Eurovision – Graham Norton understandeth not


There was an article at the Guardian about Australia’s intrusion at Eurovision. It was written by an Asian and she agreed with Graham Norton, an Irishman, that Australia had no place.

Some comments:

higham at guardian eurovision

They’re not turning their backs on Europe in the least, by the way, only on the asphyxiating Politburo strangling it to death.

Part of the thread got into political belonging versus geographical. They departed from the geographical long ago, with Israel and Turkey being considered.  As for calling Russia not European – they’re more European than Australia, geographically but perhaps not politically and culturally during Soviet times. But these are not Soviet times.

By the way, are the Falklands British?  Just asking like.

It’s not the Western European Song Contest. Certainly eastern Europe has a place now. And the reason Australia is smiled upon by organizers is that they’ve gone lefty globalist, just as the Politburo in the EU wants.

Mind you, if you admit Australia, then what about New Zealand, Canada and the United States?  Many were speaking of China – after all, China is within the same land mass, forget the seemingly atonal music.  And then Japan and Korea, including Kim’s dystopia.

My point is not that Australia should be there but that it has claims before some other nations in there, so if you boot them out, then you boot out the others too.  To the east, the half of Russia to the Urals is definitely European [Peter I], to the west, Iceland is the boundary, to the north nothing, to the south – Greece but not Turkey or Israel, nothing from Africa or the Americas. Possibly Corsica and Sardineland. And Lesbian Island.

What of Elba? The Canaries? Where does this thing stop? Some more comments:

Australians have a natural desire to outcompete the English in any old shit they do.

Ha ha, you can’t escape the bstds, turn around and there’s an Australian. You go sending your convicts out there in 1788 and it’s gonna come back on yer, innit?

aus in europe

On the writer of the piece:

For someone who goes on a rant using various default stereotypical Asian names to call someone else a racist bigot, it’s comedy gold!

Love it.

First she can’t tell the diff between British and Irish, and she still has no idea what Eurovision is.

I can tell the difference. Britain is a dysfunctional unit within which much of it is scrambling to get out, whereas Ireland is Gerry Adams, Queen handshaking McGuinness, Semtex and murderous Fenians or else Paisleys and Orangemen.

As for this guy – he hasn’t a clue:

Eurovision is just a bit of fun surely? I love it!

You’re not meant to love it, you numbskull, you’re meant to be at war with every other nation in it, bitching and and moaning the whole time.  Love it?  Have fun?  Sheesh!

Israel is a member of the European Broadcasting Union, that’s why.

Well, OK. Maybe them.