong. He’s saying that that is what is planned, he’s just passing on the threat.  The deal is – vote to remain in the EU or we’ll unleash. And if we the voters capitulate, tail between legs and say oh dear, not that, quick let’s all vote Remain, that’s bullying, innit?

I also went on, over there:

Trouble is, everyone has part of the truth. No, in itself, Brexit will not bring on war, that is what is planned by those controlling Cameron and who ensured his initial candidacy for PM. And threatening us with war if we vote Remain is bullying, pure and simple, a hallmark of Them.

Those anti-Islam are not wrong – those meathead Imams and jihadis, of retarded social and political growth, react to stimuli and promises that their path to Europe will be made easy. Those anti the Nethanyahu Zionist are not wrong either – the Christian might say this is the tribe of Dan. Toss in all the Alinskys, Benjamins et al.

Those sheeting it home to the Neo-Cons are not wrong. Call them Statists if you will. It’s all the same globalist club – Club of This, Club of That. Those blaming the UN and its project, the EU, are not wrong either.

There are some good analyses over there but each has its limitations. One also needs, for example, to look at who is doing the funding – follow the money, as Deep Throat urged.

Sa-udi’s part of it but how did the bathsheet-wearers get from desert nomads to trillionaires in the first place when they can’t even irrigate and develop their region?  There’s a market for that oil and who created that market? Who gave the Sa-udis the expertise to drill? Not a possible connection to Texas here, is there?  Do we know any presidents who came out of Texas?

In western punditry and bloggery, there’s very little exploration beyond Soros and the Kochs.  I’ve seen few pundits explore Bertelsmann and yet Bertelsmann is fomenting trouble through funding their gal, Merkel, plus others, as we read.

So, most pundits have not got it wrong, they’ve just got part of the picture.

2 comments for “Cameron’s WWIII – pundits each have a slice of the truth

  1. Henry Kaye
    May 9, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    We are right and they are wrong – end of story!

  2. mona
    May 9, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    URGENT WARNING, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will arrive in Britain on June-24-16. Cameron said God told him last night of their arrival IF Britain votes Brexit.

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