Circumstances force us to take this stance

What’s abundantly clear is that we, the blog writers and readers, are a special demographic, more actively involved in politics than the average Joe in the street.

The authorities have had to come to terms with the bigger bloggers such as Instapundit, Vox Day, Ezra Levant, Guido over here, Iain Dale [once, not now] and they see the blogosphere as a mass of disrespectful malcontents who are to be either ignored, marginalized or otherwise dealt with.

What our demographic has though is people who’ve been out in the wider world or who’ve lived through many eras and have seen what was happening at first hand.

It’s the immediacy to events which gives first-hand bloggers the edge but the downside is that if they’re blogging from Muslim nations, North Korea, China etc., they are in great danger, actual danger unlike us over here. The worry, in the authorities’ eyes, is that this demographic is somehow going to make a connection with the masses.

Some of you will recall the No2ID some time back, or the issue with Usmanov and Schillings, where the right to speak was at issue and other cases. Authorities are certainly trying to emulate the totalitarian nations’  example. Facebook is already revealing its DARPA beginnings as a government funded agency and people are being censored.

In 2010, there was a General Election as you know and UKIP was starting to make its way up. The sphere largely got behind UKIP, which did not suit the Tory bloggers and thus the first internecine war began, a low-level war to be sure but one which was hellbent on stymying this new force in British politics.

The position of most of the sphere was libertarian and OoL sprang out of that. Thing was though that being anti-Statist does not necessarily mean conservative, it’s a big tent and so there was another falling out, just as there was between O’Flynn/Evans on one side and Farage/Nuttall etc. on the other.

This suited the PTB fine.

Meanwhile, out there, we had two immovable obstacles – the tribal Labour voter, along with the do-gooding stance of most people which says let’s be kind to everyone – that demographic being fairly constant.

Plus an X factor.

That X factor is the sheer increase in numbers of voting Muslims and non-Muslim foreigners who sympathize with the put upon “peaceful” Muslim women and children being “bullied” by us. Khan is a direct attempt to make the face of Muslim men more benign.

In 2010, I had a falling out with a blogger called Devil’s Kitchen, leader of the Libertarian Party and it was over the call by a group called the Albion Alliance for a referendum on EU membership, along with all the other groups calling for similar.

We took the view that we needed to have that referendum there and then. DK disagreed and said we did not understand realpolitik, that if we’d had the referendum then, we would have lost, as the people had not been sufficiently educated to the Leave case. And as this was a one-off, not to be repeated in a generation, then it had to be at the right time.

We took the point of view:

1. They’re never going to be educated because obstacles have been and always will be put in the way of the people being educated;

2. There was a window of opportunity right then in 2010, in the wake of the Nu-Labour disaster and Cameron’s u-turn.

There was, however, a third factor which was not widely put at the time, a most critical factor as it turned out:

3.   The referendum had to be held before the numbers became so great and the postal scam so widespread that success was no longer possible.

To be honest, this latter point did not have as much of the urgency to it then and we were speaking more about Democratic Deficit in the UK.

Call Me delayed the referendum, of course, at the behest of the PTB who control him, he bluffed and stymied, U-turned but I feel the real reason was to allow the sheer numbers of imports to grow to the point that no vote could succeed in us leaving.

When the numbers of Muslims, along with tribal Labour voters and left-liberals, plus the media, plus the average non-political person, plus the new and rising Millennials also now getting the vote after a schooling and university education of sheer leftist PCism – when all those are put together, along with the postal voting scam and the collusion of the Electoral Commission, then yes, let’s put the question of EU membership to the vote, said the PTB.

Just as in the mayoral elections in London.  Let’s see who comes out on top, the PTB chuckle to themselves.

What changed it was two things:

1. They must have felt the time was now ripe, that the numbers voting Remain had reached a critical point;
2. Pressure was stepped up from inside the Tories from the EUsceptics.

