To kill off normal life

Reading the MSM can be dispiriting and by extension, blogs can be too until we realize it’s meant to be that way … to upset and dismay us, to make people feel bad this weekend.

They just don’t care: What really happens when we walk away from a loved one’s care home? Our reporter worked at one undercover – and the cruel truth appalled him

These sorts of things are deliberate attempts, which comes out through the journo’s narrative. There’s that one and then the one about the RSPCA apologizing, the journo “never having been so upset or dismayed in her life”, made to feel awful. Ditto us.

Things supposedly fun, such as Eurovision, have been soured – the EVSC was cheesy fun in Wogan’s day:

The day Eurovision REALLY went political: Ukraine defeats Russia with a controversial ballad about Crimean annexation – pipping late favourites Australia to the post in the show’s most gripping climax yet 

Elsewhere reported were the opening remarks of the hosts that we’re all “facing a dark time”, meaning we’re failing to openly embrace jihadi immigration to Europe and that includes Brexit, we all have to “come together” apparently, as at no other time, to stop all this hateful anti-Muslim bitterness, forget “leaving Europe” and embrace open borders in a spirit of love and melting pot kindness.

And then there is the shoddy journalism which goes with it, a new generation of journos no longer steeped in checking sources:

Britain DID sweep the board at Eurovision: Every song except one was sung in English

Actually, there were three alone in French – France, Italy and Austria.

On Brexit itself:

British public wrong about nearly everything EU-related, survey finds

A pretend quiz on Europe which puts Cameron’s lies directly – this is at the Independent, mind you – about what it would cost etc.  It’s a litany of porkies, masquerading as showing people’s ignorance.

And it’s true the other way around – too many simply do not understand and have bought the narrative:

Sorry, dad, you were wrong… for sake of MY grandchildren we must not walk away from Europe, says HILARY BENN as he defies late father Tony 

No, no, no, we are not “walking away from Europe”, we are walking away from the socialist EU which is running the show and that Politburo hates Britain and the British. Which is no wonder, as it’s the same lot which tried to fund Hitler to take over here way back when.

There are many pundits from Europe who are working with us to get the message out, there is a move for Exits in a few nations right now, most prominent being Holland. There is cooperation between countries as never before… on our side. Looking at my Twitter account, it is about half people from Euro nations and from America.

Meanwhile, the dirty-tricks of those whose personal interests are at stake:

The EC, calling itself impartial, will send a booklet to every home in the UK, just like the last one, not just on how and where to vote but putting “summaries” of the main arguments.

Yeah, we’re really going to get the main Brexit arguments, aren’t we, played down, oversimplications missing critical details, strawmen abounding, and the booklet landing in letterboxes just before the vote and too late to counter it.

The EC refused to follow up the doings in Thanet South in 2015 and before that, refused to take out a party specifically set up to look like UKIP at the Euros and heading the ballot paper, even named like UKIP and sporting similar colours, whilst various polling booths folded the paper in a way that the last candidates on the page were not seen.

The EC pretended to examine it and concluded that no harm had been done. Apologies of course, as with the mayoral vote – lessons had been learned.

Onto other matters, for example the “matriarchalization” of public life in so many bizarre ways:

What a bust-up! Assistant Chief Constable suspended after spat with Superintendent in bar session ‘over who had best breasts’

Sigh, it’s yet another example of this:

chomsky debate

Signs of hope are held out:

PETER HITCHENS: Lefties are spot on, their precious BBC IS at risk… it may have to lose its bias

… and then dashed, of course.  And so it goes on.

And those bringing the bad news also fall into that waste skip of history – banging on for so long, too angry for too long and the message blunted, ignored.

Just as a matter of interest, the last commenter at my site was on May 13th, unusual there but par for the course at OoL. Neither here nor there of course in the scheme of things and we have to press on.

June 23rd is looming large and angst abounds, particularly among the evil muvvers up top, so that’s no bad thing. They do seem to be getting the idea we’re exiting [sic], so that’s some hope for all of us at least.

4 comments for “To kill off normal life

  1. Henry Kaye
    May 15, 2016 at 11:43 am

    James, you mention that the last commenter on your site was last Friday. Why is this a cause for concern. If I am any example, OoL is widely read and is usually preaching to the converted – which may be why there aren’t always many comments – there often isn’t much to add to the posters wise words.
    In the context of your posting today, I am sure that your readers have been convinced for a long time of how carefully the words of politicians, journalists and all those others whose words reach the ears of the masses, how carefully their words must be considered and how many lies and misinformation are constantly being offered.
    I am an accountant (long retired) and in my professional life I lived by the maxim that I should not necessarily distrust everybody but that I should never put myself in the position of HAVING to trust anyone. I plot my own course.

    • May 15, 2016 at 11:56 am

      Yes, wondered about putting that paragraph – not a cause for concern specifically but there are far fewer political blogs of our kind overall today and that concerns me. There is this dazed factor.

  2. Oswald Thake
    May 15, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    Shouldn’t worry too much about what you see as a lack of response. I read your blog every day, sometimes referring back to it once or twice, and whenever I think about commenting I find you’ve already written something better than I could myself.
    As for the ‘Greasy Multitude,’ they’re just punch-drunk, assailed on all sides by a blizzard of stupid laws, stupidly drawn up, stupidly enacted, stupidly interpreted and stupidly enforced.. Didn’t Ayn Rand forecast something like this?

  3. auralay
    May 15, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    I too read OoL everyday. I very much apreciate your efforts but seldom have anything meaningful to add. Thankyou and please keep up the struggle!

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