The naive and the nasty

Dropped into Twitter to see what was and there was one of those comparative pics, this one from Cruz supporters and then the villain Trump.

The words on the pic were calling for the nominee to be a “Christian”, which Trump, to them, clearly wasn’t. I tweeted back: “Well that puts Ted Cruz out then, doesn’t it?”

There were two responses. One, from that tweeter, making reference to my sexuality, level of intellect and antecedents, the other from a fellow tweeter of the kipper/Ron Paul/Brexit/Pat Condell kind, retweeting my retort with a smiley.

Connected in a way was a quick look at Jesse and Karl for financial news but what makes them so readable are the other things they post as well.

Jesse’s one of those kind souls who never speaks ill, his wife has just come through some pretty awful surgery and his piece yesterday had:

Our slavery stems from our surrender to the rule of the lie, our failure to unmask a lie, and to protest against it in everyday life. Instead of correcting the lie we keep silent, or pretend to believe it is true.

This means living in falsehood. Telling the Truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom. A person who tells the Truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment, or official custody.

If in the present political situation the majority of the Polish people followed the one and only Truth, our nation would become spiritually free today! The external or political freedom would follow sooner or later as a consequence of the spiritual freedom and faithfulness to the Truth.

A good man, Jesse, but inclined, methinks, to leftism on occasions with talk of the 10% and 90%. Don’t disagree in principle – we’re fighting the bstds who are doing these things to us but I’d put it a bit differently to him. No matter.

Karl, he of the middle finger vigorously pumping upwards, is closer in manner to many of our readers and yours truly as well. His contribution was this, starting with a quote:

“The Obama administration will send a letter to every public school district in the country telling them to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity, as opposed to their birth certificate.”

Karl then comments:

I remind Obama that Title IX mandates that everyone be treated equally when it comes to sex.

The word in Title IX is sex, not “gender identity.” SEX is a physical, immutable characteristic.

Those very few confused individuals who believe they are trapped in the “wrong body” do not have the right to create a discriminatory environment for 99%+ of the rest of the individuals, especially when those others are mandated to be there through government force.

That means, incidentally, students in a school.

My daughter is a legal adult but were she not, were our local schools to implement such a policy and a boy was to change and take showers in the girl’s locker room in PE class you can bet your last nickel I would sue the living bejeezus out of every single individual at that school who facilitated and permitted such to happen along with said student’s parents in their individual capacities for violations of my daughter’s right to reasonable peace and non-discriminatory conduct on the basis of sex.

This crap must stop now.

While being with Karl all the way on that one, also not blogging on it until now because, frankly, it’s so distasteful, it still has to be said that Karl himself is into the wishful thinking a bit there, not unlike Jesse.

It’s deliberate, that’s the whole point. Lame duck President, no one can touch him, so he inflicts maximum damage from his Marxist hatred which he can before his time’s up.

Like Cameron, Obama is in thrall to Them and this is Them’s doing – all this sick trans rubbish – but what puts it beyond doubt is the means Obama employs:

“While the letter does not have the force of law, it does warn that schools that do not abide by the administration’s interpretation of civil rights law may face lawsuits or loss of federal aid.”

So, just as with Brexit and every other issue where the ordinary person is involved, as distinct from the corporatist globalists running the real govt, big stick coercion is always involved, the forcing through of the Narrative.

What dismays me far more than the actions of these hollow, almost evil people which, let’s face it, are par for the course, is the reaction of voters.

They are embracing people who are bad people, to put it childishly. Clinton for a start, up on charges relating to Benghazi, let alone all the rest of it – and people are embracing her. How? Why? She’s a criminal for crying out loud!

Nothing ever straight with these people. At the debate where the rules were that no candidate consulted with his/her staff during the break, Clinton just ignored it and went ahead in the corridor.

Obama – whether his birth certificate is real or not – had no right to play that game for so long with the American people. We can list many for Call Me.

Again – it’s not them, it’s people actually supporting their tactics. The dirty tactics against Brexit, from that booklet to the Tories wanting to shut Nigel out of any debate when they’d never have had a referendum without him – those tactics are shoddy, mean-spiritied … but expected.

But for people to actually embrace those politicians and their shoddiness is what dismays me. It’s people who have lost all sense of proportion, just like that Cruz supporter.

She may well prefer Ted and have good reason, in her mind, to do so. But if she makes him out to be Christian, the way he went back after another man won a state and tried to steal the man’s delegates – do you see what this is about?

And as for forcing every parent to worry what deviant is going to be lurking in his or her daughter’s public loo – that is evil, that is deliberately designed too to make the nation upset. The truly evil Alinskys behind govt have dreamed these things up. “What would really upset the ordinary person,” they ask, “right inside their hearts? How can we twist the knife in the ordinary person and dismay him and her?”

And Kool-Aid-high people embrace that! Sigh.

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  1. May 15, 2016 at 6:51 am

    The US Election is once again proving to be quite the spectacle, isn’t it?

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