Now we have Trump’s rearguard action in the States, where the indigenous are hot under the collar, as we are here. Did you ever look at the rise of the Tea Party and its success in the mid-terms, only for the GOP itself to kill it off and not implement one policy the Tea Party had, in fact they rubber stamped Obama?

Read up on the Gang of Eight over there, of whom Rubio was one. Quislings masquerading as being for the people. RINOs.

Then there are the other agencies involved.

Obviously I can’t directly accuse YouGov without hard, cold proof but it’s interesting that after they sent out a questionnaire before GE15, asking people to self-identify politically – I said UKIP – the surveys sent to me suddenly ceased being political. I’d been asked about issues of the day to that point.  Real issues.

Now I’m only being asked about supermarkets, Costa Coffee and retirement plans. Put out to pasture, so to speak.

At the same time, I know surveys are going out to people as YouGov keeps reporting and papers are taking up the results of surveys on, say, Trump, on the referendum, on other political issues of the day here.

I saw not one of those surveys.  Not one. Not once was I asked, and I’m a regular YouGov member. Every so often they send one which asks us to self-identify again.

Now, if that’s happening to me, then how many others is it happening to? And coming back to DK, perhaps we are naive, perhaps we do not understand realpolitik as well as we think we do.

But to go even further, look at the actions of the Electoral Commission of late [posts passim].  If there really is that vote tampering going on – remember that the result in Thanet South was known to the Tories numbers men some time after 11 p.m., with the ballot boxes opened at 2 a.m., three hours later – then we really do have a new ball game.

And the thought occurred – what if YouGov and other survey organizations simply put the numbers they want in the reports to the media?  I mean – really make them up? Who’s to either know or is in a position to take YouGov to task? They own the overseers too.

What if, hypothetically, the numbers had come in as 60% leave and 40% remain in one of their surveys not sent to me? And look at the latest Reuters survey, crowed about at the Wail, complete with lovingly crafted, skewed graphs.

For a start, with YouGov,the numbers of Leavers wouldn’t come in at true numbers, as YouGov is continually honing down its survey recipients, conning people like me into thinking we’re part of the process – remember, it’s all about our own egos in the end and we like to think our voice counts for something. So they keep sending safe surveys to the unsafe player.

What if they saw a result coming in like that 60/40 and simply ignored it? Think about that, stating instead that it was, say, 52% Remain and 37% Leave, with the rest Don’t Know?

I posted some months back a YouGov letter to members in which they self-identify as Remain. It was blatant.

Then we get onto the issue of labelling:

trojan horse

… and the misuse/abuse of labels. I’d like to talk to someone calling me racist and put this to him.

Did he live in a Muslim republic for 12 years, becoming betrothed, twice, to Muslim girls? Did he work everyday with Muslims the majority in the room?

If not, then how can he legitimately use the term racist on me?

Now look at Islam itself – it’s not a race, is it? It’s a social system masquerading as a religion. So perhaps religionist would be a more valid term of abuse.

But racist?  As we all know, shouting that word is meant to stop debate dead in its tracks, isn’t it? It’s meant to make anyone moderate run the other way – oh gosh, that man is being accused of racism, quick, let’s distance ourselves, lest we be tarred with the same invalid brush.

Turning this around, this is neither more nor less than character assassination. Character assassination is generally where it is invalid, based on a false premise. Otherwise, it’s just legit criticism.

So, we are meant to simply accept this character assassination from both deadheads and those with an agenda and immediately stop debating the social engineering they are bringing about. To hell with that and to hell with them.

Tommy Robinson has been particularly tarred with this guff thrown at him. His reply?

kelly islam


There’s perhaps one thing I have which Tommy does not, though he has a more hands-on experience of Islam within the UK – and that’s a knowledge of the history of Islam in the lands it’s been in. It was one of my study majors.

And the same motif has always been present – the majority of peaceful Muslims who just wish to live in their land or the new land, escaping from the oppression of the old, are, by the very definition of Islam, subject to coercion by the Imams and jihadis.

By definition, Islam is a coercive force, threatening personal violence on those who do not comply. It is seen all over the place. We see it, our demographic who write and read blogs see it, but did the people of London see it in putting in this Khan?

And by the time those people do see it, it’s too late. What’s worse, many of those so-called peaceful Muslim women and children – they aid and abet by doing nothing. Eventually the numbers are so great that the MCB effectively rules maybe 30% of the land.

This is how it has always been in lands where Islam has arrived. Almost no exceptions.  That point needs to be repeated – almost no exceptions.

And where is the almost?  It is only in lands which have their own coercive systems already in place:

We don’t have any system of resistance to coercion, therefore we’re easy meat for Islam.

The land where I was, the Muslim republic, was within the greater republic of Russia and Russia had Putin. Putin has a praetorian called the Siloviki, in Russian slang.  The Power. I personally came a cropper, and so did many other Brits, by diktat from Moscow.  So be it, as it also contains Islam.

Islam came to a halt, hemmed in on all sides. If they tried on there what they’re trying on here, they’d be slaughtered.

I’m not suggesting this in the least over here but when you have a population refusing to either understand or take measures, refusing to put someone strong in power, indeed there being no morally upright person with the traditions of the land at heart available to be PM, then it is lambs to the slaughter against an organized, aggressive and bloodthirsty force, abetted by Them.

Chamberlain was an idealist and many hold him a good man. He was not the man for when it had gone too far. Only Churchill would do, flaws and all, at that time. We are in an uncannily similar position now. It’s designed that way.

Speaking personally, I’m no beerhall putsch brownshirt. I’d like to think I’ve had a good education and am able to argue a case. I’d say the vast majority of those who blog and read on the issue are also educated, not dumbo klutzes with bloodlust.

Yet we are forced by circumstances to take stances like this.

7 comments for “Circumstances force us to take this stance

  1. Flubber
    May 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Tommy Robinson is the canary n the coalmine. He says an extremist Islamic movement on the loose in Luton and he saw the authorities just look the other way.

    He was utterly vindicated when ten years later the authorities did finally outlaw the organisation in question (who’s specific name I cant recall) when emboldened by what they thought was immunity for the law they just stopped any pretense of being anything other than a vile bunch of nut jobs they were.

    However Tommy’s is just a racistand can be ignored right?

  2. Henry Kaye
    May 19, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    Once again, James, – no argument with anything that you have said and the claims that you have made. I, too, was a member of YOUGOV and experienced exactly the same as you; once I had identified myself as a UKIP supporter I no longer received any political questionnaires. You also mentioned the obstacles placed in preventing the electorate of seeing any accurate pictures of what is happening; that is true but I also blame the lack of intelligence of an enormous number of voters. That is also a condemnation of Democracy since they outnumber those who CAN think. The PTB haven’t quite won yet but I am a little pessimistic.

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    May 19, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    I can’t really speak for the lav party, I will not countenance Socialism in any of its baleful forms. I very firmly believe that, all men have free will and that they are solely responsible for their own lives, therefore, it is not in me to be of any Socialist persuasion, nor even, partly sympathetic to their ideology.

    I often rail at the Tory party as if it was all about Dave – but there’s nothing Tory about him and reading about Heseltine’s history – what was he doing in the ranks of the Tories – if not an infiltrator?

    Indeed, you have Tories in the scum party – Bliar was one, and Socialists in the Tory ranks, the whole of the political party system in the UK is deeply compromised, add in the basic intelligence quotient of most rank and file MPs is not great and it’s not a recipe for a blinding legislature.

    There are however, one or two, I’d posit; Jacob Rees Mogg is a fine and upstanding MP, Rory Stewart, John Redwood, Peter Lilley are all men of integrity which begets their real fibre, they do stand up against the flow, its effluent of Political correctness and the miasma of lies gathered over it.
    But for every one of these, there are the Grant Shapps, Feldman and Ken Clarkes and witness how they twisted the recent GE – it was overt, and shameful gerrymandering.

    I can’t begin to relate my almost boundless estimation for Mr. Tommy Robinson.

    Like Watt Tyler, and the Tolpuddle lads who were offed to Australia for wanting so little.

    YES! Tommy is a bloody hero, he has the courage to speak out and with CONVICTION.

    What is needed is a bridge – yes a line of communication and acknowledgement by the likes of Mogg, Redwood, Lilley, Stewart et al – to ally and raise up Mr. Tommy Robinson. For, this man is no pariah – he is of England and in his marrow, his blood.

    It’s time to stand up and be counted and to see and know who are – your brothers and real friends and realize: not many sit in that clucking hen house ( Parliament),

  4. Henry Kaye
    May 19, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Further to my earlier comment, I noted your mention of the impact of the Muslim vote and was reminded of the many times I have expressed my concern at how the increasing Muslim population will, eventually, be large enough to spawn a Muslim political party and probably be voted into power. I have to say that I am not someone who thinks that every Muslim is a terrorist but I do think that they seek a different society from the one that most British people are accustomed to and the one that I grew up with.

  5. Errol
    May 19, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    The modern Left, being spoiled brats don’t want anything. Whatever they could want here, they’ve got. Rather than doing the difficult thing and changing society overseas they have simply set about identifying themselves by what they are against.

    The sensible Right want to be left alone, with their own income making their own choices: the Left set about taking that away. They want to control immigration so the Left oppose that. We don’t want expensive, ugly windmills so the Left do and so on and so on ad nauseum. When they are wrong, they hurl abuse to silence the debate. This is their persistent MO.

    In so doing, they hate, blindly, mindlessly – as all Lefties are mindless – what they do not understand. Cameron wants to stay in the EU. every argument is against it, but he identifies against those supporting sense, so he wants in. As a statist he believes in big government control as it makes him more important yet the EU diminishes his role to nothing, s he is just a confused, spoiled Lefty.

    All religion is a marching army. Some, like Christianity march toward village fetes and cake sales. Islam marches toward bombs. The sad thing is that when Muslims, the Left’s favourite poster child (because the Right oppose them for rational reasons) start to prevent basic freedoms Lefties should support they don’t know what to do or say so defalut to a hilarious form of cognitive dissonance where they blame an uninvolved third party who they hate.

    This hatred is now pervasive and it underpins every statist action, every fake charity trougher. It is a vicious reaction to the fear of exposure as a hypocrite.

    Worst of all this is that this Left has identified the lack of democratic accountability over spending, pay and favours ad is thoroughly, relentlessly abusing the pit of other people’s money to advance it’s agenda. Cameron perverting our government is just the latest example of this.

    The only way we can reverse this is by widespread refusal to pay. As a society, we demand democracy and we start by sacking Cameron and preventing him using the state to fuel his campaign. We then set about having him repay the cost of propaganda. That’s democracy. That’s what we do not have. That is why the fascist Left – and fascists are always lefties – are winning.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      May 19, 2016 at 8:59 pm

      I’ve said it before, ‘we the people’ need to commence a non cooperation strategy – ie a: civil go slow

      Particularly on payment of taxes and any payment to local or central government – stall it, and make it as awkward as possible to do their jobs, block roads – the hauliers proved it could be done and Bliar meekly caved in.

      ‘WE’ have power, in the UK we never use it – see how the French mobilize out onto the streets – the frogs know people power works and that the establishment are scared shitless through such overwhelming shows of public disapproval and joint action therein.

      • Errol
        May 19, 2016 at 11:21 pm

        The French strike because they want a day off. It hasn’t changed their country one bit. If you do delay payment of taxes you are not only fined, but sent to prison. This can only work if everyone does it together. That will never happen as there are too many groups sponging off the state – huge investment banks, for example.

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